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How to Download BET and BET Plus Videos?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.30 Updated: 2023.03.30

BET also known as Black Entertainment Television is a streaming network that only streams Black-centric content including movies, music, and TV shows. It is under the giant umbrella of Paramount Pictures, also known as the Viacom CBS Network. It has two different channels called BET Now and BET Plus. BET Plus is an online streaming service that has a plan that you can subscribe to for $9.99/per month.

BET Now, however, is a live TV cable channel, you need to get this station from your CABLE services provider. Both BET Now and BET Plus has earned their name also because it hosts some of the top-notch content there is on the web of black identity and people. Some of its notable shows include Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Why Did I Get Married, and The Haves and Have Nots. In this piece, my intent lies in guiding you regarding the process of downloading BET and BET Plus Videos.

How to Download BET and BET Plus Videos?

BET Schedule and Show Listing

BET has some pretty popular TV shows. It's very cultural in the sense it delves deeper into the issues focused on the African American community. It has some of the most prolific and outstanding shows. It has 2000 hours of streamable exclusive content that is brought to you by some of the most talented African American producers and directors.

Some of its upcoming shows include Zatima, Dance for me, and Ruthless. In order to search for the show schedule that has been running on the BET network you can access it here. I got the schedule from TV Insider. You too can get the schedule on any needed day from the same link.

How to Download BET and BET Plus Videos?

All the Queen’s Men - A Popular BET Show

All the Queen’s Men was a popular show that exists and tells the story of Madam Deville who owns a boys' nightclub. Here Queen is often seen as a fierce woman who expands her queendom to show her strength and power. But very soon Queen realizes more money and power all open the black box of problems.

BET Awards

BET is a very big network and is an organization of sorts to ask for representation of not only black people but all people of color. BET Awards are held in the month of June every year and it is telecasted on BET’s cable network TV channel and streamed live on BET Plus exclusively. BET Awards first started in 2001 and it was organized in the Las Vegas strip. In 2022, the same awards were organized in the Microsofts Auditorium in Silicon Valley.

BET Awards generally have a good section on music. Music has always been a very special cultural product of the American American folks. From Blues to Jazz, the Black American culture knows it all. It was the black people that turned poetry into singing which was rap. Black Americans have been quite an important pillar in the American entertainment industry. The BET awards wholeheartedly support that spirit.

How to Download BET and BET Plus Videos?

Winners of BET Awards 2022

BET has a long list of winners. Very descriptive singer awards are often given. The best R & B singer award was achieved by Jasmine Sullivan. Rapstar of the year was taken by Megan thee Stallion for the Female category. Kendrick Lamar won in the male rapper category. Sportspersons of the year male and female were Naomi Osaka and Stephen Curry. For male and female acting performances Zendaya and Will Smith got the awards. The best movie was taken from another amazing movie King Richard.

BET 2022 Awards Performers

We all know that the African American community loves dancing, frolicking, and being in tune with the moment. It's very normal to accept sizzling and tempting performances that have been organized during the award event. Brandy, Jack Harlow, and Lil Wayne were among the trio performers for the event. There was Lizzo and Lil Kim that did the same type of performances. You can access the full performer list here.

Who Owns BET?

BET or Black Entertainment Television is actually a subsidiary of Viacom CBS which is popularly known as Paramount Plus. It was started way earlier, began as a BET TV network HQ located in New York Ronald and Sheila Johnson put up the company. BET’s idea comes off as a fly-on-the-wall movie/show and music streamer in Baseball shows beings displayed on the super bowl banner for 2 hours a week. But in the 80s it became a legitimate network working day and night to make the entertainment company up and working.

BET Plus Shows

BET Plus shows including Five wives Club, Black Hamptons, and The Family Bussiness are exclusive content for only BET Plus Subscribers. You can also avail of Bet Plus for free. But you need to cut the subscription on the 7th day effectively. It takes your card details and preserves the subscription and does not charge until the end of 1st week.

Download Content From BET Plus

Though there are many tools that you can use to download your favorite songs, movies, and TV shows from BET Plus. Here, I will specifically talk about MyConverter which you can use for downloading shows and even your favorite movies on BET Plus. With MyConverters, you can download multiple videos at once.

You just have to download MyConverters, and launch it. Now, log in to BETNow or BETPlus from the integrated browser in the software, and click on your favorite movie, and you will see download link. Click to download, and you are done!

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BET is an African American Television network that has a cable TV channel called BET Now and also a streamer called BET Plus. Both of these platforms provide you to experience some incredible raw cultural content of the African American Milieu. I have introduced and discussed multiple facets of BET and its awards, shows, and streaming genesis. Hope you liked the read.