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How Much is Netflix? What are Netflix Plans?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.20 Updated: 2022.12.20

Netflix is one of the most promising streaming services ever. In fact, it is what began the concept of streaming service across the world. When it comes to enjoying the movies, TV shows and documentaries Netflix is what would provide you access to a powerful experience. Starting off as a DVD delivery service in the 1990s, the streaming service has definitely come a long way. How much is Netflix and what are the Netflix that you can opt for? Let us try finding the complete information.

What is Netflix?

Netflix in today’s world does not need any introduction. It has become quite synonymous with the word streaming service. One of the most popular on demand streaming services, and TV shows, Netflix has been ranked as the best streaming service. With a huge number of videos and original content, it should be great pick.

How Much is Netflix? What are Netflix Plans?

The growing library of the content on Netflix is definitely impressive. But how much is Netflix? The pricing plans available on Netflix are definitely much interesting and affordable. The streaming service has recently come up with the more affordable ad supported plan.

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How much is Netflix?

The price points that Netflix is offered has been quite interesting. You can get access to four different streaming service plans and you can pick the one that best meets your individual requirements - Basic with Ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

How Much is Netflix? What are Netflix Plans?

The Netflix plans begin at $6.99 per month and go all the way to up to $ 19.99 per month. If you are looking to find the different pricing points that you can access each of those plans.

Netflix Subscription plan

Monthly Pricing

Streaming quality and resolution

Number of Simultaneous streams

Content availability

Basic with Ads 


Video quality up to 720p/HD


Due to licensing restrictions some titles will be inacessible



Video quality up to 720p/HD


Every Netflix title



High Definition (HD)


Every Netflix title



HD and 4K Ultra HD


Every Netflix title

You can also check out the DVD and Blu -ray plans as well if you are into buying the content.

Netflix, as we told you already made its beginning with the DVD delivery and it has still remained true to its roots.

The DVD and Blu-ray plans can be summarised as




Discs per month

Number of discs out at once













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Which subscriptions plan should you go with?

As the answer of “how much is Netflix” is listed above, you would find the standard and premium plans to be the best options to begin with. these plans provide you access to a full HD experience. The streaming quality available with Basic with Ads and Basic plans is not up to the mark. Having understood how much does Netflix cost, you can decide which plans would be the right one for you.

The Basic with ads and basic plan on Netflix provide you access to a quality of HD streams at 720p. In case you have a 4K TV, you would need to have a Premium plan. Even when it means spending a few dollars more for the plan, the quality and performance that you would get really appreciated.

The Netflix subscription plans explained in detail

Having found out the answer of “how much is Netflix”, how about checking out the features that you can get with each of these plans? Let us explore each of the Netflix subscription plans in a finer detail.

Netflix Basic with ads

This is the newest tier that has been introduced very recently. The plan is almost equivalent to the basic plan with just a few of the minor differences. It is the most affordable Netflix plans ever and is made available at $6.99/£4.99 per month.

There will be ads to compensate Netflix says that the ads will not be more than four or five minutes of content per hour played. That should perhaps be considerably lesser than the ads served on most of the TV channels.

A few disadvantages would be that not all the content of Netflix is available on the plan and you cannot download any of the titles from the platform.

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Basic plan

You can watch as many content as you would want to on the plan. There are no practically no limits on what you can watch. However, you can have only standard definition content and there is no hope for any HD resolution.

You can stream the content on only one screen at a time.

Netflix Standard

The benefits on the Netflix standard plan are limited, but they are doubled than that on the Netflix Basic plan. You will be able to stream your content on two devices at a time. You will also be able to download the titles as per your preferences.

The service does provide you access to a full HD resolution. If you are not comfortable with the basic plan and the limitations on it, you can go with the standard plan.

Netflix Premium

If you are checking out the best experiences that you are going forward to with Netflix, the Netflix Premium should be what would make it a truly formidable option. It can be used for streaming the content on up to four devices at a time. If you are wondering how much does Netflix cost, you would find this to be a very decent choice.

The Netflix premium plan comes with an ability to stream ultra-HD content. You will also get access to HDR which will further enhance your viewing experience.

Can you download the Netflix shows for offline watching?

Netflix definitely lets you download the titles on its platform for offline viewing. The download capability is not available on the Netflix Basic with ads plan. Thee built in download feature is impressive, but coms with a few limitations making it a little annoying. Your downloads come with an expiry date and that is something that you may not be comfortable with. That should perhaps explain why you should look for a third-party downloader for Netflix.

As far as our experience goes, we found the MyConverters Netflix Downloader to be a powerful downloader for your favourite Netflix content for offline viewing. To begin with, the downloader lets you download practically every content from the platform. That apart, the downloader comes with a batch download capability and a faster download option.

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The Closing Thoughts

Netflix has been one of the most popular and powerful streaming service that has created a name for itself. You may want the answer of this question, “How much is Netflix?” If you are a Netflix fan and looking for the best subscription options for your Netflix subscription, the tips and descriptions above should prove to be much handy enough. Check out the best options and go with the right subscription options. Find how much is Netflix and go with the plan that meets your needs.

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