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How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.08 Updated: 2022.07.08

There are a ton of excellent shows and movies on the BBC iPlayer. Everyone can certainly find something on BBC iPlayer, whether they like fun panel programs, gripping crime dramas, or classic British comedies. But, can you access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK? Can you download BBC iPlayer videos? How can you download programs from BBC iPlayer for use on desktop or mobile devices? You'll find all the solutions in this article.

What is BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is a video-on-demand service provided by the BBC. The service is available on a wide range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, smart televisions, and personal computers. The UK viewers' access to the iPlayer services does not include any commercial advertising. Different modes of watching or listening to the same content are referred to by the terms iPlayer, BBC Media Player, and BBC iPlayer. Watching or recording live television broadcasts from any UK broadcaster, as well as BBC TV catch-up or BBC TV on-demand programmes, is prohibited without a TV license.

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

Can You Access BBC iPlayer Outside the UK?

No, as stipulated by the nation's TV license, only residents of the UK are permitted to use BBC iPlayer. You must be located in the UK in order to stream, download, or see BBC TV channels on BBC iPlayer. But you can still access several BBC services from abroad, such as BBC Sounds, BBC Podcasts, BBC News, BBC Sport, and the BBC Three YouTube channel.

How Can You Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK?

The sad thing is that it is only (theoretically) available to viewers in the UK and that you can only see it from within the UK. But what about travelers and people with property in two countries? If you buy it, you may want to use BBC iPlayer while visiting countries like the United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Italy, and more.

If you really want to watch the fantastic shows and series on BBC iPlayer outside the UK, there are two simple ways. First, you can use a VPN application to move your virtual location to the UK. Second, you can watch the downloaded BBC iPlayer videos. In this way, you can watch them offline in any place at any time you want. But here comes another question: Can you download BBC iPlayer videos?

Can You Download BBC iPlayer Videos?

You can download video from BBC iPlayer to watch later when you don't have an internet connection, as when you're traveling, or if it's normally unstable and keeps buffering.

On Phone or Tablet

On compatible tablets and smartphones, you can download shows via the BBC iPlayer APP. Simply click the Download button next to an episode to download it. You'll learn the particular steps for downloading shows from BBC iPlayer to mobile devices as you continue reading. But unfortunately, there is video expiry in this way. You can only watch the downloaded videos for several days, up to 30 days.

On Computer

On a computer or laptop, you can download BBC iPlayer videos. There are typically two options: using a third-party downloader or the BBC iPlayer Downloads tool. If you particularly select MyConverters, an all-in-one downloader, you can download videos from more than 500 OTT platforms and 1000+ websites, including BBC iPlayer.

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

In this part, you'll get the basic measures about downloading shows from BBC iPlayer.

On Mobile

On mobile devices, the BBC iPlayer is sufficient and you don't need to download any other software in order to obtain BBC iPlayer videos or other content. The precise methods for downloading from BBC iPlayer on a mobile device are listed below.

Step 1

On your device, launch the BBC iPlayer.

Step 2

Once you've located the material you wish to download, press the Download button next to the description to start the download.

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

Step 3

Tap Menu > Downloads > Queue to view the status of your downloads.

Step 4

Watch the video after the download is finished. To find your downloads, go to Menu > Downloads > Downloaded.

On Desktop: Use MyConverters

MyConverters is your best video mate for downloading shows and videos from BBC iPlayer if you want to save them on your desktop.

Step 1

To start enjoying your favorite videos, you need to install MyConverters. Click "Download" on the website of MyConverters, and the installing process will automatically start on your computer.

Step 2

Launch MyConverters and input the official website of BBC iPlayer in the built-in browser on the homepage.

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

Then you'll access the official website, and you can search for your favorite BBC iPlayer videos.

Step 3

When you start to play a video, MyConverters will automatically begin to analyze the video and pop up a window for you to set up the output settings.

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos

Step 5

After you click "Download Now", you'll find the video being downloaded in "Your Library".

How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos


BBC iPlayer is a video-on-demand service provided by the BBC without advertisement. But only UK viewers can watch shows and series on BBC iPlayer - you cannot watch them outside the UK. Thus, if you want to watch them anyway, you can use a VPN to change your virtual location and download BBC iPlayer videos for offline viewing. MyConverters is your best choice for downloading BBC iPlayer videos because it's really easy, fast, and versatile to use.

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