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Best Free Anime Character Creators Recommended 2022

author-avatar Arthur V Quinn | Sponsored Author
Published: 2023.08.14 Updated: 2023.08.14

Are you looking for anime character creators? In this article, we will introduce you to the best free anime character creators. Moreover, if you are more interested in this topic, we will also discuss the technology behind 2D & 3D anime character creators. Even if it seems childish for some to transform a picture into a cartoon, the backstage of these tools that make this happen is extremely complex.

In any case, we have to admit that we all did this at some point. And for most, this is still fun, especially since the online is surrounded by emoticons, gifs, and so on. Some of us still use a picture from our favorite anime series or a picture with ourselves transformed into anime to represent us in the virtual world, whether we are talking about games or social media. 

Part 1: Technology Applied on Anime Character Creator

Usually, a personalized 2D anime character creator software and a 3D one use a technology based on artificial intelligence. The machine learning techniques are combined with GAN ( Generative Adversarial Network) in order to deliver anime characters based on selfies. A GAN can be trained on photographs of human and anime faces and can create new ones but keeping many authentic and realistic features. So, an anime character creator is much more complex and vast than it seems. And what we have explained is only a succinct and friendlier presentation of the technology used by an anime character creator.

Of course, there are simple anime character creators too, those in which you create your own character, but which is not a faithful copy of you from an uploaded photo. AI is used even in this case: from the pre-existing anime elements, you can make a character based on your own imagination. These pre-existing elements are made with tools dedicated to illustrators and graphic designers such as Maya, one of the industry-leading design tools. Of course, there are many more specialized products but at the moment this subject does not concern us.

Part2: Recommended Anime Character Creators Online

There are a lot of online anime character creators, but not all of them work duly 100%. So I made a list of 5 recommended online anime character creators. When we are referring to an anime character creator based on selfies, we have to keep in mind that technology still has to evolve, but it is extremely admired the point where it has reached. The list below is random.

# 1. Selfie2anime

This is a free anime character creator and all you have to do is upload your selfie. To download it, you must provide your email address. The image will be sent to you by email in approx. 5 min. The image must be as clear as possible to obtain the desired results. I must admit that only after a few attempts did I get a result that would make me happy.


# 2. Anime-conversion. online 

Another anime character creator is based on uploading a selfie. You can use this free service one time a day, otherwise, you have to pay $ 3. In both cases, you have to create an account with your email address. My advice is to test this amine character creator first.


# 3. Charat.me

This is an awesome anime character creator full body. You can create your own character from head to toe. You can tune the hair, the hair color, face shape, eyes, clothes, accessories, background and so much more. This is a free anime character creator that is quite fun. It is like a haven for anime lovers. The interface is not intuitive but I think you will manage it. Note that this anime character creator has many games alike. The best is Genesis.


# 4. Avachara.com

You can customize your anime character from scratch in a blink. Throughout this free anime character creator, you can create an alter ego according to your taste. You don’t have many features but if you don’t have time to focus on details you can go with this one.


# 5. Dolldivine

This custom anime character creator is free and branches into several anime character creators. You won't even realize how time will fly. There are many options provided to mix and match.


# 6. Selfie 2 Waifu

Last, but not least is this anime character creator. Just upload your picture and you will receive in less than a minute a manga version of you. You need to ensure that your face is clear in the foreground and the background must be simple. Sometimes the results are not so good.


Part3: Recommended Anime Character Creator Software

# 1. VRoid Studio

This is one of the minds- blowing3 D anime character creators that you can download on your computer for free. Developers “aim to create a world where everyone can participate in creative activities and enjoy them”. Even if this software looks complicated, it is really easy to use. You can manipulate every inch of your character. There are no limitations and you can explore a new world guided by your own imagination. Some information is not translated because this anime character creator is updated often but believe me that this is not an issue. You will figure it out.


# 2. Anime Factory: Anime Character Generator

Another free 2D anime character creator for desktop. It has a rich collection of features like eyes, hairstyles, clothes, backgrounds, and so on. Note that you need to install first an Android emulator and the NoxPlayer also for free on your PC. In the link, you can find all you need. It is a great way to have fun offline with this custom anime character creator.


# 3 . Animaze

A great anime character creator full body is waiting for you. You can enjoy 42 days free trial of a pro version and after it expires you can use the free version with some limitations. But not to worry. It is still great. Indeed, this anime character creator is dedicated to those who want to go to the next level. The interface is between Photoshop and illustrator but there is no need for any design skills.  The customization possibilities are wider than the previously presented software. You can make a video with your character.


# 4. Blender

Blender is an anime character creator software that is free and easy to use, even if the interface might be scary for a beginner. But if you make an effort to learn it will definitely be worth it and you will impress both you and your friends in the online community. You can create 3D characters and surf a wide field of possibilities. After all, you will create a character from 0.


# 5. Anime Kawaii

This last 2D anime character creator is free and minimalistic. You can only dress the default female models but there are many styles such as kawaii, fairy tales, and many more. You need to install some free players first because this anime character creator was originally designed for Android. You will find the instructions in the link. 


Part 4: Is 3D Anime Character Creator Available now?

Yes, but unfortunately there aren't many that don't require advanced design skills. There are many tools to do that, but they are used manually by graphic designers ( Maya, 3D Studio Max, MoGraph, and so on).

Current condition

Some automatic anime character creators must improve the technology used. These anime character creators aren’t completely flawless. There is a great demand from anime lovers to create their own character and industry developers take this into account. Certainly, in a few years, this technology based on artificial intelligence will evolve.

Technology applied

In the case of automatic tools and not only, but technology based on artificial intelligence is also used. Usually, this kind of AI technology is based on a generative model (GAN) that can deliver new content based on 2 networks ( a generator and a discriminator). The first one will deliver a fake sample and deceive the discriminator, in order to recognize the fake sample as a true one. If you want to deepen the subject, you can read more about the technology behind an anime character creator here. You can give another closer look at another technical machine learning used by an anime character creator in this article.

Recommended products 

The most accessible to an audience that has no training in the field of graphics is Vroid Studio. You can create your own character from scratch. This anime character creator is one of the very best, among Blender. Of course, the whole creation process is done manually by the user but it is not rocket science. Try these products, especially since they are free, and see what 3D anime character creator suits you.

Part5: Conclusion 

The mentioned 2D anime character creators online/ desktop versions and the 3D anime character creators in this article are the best possible foundation on the Internet. You can easily create your own anime character with no special skills and we really hope that this article helped. Definitely, these anime character creators can be improved, but it's amazing how far AI technology has come. The technology used by an anime character creator is quite a stepping stone. Follow this topic closely because technology is constantly evolving and will occupy an important place in our lives sooner or later. Click to see how to make YouTube Banner easily.