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Top 10 Best Selfie 2 Anime Tools to Turn Yourself into Anime

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2022.08.12 Updated: 2022.08.12

Follow anime or not, we cannot deny that anime is one of the most popular and influential forms of media out there. With so many memorable anime characters brought to life by live action movies with real actors and actresses, it is not surprising to find selfie to anime websites that enable users to put an anime filter through to their image. Actually, the whole concept of ‘turn yourself into anime’ is not particularly new.

There have been many applications which have attempted to turn picture into anime but needless to say, they were not really good. Those applications were just for a few laughs. However, a lot of time has passed since then and now we legitimately have tools to convert picture to anime in a way that looks believable and artistic. So, in this list, we will give you around 10 awesome anime selfie tools that you can use right now to convert your pictures into anime style.

The 10 Best Anime Filter Products List

1. selfie2anime

Read as “selfie 2 anime” or “selfie to anime”, this popular website has been running for quite a while now and hosts a huge collection of anime selfies done by users all over. This is a free to use online tool that can turn a selfie to anime in a matter of seconds. This online application is built by using GAN technology, which is a prominent technique for image processing. A great thing about this tool is that it also reads the objects you are holding, such as your phone and accessories. You should definitely give this application a try if you want a realistic and authentic feel to your anime style photos.


You can use the link given above to get started on this online application. Click on Upload a Selfie button to upload your photo and the app will take care of the rest.


It is really easy to use.

It has a whole gallery of images well converted.

Great technology.


It could use additional editing features.

It does not always read facial expressions accurately.


2. Vance AI Image Cartoonizer


A fairly new but solid application, Vance AI Image Cartoonizer is the kind of tool for converting selfie to anime that does not make the image unrealistic. This free tool is designed in a way to strike the perfect balance between your old and new images to give a refreshing look. It uses AI and Deep Learning based algorithms to thoroughly read images and it has been tested with millions of images. This helps the tool in predicting color patterns and other important details of the images. You can also purchase any of Vance AI’s plans for some great features that rival the best image editors out there. Additionally, Vance AI hosts a variety of other image editing features that can be used well with the AI Image Cartoonizer.

Use Image Cartoonizer right now for free by clicking on the link and selecting Upload Image.


One of the best image processing technologies online and offline.

Realistic image conversions.

It has many features that other online tools do not.


You will need a free account from Vance or Google to download the image.

3. waifulofiu

The waifulofiu online tool for converting photo to anime is one of the easiest to use tools. Not only is it completely free to use but also straightforward in terms of UI design. A unique aspect of this particular application is that the application is centered around the theme of anime and waifus. Besides enabling you to have anime filter photos, you can also play a couple of games at the site. They also have a social media group for it, if you find the community aspect of apps interesting. About the tool itself, it is also powered by strong AI based technology to process your images. However, do make sure that your photo’s background is as clear as possible for the best results.


Use the link given above to reach the site and simply upload a photo to get the anime styled image.


Really easy to use.

Community based approach with a couple of games to pass time.


An image with a lot of details can sometimes throw the app off.

4. meitu

With the core belief and ideal of “beauty”, meitu is a bold entry to the image and video editing sphere. They have multiple applications which are capable of editing images for you in the way you want it. Through the usage of AI based technologies, this product expertly processes your images and converts them. They are free to use as well. Also, they have good compatibility since you can use them on mobile as well.


This is one of the few applications that meitu offers for editing your images. You can use it on Windows or any mobile device.


Bold design and fairly popular tool.

An established software with active development.


It is not an automatic tool for converting picture to anime.

5. Petalica Paint


As the name suggests, this tool is primarily focused on giving life to your anime filter images by coloring or rather painting them. So, this application is an extra enhancement to an anime style image that you would have in your gallery. Otherwise, you can convert your original image with a painting from this tool. You can also convert your images into sketch first then paint through the application. It has flexibility when it comes to use. The great thing is that even for a complex task like painting an entire image realistically, this tool manages to do all that within seconds. The reason behind this is its AI powered design for image processing.


It can provide amazing artistic anime photos.

Attractive UI and editing pages.

Good technology.


Users need to take the extra step of converting or having a sketch type image.

6. Crypko


Crypko is an advanced AI based tool that allows you to not just edit an image to make it look like anime but also to design an anime character fully from scratch. From the site itself you can see how detailed the anime characters are, which are also Crypko creations of course. Through the use of GAN methodologies in image editing, the software is progressively getting better at recognizing the usual design of an anime character and in turn, helping creators to craft better looking characters again and again.


Sophisticated tool useful for all.


Irregular updates.

7. waifulabs


The waifulabs is an AI based algorithm that is able to draw anime style visuals out of images. You don’t even have to worry about uploading images if you don’t want to. This application has an entire menu of premade anime characters which you can select and then edit as per your preference. It is needless to say that this particular algorithm or tool has kicked off in a big way. They have managed to incorporate their whole idea in a vending machine, which has been used by the public for quite a while now. You can use the machine to physically get a copy of the anime filter image.

This tool is available to use right now for free. All you need is to click on the link given and start creating.


A fresh idea to convert selfie to anime.


It is similar to Petalica Paint, wherein you already have a anime style image.

8. Anime Maker

The Anime Maker mobile application is a free tool to put an anime filter into your images. What’s more is that you can additionally edit those images to give a more authentic look. For instance, there is an option to change specific features like clothes, background, eyes, etc. Anyone familiar with anime would know how important the entire aesthetic of anime is. These options allow for a more natural anime experience that fans love.



A huge variety of editing tools to change the image.


The coloring options could have better range.

9. Selfie with Anime Characters

This application takes the anime selfie concept to the next level by allowing you to actually be in the same frame as your favourite anime characters. With a simple click, you can try out various selfie images with anime characters with different poses, styles, and colors. There is a good range for creativity here and it’s all on you. Furthermore, new character images are consistently added to the app to keep it fresh.


You can download the mobile app by clicking on the link.


A fresh idea on the anime selfie concept well executed.

Consistent updates and really cool content.


It won’t exactly make you an anime character.

10. ToonApp

This is a mobile app which will convert your picture to anime in a matter of seconds. It is designed primarily for that and also contains a decent amount of editing options for your images post processing. It also has a dedicated selfie camera that you can play around with for enhancing the image.


Use the link and download the app for free now.


Really great and attractive outputs.

Easy to use.


It won’t capture anything other than your face.


You can use these tools to convert photo to anime anytime. Depending on your usage time and frequency, choose the application that suits you best. Although considering how lightweight they are, you won’t be burdening your device anyway. It is impressive to see these tools handle heavy AI work with such efficiency.

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