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What you need to know about the Cheapest Netflix Plan

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.26 Updated: 2022.12.26

Do you know that Netflix is hiding its cheapest ad-free plan? It's deceptive that Netflix's 'Basic' tier isn't displayed by default. Read on, and you'll know more about that.

What are Netflix Plans now?

Netflix offers three distinct price plans that vary in terms of picture quality and the number of screens that may be viewed simultaneously. The features of each plan are as follows

Basic Plan

There are two kinds of basic plans. The cheapest one is the basic plan with Ads: $6.99 per month. The streaming quality and resolution is upto 720P. You can only have one device to simultaneously stream Netflix movies. Due to the license agreements, you cannot stream and download some of the Netflix movies from the Netflix website as a subscriber of the basic plan with ads.

The Basic Plan is the cheapest ad-free plan, with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. However, the picture quality is SD, which is roughly the same as that of a DVD, and the picture quality looks a little grainy considering the current technical improvements. Moreover, since simultaneous viewing is accessible, this plan is recommended for individuals who do not want high-definition video, or for those who live alone and want to enjoy videos at a low price.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan can be subscribed for $15.49/month. The visual quality is called HD, and the resolution is slightly inferior to Blu-ray discs, but the picture quality is not as grainy. 2Subscribe by sharing with your family or friends at a lesser price than the Basic Plan.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is the most expensive of the three plans at $19.99 yen per month, but it allows you to watch videos at the highest level of 4K quality, and is recommended for those who want to enjoy the best picture quality on a grand scale. Scale Note, however, that not all videos are available in 4K and require a 4K-compatible device.

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Netflix hides its cheapest ad-free plan

Netflix has historically been hesitant to add commercials, despite the fact that many of its rivals have moved into ad-supported business models. While Netflix's ad-supported service is now available, the corporation seems to be heavily promoting it to the point where the ad-free option is obscured.

When you sign up for Netflix, you'll be presented with three different subscription tiers: Premium, Standard, and Basic with Ads. To access the ad-free Basic tier, you have to scroll down and click the little "See all plans" link at the very bottom of the page.

What you need to know about the Cheapest Netflix Plan

The screenshot you see up there is the standard one that everyone gets. If you spotted the See all plans link, it would take you to the page you see below. The most striking feature is the presentation of all four Netflix plans rather than just three.

The most obvious distinction is that the Basic tier is ad-free and allows users to save videos for later viewing. Unfortunately, the maximum resolution for either is 720p, and you can only stream to a single device at a time. Who knows why Netflix would want to conceal one of its subscription packages in this way.

Why Netflix hides its cheapest ad-free plan?

Is there a strategic reason for Netflix to obfuscate one of their subscription tiers?

Reports that Netflix only reached 80% of its watching targets would lead me to believe that the company is actively promoting its ad-supported tier. Promoting Basic with Ads instead of the ad-free Basic tier may encourage users to learn more about the possibility of saving money on a subscription by tolerating occasional advertisements.

If you're concerned about offending potential customers, you may want to consider making the $15.49 monthly Standard plan more visible. In addition, up to two users can watch 1080p material at once with Standard.

It's good news for Netflix, but bad news for everyone who was considering spending $10.

This is not the first time something like this has occurred. Reddit users(opens in new tab) noticed earlier this month that the Standard Netflix plan was concealed. Obviously, things have changed since then, but the reasons why aren't any clearer. Disguising the Standard plan in favor of the ad-free Basic tier is, in and of itself, a rather odd decision.

What you need to know about the Cheapest Netflix Plan

Though it's possible it's an oversight, this kind of technique — regardless of the concealed layer - feels quite deceptive. Also, if Netflix insists on keeping all three levels visible, for whatever reason, it really ought to make the "See all plans" button a lot more prominent.

I have notified Netflix about this information and will revise the article accordingly. In the interim, prospective Netflix subscribers should be aware that there are four different subscription tiers from which to pick. Regardless of how well-concealed any one of them may be.

How to Change Netflix Plan

Subsequent to signing up for one of Netflix's plans, some customers may reconsider their original choice due to a faulty assessment of the service's value, leading them to switch to a different plan with a different monthly fee. The solution is to switch to a different Netflix streaming plan, which can be done in a short amount of time.

The best way to understand how everything works is to read through the procedure in its entirety.

  1. The first thing you should do is head over to the Netflix homepage.
  2. Two, click your profile picture that appears in the upper right area. When the cursor is placed over it, a submenu will appear. Pick the "account" option.
  3. Third, after choosing "account," you'll be taken to a page where you can modify several settings, including the specifics of your subscription.
  4. Step 4: Next to the plan details, click "Change plan," which will take you to a new page with information about all three of Netflix's subscription plans, namely Basic, Standard, and Premium, each of which has its own set of features.
  5. Please contact Netflix's customer care if you do not see a "Change plan" option.
  6. In the fifth and final stage, after doing a thorough cost-benefit analysis, you'll settle on the strategy for modification. The additional payment will be deducted from your account on the following billing day after you click it.
  7. If your Netflix account has ever been temporarily suspended, for example, you will not be able to make any changes to your subscription.
  8. The sixth and final step is to personalize the platform with your own profile image and start streaming the stuff of your choice.

Remember that a downgrade operates in a different fashion. In the event that you decide to downgrade from a regular or premium plan to the basic plan, the transition will take effect on your next payment date. When you want to change your Netflix package, though, things seem different.

Not only that, but your Netflix membership is completely cancelled at any time! The ability to terminate the plan is not subject to any such stipulation. For more details, read How to Change Netflix Plan.

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Can you download Netflix movies on PC?

Downloading Netflix shows for offline watching is a real option. Netflix's ad-supported Basic package does not include download access. The built-in download option is useful, however it has some unpleasant restrictions. You may feel uneasy about the fact that the files you download have shelf life. This may help to clarify why a Netflix Downloader from a third party is necessary.

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