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What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.30 Updated: 2022.12.30

Peacock TV is a great platform where you can stream free content without paying an extra charge. However, that’s not the clear picture. Peacock TV is free, but only if you take up the free plan, which will include an ad-supported streaming service. Though, that’s true. Peacock TV does stream for free. But Peacock TV also has plans where they upgrade your subscription. You can take up higher plans to consume all content. Yes, you will also be allowed to only access partial content on Peacock TV when you take up the free plans.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

Is Peacock TV Truly Free?

Peacock TV is indeed truly free. You do not need to pay anything other than just a simple sign-up procedure and then access the streaming service for free. The only demerit will be that you will have limited access and more snippets in the form of premier content. But you still can watch major shows like The Office, Parks, and Recreation, for instance on Peacock.

Features of Peacock TV free plan:

  • It is one of the subscription tiers and cannot be said for the entire app. They do have paid premium plans as well.
  • It comes with ad-supported content streaming.
  • Limited shows are played.
  • Despite some limitations, you still get to stream hundreds of hours of free content at a stretch.
  • You always get to watch Peacock TV original shows like Girls5eva, and We are Lady Parts 1st episode for free.
  • Peacock TV also comes with amazing on-demand movies like Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Hitch, and the original Blade Trilogy, to name a few.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

How Long Is Peacock Free?

Are you tired of using the version and have a peek into the upgrade but still do not feel like paying? You can get a 7-day free trial which is included with a Peacock TV subscription. So, Peacock TV as you might know has 2 different types of paid subscriptions, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus.

So, in both these plans, the former is an ad-supported plan while the latter is an ad-free plan. You can access both of them at very cheap alternative prices without any problem. Just cancel your auto credit card/debit card which you have used as a payment option or else exceeding the 7-day mark can burn your pocket.

I would personally recommend using the 7-day free trial to get a sense of the type of content you will get access to. Many people become too desperate to just pay and get a monthly plan. You can try and check for yourself and see if it's worth pitching in money. Considering the first paid plan only enhances the watching directory, the ad support will still remain.

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What Are Peacock TV’s Paid Plans?

Peacock TVs' paid plans exist in two tiers. The first plan is the premium plan which will cost you around $4.99/per month. Then there are premium plus plans which cost $9.99/month. In both these plans you get the entire directory of channels. Just that in the first plan you will get all the content simultaneously with ads. And that’s what separates it from the Peacock free tier plan where you get everything for free but it's still limited, which is not the case with Peacock Premium.

Peacock Premium vs Premium Plus





Monthly: $4.99/month


  • 80,000 hours of content including movies and shows
  • Live sports coverage
  • New hit movies
  • With ads

Premium Plus

Monthly: $9.99/month

Yearly: $99.99/year

  • All premium features
  • Without ads
  • Download favorite titles of your choice.

Once you move from the pricing page which is here, select get premium or get premium plus plans. Clicking these options, you get to land on the sign-up page.

Is Peacock Worth Paying For?

I personally think you got to try the product before committing any sort of allegiance. I would suggest you personally first see and check for yourself how the free plan works. Do you like it?

If you do then you can go ahead and purchase a subscription. In case you like it, you can book the 7-day free trial which is automatically activated when you sign up with a Peacock plan. Then, if you like it you can subscribe. Many premier shows on Peacock TV shows such as The Office and others which was on Netflix are taken out. You can watch Parks and Rec on Amazon Prime Video. So, you need to calibrate what you will rather choose. There are many good streamers whether Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Paramount Plus etc. Apple TV subscription Plus etc.

How to Sign Up for Peacock?

It is not at all hard by any means, you need to do the basic filling in of your credentials and then click on Sign up. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official homepage of Peacock.
  • Now there are two ways to sign up. You can choose the monthly plans after scrolling the home page down a bit.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

  • To choose monthly and year plans you can do it at the start of the home page, by clicking on “Pick a Plan”.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

  • Now you will reach the pricing page, and there will be a toggle button to access both monthly and yearly plans. By default, the toggle is on the monthly plan side, just drag to the other side to choose a yearly option in case you will lean toward a yearly plan.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

  • Click on the premium or premium plus plans and now you need to fill in your basic details and click simple sign up.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

  • Now you will be taken to the payment page and the payment will be auto renewal. On a monthly basis, the amount will automatically deduct itself regarding the plan you chose.
  • Just below the pricing page you will see the “sign up for free” link, click on the link and sign up in case you want the free option.
  • Fill in all your necessary details and then hit “create an account”.

What is Peacock TV streaming? Is Peacock TV Free?

How is the Peacock App?

The peacock app also serves a similar purpose. Very easy to use and you can sign up there too. The functions are the same. The peacock app features in both android and iOS users. You can download it from Apple’s app store and Google’s Play store and then sign in and just enjoy a seamless flow of content.

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Is There Any Way To Stream Peacock Content Offline?

For offline viewing, the best option is to go for downloading the content from Peacock’s website. Although Peacock offers offline viewing for some selected shows within the app, it is always great to just download the content, and view it on any media player. You can also transfer that downloaded file to other devices. For this, you can make use of Peacock Downloader which will allow you to download any content from Peacock. The downloader is equipped with the latest features such as batch download, fast download, subtitles download, and so on. These all make your downloading experience better and easier.

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Q1: Is Peacock worth $5 a month?

Yes, you can access all 80,000+ hours of content on Peacock TV with a monthly price of $5 a month.

Q2: Can you cancel Peacock anytime?

The cancellation is seamless. In case you cancel any current plans, your account gets transferred to the free plan which includes limited access to ad available content.

Q3: Which Peacock plan is best?

If you like NBC and its shows, the best option is to get the highest-paid plan which is $9.99/month which costs $99.99/year. Here you get to download various titles and access all live content without watching ads.


Peacock is a great entertainment streaming app. NBCs digital franchise has a lot to offer and its limited features provided to the public at such efficient costs is another noteworthy aspect of this app. Apps are quite costly in today’s time, knowing the plummeting costs NBC’s Peacock stands apart. But it does have premium tiers in case you want to access the large library of films and movies they have in their directory.