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Top Five Online Passport Size Photo Makers Review

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2022.07.01 Updated: 2022.07.01

Passport photo maker applications are incredibly useful tools that you can find online, saving you time and effort to make passport photos from the traditional passport size photo maker methods. A passport photo maker app usually contains all the specifications of passport photo sizes that you can apply to make passport size photo online without worry.

With that said, we will take a look at a top five list of the best passport photo maker applications that offer great options and ways to make passport size photo online or offline. Not to mention that many of these applications are free to use, so you can use these free online passport photo maker apps right now.

Top Five Online Passport Size Photo Makers

1. VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

Price: You can make passport size photo online with AI three times for free. After that, you will need a subscription starting from $4.99 per month.

One of the biggest advantages of VanceAI is that it offers more than a passport photo maker tool. With VanceAI, you can crop images, enhance them, and more. This is really helpful to make passport size photo online, since you can fulfill all requirements. Not to mention that since this app is an AI passport size photo maker, you can edit images really quickly and get results in just seconds.

This passport photo maker tool offers quick tabs for popular passports such as the USA, Japan, China, France, and more. Regardless, you can select the Other option and input the dimensions that you require. VanceAI’s passport photo maker has a really easy to use and intuitive UI design that makes the entire process convenient.


Offers great results quickly.

Easy to use and intuitive UI.

Multiple image editing tools.


Limited free use.

Can add more countries in the main list.

Should offer the option to remove background before removing it automatically.

2. 123passportphoto

Price: This is a free online passport photo maker application. You can use this passport photo maker for any passports without payment from anywhere.

This passport photo maker website has been around for a while and has been consistent in its results and performance. Furthermore, you can not only make passport size photo online, but also make visa photos as well as photos for other important documents as per the country you select. For example, if you select your country as the USA, you can make photos for DV lottery, green card, visa, and passport.

Using this passport photo maker application for the first time can be confusing, however, since there are too many instructions given together. The app gets easier to use eventually though. When it comes to the performance, the app definitely offers good results and the loading times are quick too.


Popular and reliable app.

Offers photos for various other important documents.

Features many countries in the main list.


Can be confusing to use initially.

No other features, such as editing or enhancement.

Can be unresponsive at times.

3. IDPhoto4You

Price: This passport photo maker application is completely free to use, available online to all users.

This application is a bit similar to the previous one on this list. The difference with this passport photo maker is that it offers some utility for offline use as well. As you can see on the home page, you can not only get the digital version of your passport photo size, but also the print version, should you need it. On the other hand, this application also features a long list of countries that you can select immediately to make passport size photo online.

This free online passport photo maker is really good at offering options to users and also has some security measures placed in order to protect user’s photos and data. Moreover, the app deletes photos after a while anyway, similar to VanceAI.


Offers a good amount of options to users.

Vast list of countries.

Quick to process.


Can be buggy.

Supports only JPG and JPEG.

The editor can be improved.

4. IDPhotoDIY

Price: This passport photo maker app is free to use online and also offers a software version that is available for most Windows editions, though the pricing on the software version isn’t given.

With this app, you can make passport size photo online as well as other documents. In fact, this application offers one of the biggest lists of possible document photos that you can make. For instance, if you were to select India, you would get options for up to 14 document photo sizes, which is really comprehensive and useful.

Given that this passport photo maker app is also usable on desktop on Windows systems, adds a layer of accessibility. The passport size photo maker is also relatively easy to use thanks to a clean UI design.


Offers multiple tools for a passport photo maker app.

Free to use.

Vast list of countries and documents.


Can add more features.

Can take time to process.

The software tends to be unresponsive.

5. Free Passport Photo

Price: Free Passport Photo is an AI passport size photo maker application that is also completely free to use for all users.

Offering a good list of countries and relating document photo size options, this passport photo maker application is definitely worth checking out. It is also based on AI technology, so you can expect some fast processing as compared to other applications. The application also enhances your image slightly, which is especially helpful for visa based requirements for images. Not to mention that you can also alter the background color as per your preference, though white is the most commonly requested color when it comes to document related tasks.

The app is straightforward and easy to use, requiring very less from users. You can make passport size photo online with AI through a few clicks only.


Free to use app.

Easy and quick to use.

You can choose your own background color.


Can be buggy.

Only supports certain images.


There are now many options for making passport size photos online. You can even use AI passport size photo maker applications. Moreover, these applications are comprehensively made, offering features beyond passport photo sizes. You can get photo sizes and photos for visa, driving license, green card, and many more. With this list, you can get quick access to the five best passport photo maker applications right now and decide on the one that suits you the best.