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Full List of Best Twitch Bot

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.15 Updated: 2022.07.15

Twitch is an American company, a subsidiary of, with a mission to make it an interactive website for all online streamers to connect with their audience. It also features live broadcasts of sports, music, esports competition, etc.

If you are a live streamer on Twitch and want to make your journey smoother and more manageable, we have some great recommendations in store for you. All you have to do is learn about the Twitch bots available in the market that will make your Twitch channel a lot more functional.

What exactly is a Twitch bot?

A Twitch bot is a software mainly made to take on some of the responsibility of the streamer’s shoulders by interacting and engaging with the audience, moderating a channel, and performing several other tasks solely depending on the functionalities of the particular Twitch bot.

Some may not work according to your needs, but in this guide, we have tried our best to mention the best ones so far!

So let us get into some of the best Twitch bots one by one by comparing the features they offer.

Full List of Best Twitch Bots

Twitch bots, often known as Chatbots, are definitely worth your attention if you want to make a part-time career out of your live streaming hobby. It gives your Twitch channel a more professional look making people feel even more connected with the creator.

But you need to keep in mind your requirements and needs from the Twitch bot, as well as its pros and cons while going through the article so that you can have a clearer vision of which one to get.

Full List of Best Twitch Bot


Nightbot is definitely one of the most famous Twitch bots available in the online market. As soon as you sign up for Twitch, you will see Nightbot in the Dashboard section. This shows the importance and high usability of this bot, benefitting its users to its maximum potential. The best part is you can always customize it right according to your needs.

Some other features that it offers consist of organizing giveaways, providing song requests, enabling spam protection, and maintaining full chat logs.

Stay Hydrated Bot

This bot has a very unique yet healthy function. As we know, live streamers tend to immerse themselves in their sessions so deeply that they often forget to take care of their basic needs, one of which can be drinking enough water. In order to remind these live streamers to stay hydrated and fresh, this Twitch Bot is designed in such a way as to send reminders of water intake after regular intervals. How beneficial is that?

The method of activating this Twitch bot is pretty simple too. Just type in “!hydrate<>” and you’re good to go.


If you prefer streaming on your Twitch channel via StreamLabs, then you would definitely appreciate this suggestion of the OBS bot, also called SLOBS. It is most definitely the best Twitch bot, but there are some drawbacks, like the necessity of having another account to link up with SLOBS, which will then make it a bot. All features are available completely free of cost only if you use the StreamLabs software to stream on your Twitch.

Additional features that need to be mentioned include chatting with the users, organizing giveaways, customizable commands, timers, fantastic sound effects, and entertaining mini-games to play!


Phantombot is another worth mentioning Twitch bot in the list of the best ones of all time as it has a collection of many old features and an abundance of new exciting ones. The Phantombot is also customizable, but for that, you need to have some of the skills of the developers. The users can not only use their loyalty points for gambling but can also make the chat with the audience more realistic and fun. Phantombot is also known for sending various sorts of alerts to the audience, including donation calls.

Stream Elements

Along with some great features this Twitch bot offers, it is basically known for its numerous overlay designs and vibrant animations. This makes it a perfect choice for people looking forward to something innovative to make their Twitch channel even more functional.

Some other worth noting features of Stream Elements may consist of 4 filters to prevent spam messages, emotes, phrases and links from getting into either the inbox or the comment section. Moreover, each user receives points that are shown on the leaderboard to increase engagement.


Moobot is quite similar to the Nightbot as mentioned above in its features and functionality. The subscription to this Twitch bot is completely free, which makes it attractive to most live streamers, and they subscribe to it mainly for moderation purposes. The engagement of the viewers is enhanced by eliminating distractions, rewarding loyalty points, and by banning spammers and scammers.

Moreover, you can create voting polls on your Twitch channel with this amazing Moobot to know more about the likes and dislikes of your audience.

How can you add bots to your Twitch channel?

Twitch bots are added only to those Twitch channels which have a large fan following because the live streamer himself is not capable of attending each one of its subscribers manually.

You may be thinking that the process of accessing one of these Twitch bots will be a difficult task, but it actually is not. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned down below carefully, and you are good to go.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to select a chatbot or twitch bot according to the needs of your account and then log in to it using your Twitch credentials.

Step 2:

Once you access the main page of the Twitch bot, you will see a “Join button” in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Click on it.

Step 3:

Now, you have successfully joined the chatbot. Please navigate through the settings of it to adjust the features, commands, timers, and alerts accordingly.

Why Downloading Twitch Videos Can be a Better Alternative?

People usually have two opinions on this statement but according to us, downloading Twitch videos is a way better alternative than streaming online. To prove our point, we do have some convincing factors that may help you in changing your mind.

Firstly, if you want to stream live videos online, it requires a really strong internet connection, or else you will face a lot of buffering that also brings frustration.

Secondly, there are certain occasions reported in which the Twitch website crashed and stopped responding. These issues can take days to weeks to get fixed. And sometimes, only your own Twitch channel is down. What to do during that time of boredom? Of course, you can start binge-watching your favorite Twitch live streams offline.

Best Twitch Downloaders to Try in 2022 and Beyond

In this section of the article, we have decided to suggest and discuss two of the best Twitch Live Stream downloaders that you need to try in 2022. Both of these downloaders are loaded with unique features and benefits for the users. The Downloaders that we are currently talking about are called Y2Mate Twitch Downloader and MyConverters for Twitch.

Continue reading for a brief review of each one.

Y2Mate Twitch Downloader

Full List of Best Twitch Bot

The popularity of Y2Mate Twitch Downloader is touching new heights every day because of its unique state-of-the-art technology and affiliation with approximately more than 1000 online streaming platforms.

With Y2Mate Twitch Downloader, you can download all sorts of content, including your favorite movies, documentaries, even live streams, and your music too.

All of the downloaded content has impeccable quality with premium audio and video. You will not find a single drawback in this superb Y2Mate Twitch Downloader.

The best part? You can watch and download the content simultaneously with Y2Mate Twitch Downloader hence saving you a lot of your precious time.

You also don’t need to worry about the hefty amount of episodes that you look forward to watching because one of the features of the Y2Mate Twitch downloader is downloading content in bulk.

MyConverters for Twitch

Full List of Best Twitch Bot

MyConverters is definitely another great option to utilize if you want to download your favorite live streams for offline viewing. It also supports downloading services from some other platforms, such as Pornhub,, and BBCiPlayer.

With its blazing fast speed, the MyConverters Downloader for Twitch can prove itself to be the solution to all your offline binge-watching needs. MyConverters lets you download content from all over the world without any regional restrictions. It also removes all the unnecessary pop-up advertisements as well as helps you with successfully managing your content library using the metadata of each downloaded content.


In this article, we have talked about some of the most helpful Twitch bots that can be used in making your accounts more functional and responsive. We also discussed some amazing offline video downloaders that can help you in watching your Twitch live streams without an internet connection.