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Top 10 Best Tools To Remove Audio From Video List

author-avatar Frank Edward | Sponsored Author
Published: 2023.08.09 Updated: 2023.08.09

Creating and editing content is easier than ever, thanks to the wide access to the Internet and faster computer systems. As a result, there are a lot of people making use of editing tools too, and one of the most popular forms of content is the visual one. There are close to a billion views recorded daily on YouTube itself. This review deals with the applications, both online and offline, that are apt to remove audio from video.

There are many times when the video captures the exact vibe or visuals that we need but the song selection makes us go away from it. Now, you can even remove audio from video online because such technologies are so easily available. However, not all applications are on par with our requirements and so we must narrow the choices down. You can also find how to remove the audio from a video section for each application listed below. We will recommend online tools, desktop software, and mobile applications. If you're looking for tools to convert YouTube videos to MP3, click to check more details.

Remove Audio From Video Online


Price: Though you can remove audio from video online by Clideo, it will contain watermarks. To remove watermarks and get full access to features, you can buy the subscription at $9 per month or go all-out and pay $72 for the year, with no cancellations. 

Compatibility: Clideo has a high level of compatibility. It works on browsers, doesn’t matter if your browser is through a desktop or a mobile device such as Android and iOS. 


  • Clideo has placed the latest security protocols for your files online to ensure that they do not land up anywhere you don’t want them to. 
  • It supports a high number of video file formats, including MP4, AVI, WOB, MOV, etc. 
  • You can first watch the entire video after editing and download it if you are happy with the outcome. 
  • It is extremely easy to use, requiring only one-click from the user for most tasks. 


How to use:

  1. You can either upload a video from your device or paste a link to the textbox. 
  2. Now, wait for the application to remove audio from video online and show you the output. 
  3. Play the preview and if you are happy with the output, simply click on Download at the right side to save the video. 


  • Offers multiple ways of uploading videos through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and the same for downloading the muted video. 
  • Easy to use and hence accessible for any kind of user. 
  • Fast processing times. 


  • It attaches a watermark to videos converted for free. 


Price: allows you to remove audio from youtube video or any video for that matter for free, if the video is within 50 MB of size under 10 minutes. For more, you will need to pay $18 per month or $30 per month, depending on your requirements and team size. 

Compatibility: This online tool works on most browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc. 


  • This application has an edge over others in terms of storage capacity, as it provides the unlimited number of projects and up to 100GB of file storage. 
  • You can work with the best video qualities, from 720p all the way to 4k. 
  • The paid versions also have chat-based customer support for you. 
  • You can have your own custom watermarks on the videos that you edit out of this application, besides other brand-centric benefits from the videos. 


How to remove audio from video with 

  1. With the link given in this section, you will reach the home page of this tool. Once there, simply click on Get Started Now to move ahead. 
  2. Click on the upload button to upload a video from your device or drag and drop one directly. 
  3. You will be in the Settings tab from the start. All you need to do is find the Audio tab and drag down the audio levels as per your preference. For completely removing audio, drag the bar all the way down. 
  4. Click on Export to save the file. 


  • The editor on this online tool is comprehensive enough. 
  • Works fast and is relatively easy to use. 
  • A range of editing options that can go well with muting audio. 


  • The processing can sometimes take some time. 
  • Limitations on the free version. 


Price: Audioremover is a completely free service to remove audio from video.

Compatibility: This online tool will work on browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc and it also has various languages for the interface for user convenience, such as Spanish, French, Italian, etc. 


  • This application has a massive threshold for video file size since it will accept any video within 500MB range. This is way more than the typical video editing applications. 
  • It supports the popular, fundamental video file formats such as MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. 
  • The application will automatically delete your videos after a few hours of upload. 
  • It will mute videos without needing to re-encode them and with just a few clicks. 


How to use:

  1. Use the link given above and access the home screen of the online tool. 
  2. Click on Browse to open the window prompt to search for the video. Select the video and open it there. 
  3. The application will process the video and you can then download it.  


  • You can directly share your output videos to multiple social media platforms at once. 
  • 500MB limit, which is more than enough in most video editing cases. 
  • Completely free and simple to use online software. 


  • You can not see a preview after muting the video, leaving the download option necessary. 
  • The processing may become slow if your internet connection is not up to the mark. 

4. Wofox

Price: You can easily remove audio from video through Wofox for free but it will not give access to all other features. To make use of Wofox to the fullest, you can purchase any of the paid plans starting from $20 approx per month. 

Compatibility: It is an online tool that works on most browsers. 


  • It offers many free and paid tools that complement the video editing aspect well. 
  • The UI is intuitive and doesn’t require much from the user. 
  • Offers fast servers for a better user experience. 


How to use:

  1. Go to the home page by using the link given above. You can read the information about the tool on the home page. 
  2. Click on the small button that says Upload to upload your video. 
  3. Wait for the application to process your video and hit Download once the option shows up. 


  • Supports the basic video file formats. 
  • Offers many other free tools to users. 


  • It can take a while to process even on fast networks and computer systems. 

Remove Audio from Video with Software

1. Wondershare Filmora

Price: Removing audio from video in Filmora is very basic, hence requires no payment. You can still opt for purchase in exchange for features that start at $7.99 per month and go up as per your requirements. 

Compatibility: This software is compatible with macOS 10.12 and 11. It also supports Windows 7, 8, and 10, all 64bit versions only. A decent system with i3 and 4 GB RAM is also recommended but it will run on any system. 


  • As premium software, Filmora offers more than just removing audio. It can also offer different audio editing options such as fading in and fading out. 
  • High range of video file formats supported with MKV, FLV, WTV, AVI, and more. 
  • You can straight away detach the entire audio segment and edit it as a separate entity from the video. 
  • You can directly upload your work to YouTube and other popular platforms. 


How to use

  1. First, launch the application and open the video file that you want to mute. 
  2. You will see the video dragged onto a timeline below. Right-click on it and detach the audio. 
  3. Click on the audio bar and click on the delete option to remove it. 


  • It is one of the popular editing applications and so has a library worth of features. 
  • Multiple ways of muting or editing audio from the video. 
  • You can edit audio without touching the video, which is safe and efficient. 


  • The paid versions are a bit expensive.  


Price: VSDC, or videosoftdev, is free-to-use software that offers basic features without cost, including the remove audio from a video feature. You can buy its Pro version at $20 approx. 

Compatibility: This application is for Windows operating systems, both 32 and 64 bit editions. 


  • You can create multiple projects, edit videos, and more like in many comprehensive video editing software tools. 
  • Multiple ways of audio muting, such as muting the video itself or removing the audio separately. 
  • You can also fade the audio to play low and similar effects. 


How to use:

  1. Open the application and select the video that you want to mute. Open the video there. 
  2. From the upper tab, search and click on the Audio Effects drop-down menu. From there, go to Amplitude and select Silence. 
  3. Now, save the video and store it on your device.  


  • It can quickly remove audio from video. 
  • Multiple options in removing audio from video. 


  • It is not that complex when it comes to features compared to other software. 

3. VideoStudio

Price: VideoStudio is free to use and you can remove audio from video easily, without hassle. It does have a Pro edition that can be purchased at $63.99 as of now if you want software consistently. You can also get a free trial of the Pro version first, for 30 days.

Compatibility: It supports Windows operating systems and other platforms such as mobile. 


  • Similar to other video editing applications, VideoStudio’s tool also allows for audio editing in its own way. 
  • You can upgrade your current version of the software from the VideoStudio website itself. 
  • You can not only remove audio but also add your own sound effects into videos. 


How to use:

  1. Open the video file once you have launched the application. 
  2. Check the timeline, right-click on the video bar, and hit Split Audio. 
  3. You will now see the audio bar close to the video bar. Right-click on the audio bar and delete it.


  • Free to use. 
  • Users can remove audio safely and add sound effects instead. 


  • The paid version asks for too much for too little. 

Remove Audio from Video with Apps

1. Mute Video, Silent Video

Price: This mobile application is free to use for all tasks. 

Compatibility: It supports Android-based mobile phones and operating systems. 


  • Besides cutting out audio from videos, this application also allows you to trim your videos. So, if you want to cut down only the ending of the video and audio, you can simply trim it. 
  • It is primarily designed for removing audio from video and it reflects that from the straightforward UI design. 
  • You can also share your finished videos directly to social media platforms from the application itself. 


How to use:

  1. Browse your gallery and select the video you want. 
  2. From the options, click on Mute Sound and wait for the application to process. 
  3. Press on Save to save the file on the device. 


  • Application designed mainly to remove audio from video. 
  • Quick and easy to use. 


  • No unique features or takeaway. 

2. Mutebot

Price: Mutebot is a free-to-use mobile application with in-app optional purchases. The free version may have watermarks, which can be removed with a small purchase.

Compatibility: Mutebot works on iOS, designed for iPhone, iPad, etc. 


  • One of the unique features of this application is that it can remove audio from multiple videos at once like batch processing. 
  • Mutebot also works as an extension, but only to those applications which have compatibility with Mutebot. 
  • You can share your work on social media from Mutebot. 


How to use:

  1. Launch the application and select a video from the gallery. 
  2. Check the settings and mute the audio from there. 
  3. Save the video to your device. 


  • Intuitive UI and minimal in-app purchases. 


  • Potential watermarks on the free version.

3. Video Sound Editor

Price: Video Sound Editor is a fully free-to-use application. 

Compatibility: This application is built for Android operating systems. 


  • There are options for muting audio from videos and adding sounds, such as music, to videos as well. 
  • You can first see the preview of the output before actually saving it. 
  • It has a good range of video file format support with WEBM, MPEG4, M2V, MPG, and many more available.


How to use:

  1. Open the application and choose the video you want to mute. 
  2. From the options displayed below, mute the audio. You can mute and trim together or simply select the part of the video and mute that.
  3. Save the video.


  • One of the most detailed mobile applications for video editing. 
  • Completely free to use. 


  • The UI could use a little enhancement. 


With these applications, you do not need to worry about things like ‘how to remove audio from a youtube video’ or any how-to questions. There’s no need for concern over performance either since all these applications do well what they claim to do. With applications such as Clideo, you can simply drop URLs, making your work really simple. Applications like Filmora offer much more for your videos than just audio muting for a price and they can be used consistently at any time. Usage of applications depends upon user requirements through this list can help you find applications for any kind of requirement. You can use the AI Background Remover from MyConverters to remove the image background.

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