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How to Send Large PDF Files by Email

author-avatar Jayden Harper | Editor
Published: 2023.08.14 Updated: 2023.08.14

How to email large PDF files

Having a complete long PDF file with images, high-level graphics for your portfolio presentation or college papers is something more than a plus nowadays, it is absolutely necessary. However, there is a small drawback; large PDF files will just not fit! its size makes the emailing process difficult.

In order to be able to email or store the file, it needs to be compressed. Nowadays, there are numerous popular programs that are used to do this. There are comprehensive, simple, and fast PDF compressor tools that you can use for free, Vancepdf is one of them.

Using Vancepdf PDF compressor to compress your PDF files. Compressing your large PDF files and emailing them is really easy, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access VancePDF compressor and upload the file you want to compress.

compress large pdf with vancepdf step1

Step 2: Select the compress parameter from the toolbox, the higher the number, the better the compression.

compress large pdf with vancepdf step2

Step 3: The processing will be completed all automatically, you can download the file once it's ready.

compress large pdf with vancepdf step3

Step 4: Easily send the file by email, now the file size won't be a problem.

About Vancepdf

This tool is new to the PDF world, yet its functionality and variety are unmatched. VancePDF is a sophisticated large PDF file compressor. This program is designed to help its users not only compress files. It is also ideal for splitting, editing, and converting PNG to PDF to word with just one click. 

This PDF compressor is characterized by offering its users very complete privacy protection. Each and every data uploaded on the platform will be deleted one hour after it is uploaded. It has an upload capacity of up to 20 files which perfectly suits the needs of most users. However, at the time of downloading, this is individual, so it could be a little disappointing. 

about vancepdf


Every day we can see how the need for PDF is growing exponentially. At the same time, new tools are also emerging to make the handling of this type of file much easier. Learning how to compress large PDF files is something transcendental, it will not only make it easier when sending large PDFs via email, it will also allow you to reduce the storage saturation of your devices. Also read How to Add Watermark to PDF in and Without Acrobat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are some PDF files so large? 

Having a PDF file with large images and graphics can dramatically increase the size of the file. This is a big inconvenience since email platforms such as Gmail limit the size of the file. Therefore, it is necessary to compress it to reduce its size.

2. How to reduce the size of a PDF without losing quality? 

To reduce the size of a large PDF file it is necessary to compress it. For this purpose, there are several PDF compressors. However, many of them tend to reduce the quality of the file. Vancepdf is a complete PDF compressor, where you can reduce the file size quickly, simply, and efficiently.