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How to download Nico Nico Douga with nicozon.

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.04.25 Updated: 2023.04.25

Have you ever wanted to download videos from Niconico (niconico)?

This article will surely elucidate how to download video content from Niconico.


There is a table of contents on the left so you can jump to the part you are interested in!

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Is there a fee to watch NicoNico? Is it free?

The following video content is available on NicoNico

  • Nico Nico Video
  • Nico Nico Live Broadcast
  • Nico Nico Channel

Can I watch NicoNico content for free?

Yes, you can.

If you create an account as a general member, you can use the service for free.
If you register as a Premium member or a paid channel, or purchase NicoNico points, you will be charged.

About NicoNico Premium Membership

Once you register as a Premium Member of NicoNico, you can do things like hide video ads and play videos in high quality.

The fee for this premium membership is 550 yen per month (including tax).

About Nico Nico Points

When you purchase Nico Nico Points,

  • Advertise on Nico Nico Douga and live broadcasts
  • Purchase paid videos on the Nico Nico Channel
  • You can purchase tickets to watch Nico Nico Live broadcasts.

Also, sometimes you can get Nico Nico Point for free.

How to download Nico Nico Video on nicozon

nicozon" is a download site dedicated to saving Nico Nico Nico Douga.

You used to be able to download videos by just copying and pasting the URL of the video, but due to a change in the specifications of Nico Nico Douga, you can no longer save videos in the way you used to.

However, nicozon now supports a method to save videos using a bookmarklet, so it is still available.

Furthermore, this saving method is not only compatible with Windows Mac Linux ChromeOS, but also with iPhone iPad iPod Android FireHD.

Let's introduce the download method for Windows + Chrome as a reference.

Step 1: Search for the video you want to download on nikozon

1. go to the official website of n ikozon. 2.


2. search for the video you want to download on nikozon's search bar.

  • Keyword search
  • Tag search
  • Open URL

There are three search methods


3. When you get to the video you want to download, click "Save Video" under the player.


Step 2: Add the bookmarklet link to the bookmarks bar

1. display your bookmarks bar.


2. drag and drop the bookmarklet link from the Save Video page onto your bookmarks toolbar.


For now, it is OK to add the bookmarklet link to the bookmark bar.

*The bookmarklet is the one whose link starts with javascript:.


Step 3: Execute the bookmarklet

1. click "You can save the video after executing the bookmarklet on the page after clicking this link" on the Save Video page.


Step 2: Click the bookmarklet on the toolbar of the bookmark you just registered and execute it.


Step 4: You can save the video link by right-clicking on it.

Right-click on the video link to save it.

*For PC browsers, the bookmarklet will not work in some browsers if you call the bookmarklet from other than the toolbar of the bookmark.


How to download and save Nico Nico content on your phone

A " Save Viewing Function" is available for NicoNico.

The "Save Viewing Function" allows you to save the amount of data transmission when viewing by adding videos to your "Save Viewing List" in advance. This allows you to watch videos while on the go without worrying about the amount of data being transmitted.

Unfortunately, videos added to the "Saved Viewing List" can only be viewed on that mobile device. You cannot watch them on your computer or TV.

How do I download Nico Nico Douga works on my mobile phone?

1. Download the Nico Nico Video app for your compatible model.

Both IOS and Android versions of the video app can use the save viewing feature, so download according to your needs.

2. Launch the Nico Nico Douga app and log in.

Just log in according to the guidance.

Please check in advance whether you are a premium member or not.

3. Access the video you want to "download

Access the page of the video you want to save by searching or My List.

4. Tap the "Save Viewing" button on the page.


Swipe to find the "Save Viewing" button, tap it, and the video has been added to your save viewing list.

5 Limitations of NicoNico's "Download Function

  1. You can only download and playback on the NicoNico app.
  2. Downloaded works cannot be moved to other devices.
  3. Downloaded videos have an expiration date.
  4. This function is only available for Premium members.
  5. You can set a capacity limit on your watch list.

No restrictions, DRM removal, record and save Nico Nico Nico content on your computer.

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How to download niche content using MyConverters

1. visit the official MyConverters website, download and install the software.

2. launch MyConverters and change the language to Japanese. 3.


Paste the URL of the video you want to download into the URL field above "Home" to access the site. 4.


4. play the Nico Nico Douga video and the video will be automatically analyzed when it is ready to load. (You may need to log in to watch the video)


5. customize the quality of the video you want to download, etc., and click the "Download Now" button.


How to watch recorded Nico Nico content

Recorded NicoNico content is saved as MP4 or MKV, so you can move it from the destination to any device with an SD card for viewing.

For viewing on a computer, we recommend the "VLC Media Player" video player.


To watch the video on your phone or TV, please use an SD card or other media to move the video file before watching it.

For those who want to record and save videos from other video streaming services

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