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What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.22 Updated: 2023.03.22

Viki is an amazing platform that streams content there is from Asia. Along with Soompi, it's the first OTT streamer that people go to for accessing Kdrama, J drama, and Cdrama. It is taking the world by storm as the chosen one for Asian drama. Based out of San Francisco, Rakuten Viki is the highlight and the go-to space for accessing Asian drama, TV shows, and movies. In this piece, you will get to know about what sort of services Rakuten Viki offers for you. And also know whether Viki and Rakuten Viki are the same.

Is Rakuten Viki Same As Viki?

Yes, to answer precisely Rakuten Viki is the same as Viki. However, Rakuten is a much bigger brand and Viki is one of the platforms it hosts. The other platforms that come with Rakuten are as follows:

All Rakuten applications come under its franchise called Rakuten Global Market is an encompassing platform that has all Rakuten Products.

  • Rakuten Kobo is a platform that deals with access and download of Ebooks.
  • Rakuten Viber is an application that allows interpersonal messaging services and also helps users indulge in video chats.
  • Rakuten Travel is another application that allows people to book trips like a travel-based app.

Details about Rakuten Viki

What Makes Rakuten Viki Different?

Rakuten Viki, unlike other streamers that we know like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus maintains a stream of connectivity to its users. With other streamers, we see the users often having no interaction in the platform, which is not so with Viki. Viki has a crowd-sourced subtitling program where natives who know their Asian language can participate in providing subtitling support to the platform and its users.

There is a community-centric mindset that is created in Viki's subtitle services. Natives often interact, ideate and understand what sort of translation will be required while interacting with other Subtitlers. There is a contributor prize as well. You get a fair share of repute in the platform. As you level yourself and climb the echelons of contribution in the Rakuten Viki platform you get a free subscription and even goodies.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

Helping in learning Asian languages

Rakuten Viki is subscribed to by people who want to delve into Asian shows. These people are die-hard fans of K-pop, Kdrama, and Japanese shows. And they belong to many nations, especially in the Western world where we see a lot more awakening and learning about Asians happening. Viki is a great starting point in that regard. Viki also allows people to have a learning language mode activated while watching any movie.

In this mode, the native watches the show and on the screen, they also learn new words concerning the language of that show. The words often get rerepeated in any language that's Asian. That way a student of these oriental languages can learn the pronunciation of these words, especially from a country where exposure to the language is not there. A person can rehearse those words and learn them properly.

Rakuten Viki Demography

A chunk of Viki users is American. They accommodate a 30% subscription to the platform. Apart from that Viki has been doing amazing in France, UK, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. A chunk of its users is girls. They are almost 65% of the total users on the platform. And a maximum of Viki users are below 34 years of age.

Sign up on Viki

Signing up on Viki is the easiest among all platforms. It's fast and easy and you do not even know you have signed in. The part of good thing rests on fewer details about certain aspects of the account making details asked generally while creating any web account online. Here are the steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to Rakuten Viki’s official homepage.
  • Go to create an account.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

  • You will now see a page that has a lot of options for you to choose to sign in. You can use Facebook, Google, Apple, and Rakuten Accounts to access the free material out there. There is a Viki pass that provides better shows to watch.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

  • If you choose to continue with email, they will then ask name, password, and email. These are basic credentials that you require anyway to have access to login to any platform or website.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

  • After that, there will be a verification key sent to your email which you will have to access and type to activate your account. The typing will happen on Viki’s platform only.

What is Viki Pass?

How Much Does Rakuten Viki Cost Per Month?

Viki Pass is a premium subscription service that comes with a very affordable cost of $4.99/month. You get access to HD-quality TV shows, Viki exclusives, unlimited shows, and content. When you have a Viki Pass you get all the services of Rakuten Viki for free and that is also at an affordable cost. This pass also drops down ads use. You can watch your favorite shows without having to watch ads.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the Viki pass is available for a free trial of 7 days.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

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How To Get Viki Pass?

It is very easy to get Viki pass. Here are the steps needed to get one:

  • Login to Rakuten Viki’s platform.
  • If you are done logging in, look at the top right screen, and you will see an option called Get Viki Pass. Please click here.
  • Now again click on Get Viki Pass yet again.
  • Now you will see an option called 7-day free trial just below Viki Pass standard feature window.
  • Once you enter the payment page, you have arrived at the Viki pass checkout zone. You can opt for a yearly system and a monthly system of payment. It depends upon your choice and requirements.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

While proceeding with the payment you can proceed to pay with a promo code. You will be required to submit card credentials and then process the payment.

Can You Access Rakuten Viki On TV?

Rakuten Viki is available on all smart TVs. You will get the app on all TV OS platforms. You will have to link however the account to your TV. This is just easy and takes hardly extra time.

What Is Rakuten Viki? Is Rakuten Viki The Same As Viki?

  • Select the link now and you will be taken to a space where you will be able to feed a code.
  • This code is often seen on TV, once you click on Link Now your TV will open the Rakuten platform easily.

How to Download Movies from Rakuten Viki?

Rakuten Viki offers the best Asian TV shows and movies, especially Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean. If you are a fan of the shows and movies from these, you would love to access Rakuten Viki. watching premium content is fine with a Viki Pass plan but having to renew it every month/year would be a costly affair. Thus, downloading 100s of movies and shows from Viki until your subscription ends would be a great choice. So, that later you can keep watching those downloaded content without having any subscription. For downloading, MyConverters would be the best downloader tool as it can download the content in HD quality quickly. Batch downloading is a plus point there too.


Is watching in Viki free?

Yes for the most part you can access Viki for free. Just if you have Viki pass you can watch adless content and the pricing is only $4.99.

Where can I watch Kdrama for free?

Rakuten Viki is the best place to watch all forms of Asian content, TV material, shows, and theatrics. And also shows from Vietnam and Thailand.

Which app has all Kdrama?

Rakuten Viki possesses the most amount of KDrama content there is. It has 10000 shows of KDrama and it also houses 200 of these types of films.

Is Rakuten Viki the same as Viki?

Yes, Rakuten Viki and Viki are the same!

Viki was founded in 2007, and until 2009 it was running in beta. In 2010, it exited the beta to offer its service to the general public. It was acquired by Rakuten in 2013.


Rakuten Viki is the one-stop streamer for your Asian content. With time Viki has become the go-to app for all entertainment shows in Asia. This Japanese app has broken off in the world in terms of all types of Drama that’s created in the Asia Pacific Region.