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What is Picuki? Is Picuki Anonymous? What are Picuki Alternatives

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.06.15 Updated: 2023.06.15

Have you ever come to like an image on Instagram and wanted to download it? Do you visit on Instagram, and suddenly like a photo that you want to download? If yes, that may be easy with taking screenshot. But, saving it without taking screenshot would be good because when you take screenshot you cannot download the original quality of the photo/story.

If someone asks you to save the photos and stories from Instagram, it would look daunting task if you don’t know the way. But, if you know Picuki, you will take the work of downloading as an easy job.

What Exactly is Picuki?

Picuki is an editing tool offered online that is used for saving Instagram photos and stories. It lets you save them whether they are saved as stories or a post. 

What is Picuki? Is Picuki Anonymous? What are Picuki Alternatives

The best part with the Picuki application is that you can use it without the need for signing in to Instagram. You are able to search the photos using hashtags, locations, or captions. 

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Is Picuki Anonymous?

If you are asked if Picuki is anonymous while watching Instgram photos/stories? Then the answers is, big Yes, it is definitely and completely anonymous. None of the activities that you undertake on Picuki are recorded anywhere – on any app or Instagram itself.

As long as someone’s Instagram profile is not private, you should have no issues whatsoever in browsing for the content and profile with ease. You can easily go through the posts, stories and other content on anyone’s Instagram profile with no possibility of being caught. The profile owner will not be notified of any of your actions. That ideally makes Picuki completely anonymous.

Is Using Picuki safe?

Yes. We did not come across any unwanted pop ups, viruses or even trojans during our journey with the tool. If you notice the reviews across several trusted review sites, you would notice that Picuki does have a highly trusted rating and does offer an outstanding reliability.

The tool makes use of Instagram API for finding the content that you may be looking for and displays it for you. The tool does not infringe on anyone’s personal profile and privacy. It does not exploit any tool for that matter and it does not ask for any funds. In fact,, you do not even need to register for the service to be able to use it.

Picuki simply lets you view anyone’s content in an anonymous manner. It lets you check out anyone’s profile, posts, stories, locations, tags, and everything. 

Is Picuki Legal ?

Picuki is legal and you do not need to face any legal action for using Picuki. However, the exact laws that govern the specific use of Instagram profiles may be a concern and that is something you need to be careful about.

Of course, it does not let you view the content from private profiles. That in itself should stand a proof to show that Picuki is completely legal. Of course, the laws governing the use of Picuki may be different depending on the region that you belong to. Make sure that the privacy laws in your region work with Picuki before using it.

What are the best Picuki alternatives?

There are several Instagram Viewers that you can check out. Of course, listing out each of them or discussing a few of them may not be that easy.

1. MyConverters

What is Picuki? Is Picuki Anonymous? What are Picuki Alternatives

MyConverters is al all in service that lets you download the content from a wide range of streaming services and other websites. The ease with which it lets you download the content from Instagram and other social media services definitely makes it a promising alternative to Picuki.

It does offer an outstanding image and video clarity that matches the original. The integration with almost all services and support for a high quality output should ideally make it stand apart from the rest. What’s more, it also doubles up as your best pick for YouTube to MP4 downloader.

2. SmiHub

What is Picuki? Is Picuki Anonymous? What are Picuki Alternatives

SmiHub is a tool used for Instagram profile picture downloader. The easy to use and simple tool has been a hot favourite with a wider audience. You can simply download high quality Instagram profile images. You can comfortably download photos, videos, and stories for free.


What is Picuki? Is Picuki Anonymous? What are Picuki Alternatives

Instaxyz is yet another powerful tool that can double up as an excellent option to help you download Instagram stories and other content with ease. It is your one stop solution if you are looking to track the Instagram pages without being obvious to the profile owners. However, when you compare it to Picuki, it does lack in editing capability and simplicity of usage.

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Gramhir is a website that appears exactly the same as Picuki and you are bound to be confused when you look at it from the homepage. However, apart from accessing their account, you will never be able to do anything else with it. You work as only a viewer on the site.

The Concluding Thoughts

Using an Instagram viewer cum downloader can be a tough choice if you do not have the right tool with you. This would be a more powerful option if you are trying to have a look into someone’s profile without them getting to know about it? Picuki is definitely be the best option that you would find quite interesting.

But wait, in our view, MyConverters is one of the most innovative options for helping you download Instagram profiles and content inside them. The ease of use, simple interface and a host of other advantages would make it stand apart from the rest.