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Disney Plus Payment - Everything You Want to Know

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.22 Updated: 2022.07.22

Disney Plus streaming service is definitely a great option for one of the most popular streaming services recently launched. The service does host the content from several of its franchises that include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more. The streaming service is offering a new lower priced option, and it will be launched sometime in late 2022. This made us explore the Disney Plus payment details and find out how to handle the service and the payment options.

How to update the Disney Plus payment options?

If you are subscribing to Disney Plus, there are several options and updates that you can opt for. You can check out the steps to update your Disney Plus payment options.

Disney Plus Payment - Everything You Want to Know

Here are the steps that you can opt for if you want to go with the Disney Plus payment update for your account –

  • Go to the Disney Plus official website at the link http://www.disneyplus.com
  • Log in to your Disney Plus account
  • Choose your account
  • You will be redirected to your Account settings
  • Move to the Billing Particulars
  • This will open the Disney Plus subscription plan that you have subscribed to
  • You should find the details on your Disney Plus membership option.
  • Choose the option Change payment info. You will find it under Payment methods.
  • Enter the changes to your payment methods and enter the new payment method

Save your settings, and that would simply change the payment options on your Disney Plus account.

Is Disney Plus Premier access a one-time payment?

No. The Disney Plus Premium Access is not a one-time payment option. The Disney Plus Premium Access is a top-up on your regular Disney Plus subscription. Each of the additional movies on the Disney Plus Premium Access would cost you an additional $30 for a movie.

Disney Plus Payment - Everything You Want to Know

Do note that Premium Access will not be available if you do not have access to your regular subscription. You can access your premium Access service only as long as you have your standard Disney Plus subscription active. But yes, the movie that you have opted for as part of your Premium Access will remain with you as long as you have an active Disney Plus subscription, and you do not need to pay any additional pay for the Premium Access subscription. In that sense, you would find that the Premium Access service is a sort of one-time payment.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details?

There are times when you would find that Disney Plus is not accepting the payment details. If you are facing such an issue and looking to find a way to fix the Disney Plus update payment option, you can check out the steps here below.

Fix 1 –

You can apply the following checks to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your settings or payment options.

  • Check if your debit card or credit card is valid and has not expired.
  • Make sure that the payment is valid in your region
  • Ensure that the ZIP and postal codes are correct
  • Also, ensure that the secured PIN is correct
  • Make sure that you have submitted the right details and information

Fix 2 –

You can remove the payment details and add a new card. This can be a card issue, and adding a new card can be helpful in resolving the error in your Disney Plus account and solving the problem for you. If the new card or payment method works fine, that would indicate that the issue rests with your card.

Fix 3 –

The next step would be to log out of your Disney Plus account and log back in. This should ideally resolve the error in many of the cases. You can even check if clearing the data or cache for the app does resolve the error that you may be facing with respect to Disney Plus payment.

Fix 4 –

Create a different account and check if that resolves the error for you. In some instances, there can be a few glitches that can render your account in operable. If you find creating a new account resolves the issue for you, that would definitely prove to be quite effective and efficient.

Also, check out if the Insignia brand is a reliable one.

Can you watch the Disney Plus shows even with your Disney Plus payment issues?

The only way you can watch your favorite Disney Plus shows when you are facing payment issues can be to download the Disney Plus shows. While Disney Plus does provide you access to built-in or default download options on Disney Plus, it would not be useful for you because of the unavailability of the Disney Plus service on your account.

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The Concluding thoughts

Disney Plus has been one of the recent entrants in the realm of streaming services, and yet, it has been able to garner a robust user base, thanks to the outstanding content library that it offers you. However, if you are facing any issues with respect to the Disney Plus payment and looking to resolve the issues, the tips that we have outlined in the above discussion should be extremely helpful.

If you are looking to download a few titles on Disney Plus while your Disney Plus payment issue is resolved, you can download the titles from the service from your friend's Disney Plus account. The MyConverters Disney Plus Downloader should prove to be a powerful option from this perspective.