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Top 10 Best Photo Editors Review

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2022.07.01 Updated: 2022.07.01

A photo editor or an AI photo editor is nowadays not only one of the best tools to have but also highly essential. Considering the amount of work we all do online, sharing and creating images is a basic skill. With the best photo editor apps, you can still create amazing photos without having to actually learn photo editing in detail. This photo editor applications list contains all kinds of image editing apps that you can use from now on.

Part 1: Top 5 Best Online Photo Editors Review

1. VanceAI Photo Editor

Price: As one of the free online photo editor apps, it offers three image credits per month to all users. Paid options start from the annual plan costing $4.99 per month.

VanceAI Photo Editor

VanceAI is an online platform that provides pretty much all kinds of image editing tools that you can expect from a photo editing software. Their newest addition to the list is the VanceAI Photo Editor, which brings together all the fundamental editing tools together, such as image enlargement and enhancement, cutting out objects, photo resizing, and more.

Given that VanceAI develops its tools with advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, you can expect a seamless experience with good results. The Photo Editor gives users a simple and intuitive editor mode wherein they can just click and select any feature they want to apply. It is arguably the best way to edit photos automatically.


  • Multiple features and tools that work instantaneously.
  • Affordable paid plans.
  • VanceAI offers consistent updates.


  • The free account has watermark outputs.
  • The ratio feature can be unresponsive.
  • Can add more selection tools.

2. BeFunky

Price: BeFunky is an online photo editor that is free to use though with limited features and access. Paid subscriptions start from $4.99 and offer full access to all features.

BeFunky is probably the best way to edit photos online but with some manual editing options. The BeFunky application is basically like an image editing software online that provides all the tools to the users. Some of these tools include image beautification features such as removing blemishes, enhancing portraits, etc, basic editing tools such as cropping, resizing, inverting, and more. One of its best features, similar to the ones offered by VanceAI, is that it can convert your image completely into something else. For example, you can go to the Artsy tab and select any option, such as Digital Art, to convert your photo into that style.



  • Intuitive and easy UI design.
  • Offers cool features.
  • Affordable paid plans.


  • Can be buggy.
  • Takes time to process.
  • Limited free use.

3. Fotor

Price: A lot of Fotor’s features can be used completely for free. However, if you want access to advanced features and stock images, you can purchase the $2.67 per month subscription.

Fotor is easily one of the best photo editor tools that you will find online. This application offers a lot of image editing features that many others don’t. When it comes to using this application, its UI design makes everything easier. Another advantage of this application is that it offers cloud storage to all users, which can be highly useful if you intend to use Fotor regularly for projects. Recently, the Fotor photo editor application has also started offering templates and such in accordance to various social media requirements such as YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover, and more. There is little you can’t do with this photo editor.



  • Popular online photo editor.
  • Offers many tools and features.
  • Most of the tools are free.


  • Can be buggy.
  • Some buttons can be unresponsive.
  • Can have more options for collages.

4. Canva

Price: Similar to Fotor, a lot of the tools here are fully free to use though you will need a subscription of approximately $50 or more to get access to everything.

Canva is a photo editor application that is constantly updating and implementing features that go beyond photo editing as well. It is a highly favored and popular photo editor that provides all the basic image editing tools such as cropping, adding texts, and more. It also offers collage making and frames in which you can insert images. Canva can also be used on your mobile phone through the app version. Apart from that, the photo editor can be used for creating presentations and editing videos. Overall, this online photo editor is capable of giving you one of the best graphic designing app experiences for free.



  • Excellent app design.
  • Offers many tools and features.
  • Can also edit presentations and videos.


  • Can be buggy.
  • The mobile versions can have performance issues.
  • No features such as image enlargement, photo conversion, etc.

5. iloveimg

Price: While the basic features of this photo editor are available for free, you can nonetheless purchase the yearly plan of around $2.5 per month for better access.

With this online photo editor, you can expect to have the basic image editing tools such as cropping images, compressing images, converting images to JPG and other formats, etc. Using this photo editor is easy as all the tools are placed within the same page and most of the process is automatic. The photo editor also offers some unique features such as a meme generator, adding watermark to images, and more. Moreover, the website can be seen in various languages, which adds to its accessibility for many users.



  • Easy to use app.
  • Quick processing.
  • Offers some unique features.


  • Limited free use.
  • Can add more photo editing tools.
  • Can be unresponsive.

Part 2: Top 5 Best Photo Editing Software

1. Adobe Photoshop

Price: The Photoshop image editor software can be used for free with the seven-day free trial. After that, the subscription costs $20.99 per month.

Anyone just getting into photo editing or highly experienced knows about Photoshop from Adobe. This photo editor is a premium software that is just as complex as effective. Often considered as the best photo editor software out there, Photoshop offers you pretty much everything in terms of image manipulation. Image cropping, image enhancement, image repairing, etc. it’s all there. Not to mention that similar to VanceAI, Adobe offers a wide variety of image editing applications that you can use together to do anything you want. However, this is only if you learn the application first, as it is complicated to use.

Adobe Photoshop


  • Comprehensive application.
  • Works on multiple platforms.
  • Offers high level results and performance.


  • Demands a good system.
  • Expensive overtime.
  • Not easy to use or automatic.

7. ImagenAI

Price: The photo editor software offers limited free use only. For full access to the application, you will need to pay for a minimum subscription of $7 per month.

This AI photo editor is an excellent software as an addition to Adobe Lightroom as it gives you multiple new options for enhancing your images. This photo editor software can edit the temperature of an image as well as other factors such as tone, colors, and presence. Within the advanced options, you can also crop the image or straighten it. Due to the design of the application, it doesn’t take up a lot of space nor requires a high-end system to run smoothly. It also offers two different types of user accounts that are designed for different user types.



  • Offers some great results.
  • Automatic and easy to use.
  • Quick processing.


  • Doesn’t offer many features.
  • Can be buggy.
  • Limited free use.

8. Luminar AI - Edit your Photos With Automatic Modes Supported By AI

Price: There are multiple paid options when it comes to Luminar AI photo editor, though the most basic one costs around $38.

Luminar AI is yet another photo editor software that is pretty well known and offers some of the best results for image editing and enhancement. This software is powered by AI as well, so you can expect some quick processing and automatic image processing. When it comes to the overall app and UI design, the software is relatively easy to use thanks to most features being usable through a slider bar and the fact that each change can be seen applied automatically. As a photo editor that updates fairly regularly, you will definitely keep seeing new additions being made to the software.



  • Smooth and intuitive UI design.
  • Great image enhancement features.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited free use.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Plug-ins can have performance issues.


Price: This photo editing software is not only free but also open source, which is pretty rare for an application like this.

What makes GIMP an impressive photo editor application is that it is completely free and yet offers a wide set of complex tools and features that are rich enough to enable users to create entire artworks from scratch. With GIMP, you can certainly make complicated images like Krita and Photoshop. This software is available on Windows and MacOS. When paired with other applications such as Scribus and Inkscape, you can further expand the capabilities of GIMP. It also has an active dev team and community, thus you can also expect something new regularly with this photo editor.



  • Absolutely free photo editor and open source.
  • Offers complex features and tools.
  • It has good plugins and extensions.


  • Doesn’t offer features like removing backgrounds, image enlargement, etc.
  • Requires a decent system.
  • Can be buggy at times.

10. Capture One

Price: The Capture One photo editor software can be used with a limited free trial. The paid options are plenty, with the full-time license costing less than a dollar.

Capture One is a professional photo editor that can offer basic image editing tools but specializes in image enhancement features. With this photo editor software, you can expect to have faster tethering, smart masks and layers for images, color editing with advanced features, and much more. You can also edit pictures deeply with switching out their styles and color patterns, photo dehazing, skin tone editing, and more. Similar to Luminar AI, VanceAI, and other similar products, using this software is much easier thanks to the UI and the automatic processing. Lastly, you can turn on the HDR and Panorama features of this app to further improve the looks of your pictures. This can be especially useful for photographers dealing with wide lens and landscape photos.

Capture One


  • Excellent app and UI design.
  • Really affordable pricing plans.
  • Provides amazing image beautification features.


  • Can be unresponsive at times.
  • Could use more image editing tools.
  • More suited for photographers.


Overall, photo editor applications are becoming increasingly important and are making their way into more and more professions. It also makes sense because of the amount of work people do online and the increased number of freelancing as well. It is essential to learn about photo editing and with apps such as VanceAI, Capture One, and more, you can not only experience the various kinds of photo editing, but also complete such tasks efficiently. Not to mention that many of these apps are free and are capable of enhancing all kinds of images, such as travel photos, which is useful for even a casual audience.