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What is Disney Hotstar? How to download Disney Hotstar Videos?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.11.18 Updated: 2022.11.18

If you are in India, you would not have access to Disney Plus – at least as of now. However, you can enjoy another streaming service from the Disney group – the Disney Hotstar. What is Disney Hotstar, and how can you download the content from Disney Hotstar? Let us try to understand the details of the all-new Disney Plus Hotstar.

What is Disney Plus Hotstar?

Disney Plus was launched in the United States in 2019 and has been one of the promising streaming services that have been able to beat the other streaming services in their own game. Despite the late entry into the streaming arena, the Disney Plus service has been able to create a niche market for itself.

What is Disney Hotstar How to download Disney Hotstar Videos?

Disney Plus is not available in India, and you would find the Disney Plus Hotstar is what would provide you with a better experience of similar content. Hotstar is the existing Indian streaming service of Star India network, and the new Disney Plus Hotstar is a collaboration between Hotstar and Disney.

The deal between the Walt Disney Group and 21st Century Fox in 2018 for $71 billion was what made the Hotstar streaming change itself. The deal brought Star India along with the rest of the Star network – who are the owners of Hotstar a part of the Disney group. It was quite obvious that Disney network would take benefit from the existing network that has gone popular already.

The logo of Disney Plus Hotstar was changed to the new royal Blue Disney Plus Hotstar logo in 2020. The content from Disney was added to the streaming service, making it an official entry of the new streaming service in India from Disney.

How much does Disney Plus Hotstar cost?

The Disney Plus Hotstar is available under two different subscription options in India. You can choose the one that best goes with your needs and expectations.

What is Disney Hotstar How to download Disney Hotstar Videos?

The annual subscription would cost you INR 1499 (approximately $20.30). This is slightly upwards of the previous subscription of INR 999. You can also go with a monthly premium plan at INR 299. You can decide to go with the super tier subscription at INR 899 per year. The Super tier subscription will have no 4K access. You will also have ads along with the content. The premium subscription lets you remove the ads and also helps you follow the content on four simultaneous screens. The Super tier subscription limits it to just two screens at a time.

Both Premium and Super tier plans let you access all the Disney Plus Hotstar content. You will also be able to enjoy content from HBO, Fox, and Showtime. The Premium membership, however provides you access to the latest Hindi and regional language movies.

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Where is Disney Plus Hotstar available?

If you are looking for the services under Disney Plus, you will find it available in several countries across the world. Disney Plus, however, is available only in India currently. The streaming service was introduced in Indonesia in September 2022.

The Disney Plus Hotstar boasts a user base of over 58 million paid subscribers. Given the fact that Disney Plus itself has over 129 million subscribers across the world. That should mean almost one-third of that number comes from India.

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What platforms is Disney Plus Hotstar available on?
The Disney Plus Hotstar streaming service is available on multiple lists of platforms and devices. You should be able to get it on almost all your regular devices.

A few of the devices that support the Disney Plus Hotstar would include

  • Desktop web portal (All PCs and laptops)
  • Android (All Android TVs, Android TV boxes, phones, and tablets)
  • iOS (iPhones, iPads, and other iOS-based devices)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • WebOS on LG TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast

The availability of the 4K content on the Disney Plus Hotstar is quite limited. The standard resolution as of now is 1080p, and it can drop to 720p depending on your connection speed. That can be perhaps something that can be a little annoying at times.

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What to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar?

The content library on Disney Plus Hotstar is quite impressive, and you would definitely love it if you were an Indian user. The library on Disney Plus Hotstar is available in English and other languages. These also include a wide range of content across multiple genres, such as animes as well. The titles such as The Mandalorian, WandaVision, some of the best HBO shows, as well as Hotstar’s library of specials.

What is Disney Hotstar How to download Disney Hotstar Videos?

You will also find it offering you access to a host of titles that include all Marvel and Star Wars movies in India. The complete Avengers series is yet another great option that you would find much decent and unique in its own right.

Can you download Disney Plus Hotstar shows for offline viewing?

There is every possibility that you may be looking to download a wide range of content on Disney Plus Hotstar, given the exciting library that it offers you. The streaming service does let you download the titles on its platform for offline viewing. You can simply go to the title that you want to download and find if the title has a download option against it. If yes, you can click on Download, and the title will be downloaded onto your device. You can even select the resolution or quality that you want to download the video in.

However, the official download feature can let you access the downloaded title only on your Disney Plus Hotstar app and not outside of it. You will not be able to transfer or share it with other devices and your friends. That apart, the downloaded titles come with an expiry date, and thus the videos that you download will not be available forever. That is why you need to look for a good third-party downloader for this purpose.

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To Sum it Up…

Disney Plus Hotstar is a great streaming service, especially if you are an Indian user. In fact, the new Disney Plus Hotstar has been able to provide you access to a greater option in enjoying both Disney network and the existing Hotstar network. The tips and info shared above should be helpful in providing you with complete information on what Disney Plus Hotstar all about and how to get the most out of it.

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