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How to Resize Anime with Waifu2x Alternative?

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2022.07.07 Updated: 2022.07.07

We resize anime-related wallpapers many times because they look cool but it is important to maintain their image quality as resolutions go up. So far, we could easily do that with sites powered by waifu2x technology. Besides, there is another AI-based useful tool VanceAI Anime Upscaler with one-click enlargement recommended to you.

What is waifu2x?

Waifu2x is a site that enlarges images, specializing in anime-style pictures. However, waifu2x is down occasionally. Why is waifu2x down? It’s anyone’s guess but that doesn’t matter because we will be looking at a waifu2x alternative site that goes by VanceAI Anime upscaler, another AI anime upscaler.

You can use this application to resize anime even if waifu2x not working or is down. You can obviously still resize anime-related images all you want with this tool or just use it in general for design purposes. Let’s look into this new waifu2x alternative a bit more so as to give you the essential information before using it.

How to use anime image upscaler from VanceAI?

Here’s an easy way to follow tip for you to use this waifu2x alternative.

  • You can use the link given above for the online image upscaler to reach the site. Now, click on Upload Image.
  • When the window opens, select the plus sign upload button to upload an image. Once done, hit Continue.
  • All you need to do is wait for the app to resize your image and click on Download once that’s done.
  • Optional Choice: If you prefer an online tool that is for general uses, VanceAI Image Enlarger is another good choice, which allows you to resize the photo by 2x, 4x, 6x and even 8x .

before and after in VanceAI Anime Upscaler

Features of Anime Upscaler

The Vance AI Image Enlarger is more than an online tool to resize anime photos and related content. Actually, this application is also known and used for its image editing capabilities in e-commerce and designing spheres of professional work.

It can achieve this kind of diverse appeal due to the kind of technology it has at its helm. Developed with Convolutional Neural Networks, this online application is there to make sure that all your images are smartly analyzed and redone with accuracy and speed. As a user, this also means that you have your work done for you. Now, let’s talk about another important aspect of this application.

Before and after in VanceAI Anime Upscaler


Luckily, VanceAI features are free to use for all users for a limited amount of uses. Every user, upon creating a free account, gets access to 5 credits. These 5 credits get refreshed every month too, so you can technically use this app for a long time if you are a rare user. You will still get access to the mainstream Vance AI features as a free user.

You could also take the paid route with this waifu2x alternative application by opting to pay either $9.90 per month or $19.90 per month, for a Basic or a Pro account. A paid account opens doors to new features with the standard features additionally receiving a boost. You can use up to 200 credits with Basic, enable batch processing of 5 images at max, and get early access to Vance AI’s newest features and products. You will also receive customer support with both accounts.

The Pro account gives all this plus the ability to use Vance AI’s advanced AI models for image processing. You receive 500 credits per month with Pro. This is a good deal for using it as a waifu2x alternative tool.


Although this application can be looked at as a waifu2x alternative, the truth is that you can use this tool more than just to resize anime photos but to improve image quality online. This waifu2x alternative surely packs more features than what you usually see in order to deviate from that and stand on its own.

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