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How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.08.05 Updated: 2022.08.05

"Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen," or ZDF, is one of Germany's national public television networks. The ZDF channel has been broadcasting nationwide since April of 1963, and it is still one of the most significant providers of news and programming in the nation.

You may have some questions about ZDF Mediathek. For example, what is ZDF Mediathek? What is a ZDF Mediathek account? More importantly, can you download ZDF Mediathek videos? How can you download ZDF Mediathek videos? In this article, you'll get all the answers.

What is ZDF Mediathek?

German public television station Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) is the country's main broadcaster. It is governed by the 16 Länder that make up the Federal Republic of Germany as a stand-alone nonprofit corporation. ZDF, which began broadcasting in 1963, presently reaches its audience over broadband internet (IPTV), cable, satellite, and antenna DVB-T2 HD.

ZDF has its headquarters in Mainz, but it also operates 16 domestic bureaux there permanently, in addition to unique editorial and production facilities in Berlin. ZDF has foreign reporters working out of 19 permanent bureaux across the world for international coverage. ZDF receives 85% of its funding from license fees, with sponsorship and advertising providing extra revenue.

How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos

ZDF provides a wide variety of generalist programming. Its coverage offers both a global perspective and an in-depth analysis of Germany. In addition to its primary channel, ZDF also runs two digital thematic channels called ZDFneo and ZDFinfo, as well as a number of TV channels like '3sat,' Arte, KI.KA, and Phoenix, either alone or in collaboration with partners. ARD and ZDF jointly launched Funk in October 2016, a promotion that is only available online. With its cutting-edge programming, this content network hopes to educate, enlighten, and amuse people between the ages of 14 and 29.

A catch-up and on-demand service is provided through ZDF's integrated video-streaming platform ZDFmediathek, which also hosts a number of websites and includes RSS feeds and Podcasts. These services are all offered without cost to the user.

ZDF Enterprises GmbH, a fully owned company, oversees all global program distribution and acquisitions, international co-productions, online rights marketing, merchandise of ZDF program brands, sales of ZDF archival film, and other commercial activities.

What can you do with a ZDF Mediathek account?

Under the headline "Mein ZDF," you may access all of the ZDFmediathek features that are tailored to your personal preferences.

You can use your ZDF account to do:

  1. The video-watching can resume where it left off.
  2. You can access content rated for viewers 16 and older whenever you choose.
  3. Obtain a homepage that is entirely personal to you.
  4. Synchronize your watch lists, preferences, and a lot more across all of your devices.
  5. To create a user account with, you only need to provide your email address, along with your chosen username and password.

Can I download ZDFmediathek videos?

The great majority of iterations of ZDFmediathek allow you to download certain videos to your device. ZDFmediathek, however, is unable to offer this service for any videos unless they also have the right to download them. You can find a list of the videos that are available for download in the media library.

Almost all of the videos in the ZDFmediathek can be made available for offline viewing inside the ZDFmediathek apps for iOS and Android.

How can I download ZDFmediathek videos?

Due to legal limitations, ZDFmediathek can only offer you the option to download a limited selection of videos from the ZDFmediathek via the website found at To download all videos from ZDFmediathek, MyConverters is your best option.

MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader Features

  • Videos of the highest caliber in 720p resolution are available for download from ZDFmediathek.
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded at once.
  • MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader offers modern technologies and regular updates.
  • Select your favorite musical compositions.
  • The experience would be much better with no ads.

Having to download movies one at a time can take a lot of time. You can download numerous videos at once using the batch download feature in MyConverters, which drastically reduces the overall download time.

When one is constantly being diverted by marketing, it might be difficult to maintain apathy. MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader, which removes all advertising that shows throughout the downloading process, has found a solution to this issue.

Users of MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader can easily download movies in 720p resolution from ZDFmediathek. By allowing you to download your favorite clips, MyConverters enables you to watch videos offline whenever and wherever you like.

How to Use MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader

Step 1

To start enjoying your favorite videos, you need to install MyConverters ZDFmediathek Downloader.

Step 2

Launch MyConverters Downloader and input the official website in the built-in browser on the homepage.

How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos

Then you'll access the ZDFmediathek site, and you can log in to your ZDFmediathek account.

How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos

Step 3

Please search for the videos such as movies and TV shows that you want to keep offline. Then, you can play it for MyConverters to analyze the videos. When you start to play it, MyConverters Downloader will automatically begin to analyze the video and pop up a window for you to set up the output settings. If you miss the window, you can click "Ready to Download" on the upper left bar to open it again.

How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos

Step 4

After you click "Download Now", you'll find the video being downloaded in "Your Library".

How to Download ZDF Mediathek Videos


ZDF Mediathek is one of the most important VOD platform in Germany, but it's not easy to download videos from it. MyConverters can be your best downloader because of its easy-to-use and all-in-one features.

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