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Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converter 2023

Frank Edward | Sponsored Author
Published: 2023.08.09 Updated: 2023.08.09

If you usually watch videos on YouTube, it may take you a long time because of unskippable ads and continuous buffering. You want to save time by downloading YouTube videos to your device but can’t find one tool. 

Here I come and show you an easy way to convert YouTube to MP4 for free. No limit to the video number and size that you can download from here.

How to convert YouTube to MP4 for FREE without any software?

Step 1

Visit YouTube homepage and copy a video URL (or from any site as long as it is in our supported list)

YouTube to MP4

Step 2

Paste it into the text field above and click Convert

Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converter 2022

Step 3

Choose from the listed results and download to your device

YouTube to MP4

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter - what else can MyConverters do?

YouTube to MP4 Converter Unblocked

This YouTube Video Converter is also a good online YouTube to MP4 Converter to help you convert YouTube videos to MP3 without any limit. It really helps when you want to listen to the audio of a video only instead of getting distracted by the frames, such as music videos, or lectures.

This YouTube MP3 Converter lets users decide the quality in which they want to convert the YouTube video. Easy to use. Fast speed guaranteed. Sound quality minimized during the conversion. Just rest assured and have a try now.

Compatible with Almost All Platforms

Download YouTube to MP4 on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPhone, Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any device or browser you’re used to. This online YouTube MP4 Converter is accessible on almost any device and browser. When you use it, you don’t worry about the compatibility problem.

Whenever and wherever you want to download and convert videos, just open this YouTube to MP4 Converter online.

Download YouTube to MP4 1080P

This YouTube to MP4 online Converter lets users choose the quality in which they want to download. YouTube to MP4 1080P is always available here. Unlike some online products, YouTube to MP4 1080P is totally unblocked here. If you want to download videos in a lower quality, it is also possible here. Various options offered for you.

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter

This YouTube to MP4 Converter even works as a 4K video downloader. You can download YouTube videos in 4k for free here. Though 4k videos are not as common as 1080p videos on YouTube, we offer you this function in case you want to download 4k videos and watch on TV or other devices.

Support 1000+ Sites

MyConverters - this YouTube to MP4 Converter unblocked also helps download online videos from Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vevo, Bilibili, and more 1000 sites. Your loved websites can always be found on our supported list. Just copy the video URL that you want to download, leave alone the website, and paste it into the text field above to have a try. 

Why choose online YouTube to MP4 Converter?

Some of the common methods to download YouTube videos are

(1)Web browser plugin

You need to install a plugin for your browser first. It only works on a specific browser. If you switch to another browser, it will not work anymore. The advantage is that you can download videos while browsing and watching them online. 

(2)Software or app

To download videos with software or app, you still have to download and install the software or app first. Before you download a setup file, you should choose the one compatible with your systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux. Software or app is more stable but the problem is that you can only use them on one device. 

(3)3rd party website

Like MyConverters, 3rd party website is more accessible than software, app or browser plugin. You don’t worry about the compatibility problem and it happens in the cloud so it won’t consume any storage space. But compared to software or app, 3rd party websites are not equipped with some powerful features, like playlist download, which is normally paid feature on software or app. 

(4)Using prefix

Some may recommend you to download YouTube videos through premix, like adding “ss” in the YouTube video address. After you modify the YouTube video URL and press Enter, you will be redirected to a website where the video URL is analyzed. It is not very different from 3rd party website. It just saves the step of opening a website and pasting the video URL in it. 

Note that this prefix method is only applicable to YouTube videos.

How to choose the best YouTube to MP4 Converter?

How do you choose YouTube to MP4 Converter online? Maybe search “online YouTube to MP4 Converter” on Google and choose from the first page. Some may find the answer with most likes from quora, reddit, blogs, forum, or something like that. But you may notice that some first ranking products are that convenient to use. So many ads, limits, and distracting elements. Some of them provide many more formats than their competitors, but most of them don’t work at all. 

There are so many ways to download online videos and many products available. They all tell you they are the best one, and very easy to use. Then what can you expect from an excellent free YouTube to MP4 Converter online?

  • Few ads even ads-free
  • No clickbait
  • Able to choose format and quality
  • No limit to the video number and size that you can download
  • The high success rate in analysis and download

Among them, a high success rate in analysis and download is probably the most important one. If most videos can’t be analyzed and downloaded successfully, what is the point of providing a long list of formats and quality options? In this regard, this YouTube to MP4 Converter free is absolutely a good choice for you.


Q: Is it legal to convert YouTube to MP4 online?

A: According to their terms of use, it's not allowed to convert YouTube videos to MP4 and save to your device because it will damage their own interests. Strictly, it's just inappropriate not illegal. If you only convert non-copyright videos and save them just for personal use, it's not a big problem.

Q: What formats does MyConverters.com support?

A: It supports mp3 and mp4 format and provides a wide range of quality options for you.

Q: Is there any limit to my conversion?

A: Definitely not. You can convert any video and convert as much as possible without paying a dime. MyConverters.com is always free and fast to use.

Q: How do I save a YouTube video as an mp4?

A: Paste a video URL to analyze and choose mp4 format to show the possible results under mp4 format. Pick the quality you want and download it directly.