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Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.31 Updated: 2022.12.31

Netflix is probably one of the best streaming services on the planet operational right now. Though, there is a dip in its downloads now. But it is still the most-watched streaming platform even today. Its rivals, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Peacock are other well-revered on-demand video streamers, but still, in terms of the diversity in the content and the quality of content in terms of bagging the prolific Emmy Awards, Netflix just does better than others.

Netflix runs on an app and the interface is great. Netflix can also run in a web browser too. People especially prefer that on a PC and not on a mobile phone. But even in the Microsoft store, you can download and gain access to the Netflix app. In this piece, I will help you specifically with downloading the Netflix app on different devices.

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Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

How To Download Netflix on Your Phone?

On an android phone/tablet

  • If you are using an android phone, you can download Netflix by simply visiting the play store on the phone.
  • Type in Netflix.
  • Tap on ‘Install’.
  • Wait for the app to get downloaded and proceed with the installation.
  • After some time, the ‘open’ option will appear, so tap that to open Netflix.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

On an Apple phone/tablet

  • In case you are using an iPhone or iPad you need to navigate your way through the apps section or manually search ‘Netflix’.
  • Then click on the ‘Get’ button, and wait for the app to properly install itself.
  • You will then see the ‘open’ option after some time as well.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

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Where Can You Download Netflix on Your Pc?


  • The process is similar to that of iOS. Just follow the steps mentioned.

On a Windows PC/Tablet

  • If you are a Windows PC user or its tablet, visit this link
  • As soon as you open that link, tap on the ‘get app’ option.
  • Tablet users can access the app directly on their home screen or menu screen.
  • PC users need to navigate to the search/Cortana box to check and access Netflix. They can also keep a desktop shortcut if they want.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

How to download Netflix on your smart TV?

  • Try to connect to the internet on your smart TV.
  • Get to your TV's app store. For instance, if you use Apple TV, go to the Apple App store. In case you have a Roku smart TV go to the Roku store.
  • Now download and install the app, for instance in Roku you usually select ‘get channel’, In Apple, you select ‘get’. In android smart TV you choose Play Store and hit ‘install’. In other TVs like Samsung, Amazon TV, etc, you get a preinstalled version of Netflix.
  • Open the app, key in credentials, and sign in to your app.
  • When you open the home page, you will see a Netflix activation code on your TV.
  • Open your PC/mobile and go to this activation link.
  • Type in the same code on that link.
  • Now your account will open up. You can access all the programs and shows without any issues.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

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Cast Netflix to Your Smart TV

The other choice which is good option is Cast Netflix on a smart TV. Casting is actually pretty easy and can be done without any hindrance. You can do it through your Windows PC. Moreover, Roku and Amazon Smart TV recognize Miracast of windows.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon.
  • Click on ‘settings’ from the list of options.
  • Now open ‘the ‘system’ from the list of options.
  • Click on ‘Display’.
  • You will find an option called Connect to a ‘wireless display’ under ‘multiple displays’.
  • Make sure you connect your smart TV to the same network and restrict other connections in the existing network.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

Solutions To Install the App on Unsupported Devices

In phones, APK is the best way where you can get the app in case the play store version for some reason does not get installed. In case your application is being denied installation due to an outdated phone, you can get a compatible version of a similar app in APK format.

What is APK?

APK stands for Application Package Kit, which packs in all the necessary tools that you need to download the apps. The thing with APKs is they can only be molded by manufacturers. When we source Netflix from an unknown merchant app, we also threaten our system with malware, ransomware, spyware, and trojan horse without our knowledge. There are some trusting websites that have safer APKs compared to some which pose threats to security systems.

Download Netflix APK from Trustable Websites

In order to use APK, use it from a more trustable website. But also try your best to not use it if you, can afford to get a new phone considering the risks involved. The process is very simple.

  • You download the APK file.
  • Open it, android OS blocks the file.
  • You need to get permission by granting the installation of a file from an unknown source. Simply toggle the option ‘on’.
  • Now, open the file and let the file get opened, and installation begins naturally.

Netflix App Download Methods On Different Devices

List Of Websites/App Stores

Here is a list of websites and platforms that tries their best to ensure safety in their app stores and websites.

APK websites

How is security ensured?


Asses cryptographic signature of previous versions of the Netflix app.

Assess the same developers which made Netflix through other new apps.

All apps published on the website run through screening.


Uses SHA1 to verify old and new Netflix app certifications to check verifiability.

Uses Cryptographic signature assessments.

Analyses app details through published metadata.


Reliability after APKMirror and APK Pure, other apps stand at the same stage.

Analyses Google metadata.

Provides Google Playstore APKs.


Modern in its operation

Open to using blockchain and cryptocurrency in the operation of apps.

200 million users and over 6 billion app downloads.

Yalp Store

Reroutes play store app installation files directly.

In rooted devices, the app can update in the background.

Useful for people who have security concerns with play store.


Has its own malware detection checks

Pulls Metadata from google.

Efficient in its operation.


Good for foreign apps.

A problem can occur in case one indulges in installing foreign APKs.

I would personally recommend in case you are using the APKs run a Malwarebytes check every now and then on your phone. If there is any loophole malicious hackers might try entering unlawfully into your system.


Q1: How do I get Netflix installed on my TV?

Simply open the Netflix app from your smart TV and use it. In case you do not find one run an update or contact your TV manufacturer.

Q2: How many devices can I activate with Netflix?

You can activate 1 device on a basic plan. You can activate 2 devices in a standard plan. You can activate 4 devices in a premium plan.

Q3: How do I know if Netflix is compatible?

Please visit for a list of available devices. If your devices do not feature in the list, that will mean Netflix is not compatible with your device.


Netflix is quite easy to install if you can get that in your play store and app store. Things tend to change when you have to get them through an external entity. I would request you to be cautious about the APKs.