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Download Disney Plus on Mac for Offline Viewing in 3 Steps

author-avatar Betty Powell | Editor
Published: 2024.04.07 Updated: 2024.04.07

Disney Plus (Disney+) covers high-quality exclusive episodes and films from Disney and Marvel. By subscribing to its premium plans, you can even unlock more content from Hulu and ESPN+. This post will guide you through an effective way to download Disney Plus movies on Mac with simple 3 steps, to help you enjoy what you like offline on Mac.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

disney plus plans

To stream on Disney+, you have to pay for its subscription plans. Disney Plus understands the different requirements of various users, and that's the reason why it offers 6 kinds of plans. You can choose to subscribe to the Duo or Trio Bundle to unlock content from Hulu or ESPN+. But please notice that the ad-free streaming and download services are only available for premium plans.

  • Disney+ Basic: $7.99/mo.
  • Disney+ Premium: $13.99/mo.
  • Duo Basic: $9.99/mo. (Hulu+Disney Plus)
  • Duo Premium: $19.99/mo. (Hulu+Disney Plus)
  • Trio Basic: $14.99/mo. (Hulu+Disney Plus+ESPN Plus)
  • Duo Premium: $24.99/mo. (Hulu+Disney Plus+ESPN Plus)

To get more details about the Disney+ Bundle Sale, read what is Disney Bundle.

Can You Download Disney Plus on Mac?

Disney Plus supports various devices, including web browsers, mobile devices, TV devices, game consoles, and even Apple Vision Pro. You can download Disney Plus movies on supported mobile devices (from Android, Apple, Amazon, and Windows) and watch on the go.

Yes, you can download from Disney Plus on Windows computers through the official app, which can be found in the Microsoft Store. But such a product is not available in Mac now. Therefore, a secure third-party program is required in order to download your preferred Disney Plus movies to a Mac or other device, such as a TV., such as MyConverters.

3 Simple Steps to Download Disney Plus on Mac

MyConverters is a versatile and powerful video downloader that can help you download episodes and movies from 1000+ streaming sites, including Disney+, Netflix, Premium Video and more. Whether you subscribe to the premium plans or not, MyConverters will automatically remove all ads when downloading.

No need to worry about the download speed and resolution, because MyConverters applies advanced tech to keep the original resolution up to 1080P while still increasing the download speed to 5X.

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Step 1: Open MyConverters and Find Disney+

Download MyConverters from the official site to avoid potential viruses, and install it on your Mac. Launch MyConverters and find Disney+ on the homepage or "VIP Services".

download disney plus on mac

Step 2: Watch the Movie You Want to Download

Enter the official site of Disney+ using the safe built-in browser of MyConverters. Login to your Disney+ account to play the video you want to download. When you play it, MyConverters will automatically analyze the URL. If you have any problem when logging into Disney+, check the post to learn more about Disney Plus Login Methods.

download disney plus on amc

Step 3: Set Download Options and Download

When the analysis is done, an on-screen prompt will show. Set the download options as you prefer and click "Download Now" to initiate the download process. All downloaded Disney Plus movies will be presented in "Downloaded".

download disney plus on mac


While Disney+ doesn't currently offer official offline viewing functionality on Mac computers, third-party downloaders can bridge the gap. Be sure to choose a reputable downloader with strong security practices, like MyConverters, to help you download Disney Plus on Mac. Follow the 3 simple steps offered above, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite Disney+ content offline on your Mac, providing convenient entertainment on the go or when internet access is limited.


Q1. What makes MyConverters outweigh online downloaders?

A1. Although there are many online Disney+ Downloaders, we still recommend MyConverters because of its excellent download speed and quality. MyConverters can also offer extra services like batch download, subtitle download, and metadata download, which are unavailable in online downloaders.

Q2. How much does MyConverters cost?

A2. MyConverters provides 3 subscription plans: Monthly Plan at $39.9, Yearly Plan at $89.9, and Lifetime Plan at $139.9. All plans are supported with free updates anytime. Therefore, the investment in MyConverter is vert cost-effective in the long run.

Q3. Is it safe to use MyConverters?

A3. Yes, of course. MyConverters never gathers, shares, or utilizes your personal information for purposes other than downloading because it recognizes the value of data privacy and cybersecurity. MyConverters employs the most recent encryption technology and security protocols to shield your personal information from potential threats and criminal activity.