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What is Movistar+? How To Download Movistar Plus Videos?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.04.27 Updated: 2023.04.27

Streamers are in very high demand in today’s time. Among popular streamers, we already know about Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Prime Video, and Peacock. But there is another platform that provides seamless entertainment on demand and that’s Movistar Plus. Movistar Plus is one of a kind streamer that provides seamless TV viewing and provides access to some of the best shows. Including popular titles like ‘Orange is the new black’, and ‘Mystic River’ among others.

Movistar Plus has an international subscription service and the in-house one is there in Europe. And moreover, Movistar is part of Spain’s big broadcasting giant Telefonica. In this article, we will cover Movistar Plus’s features, packages, and subscription pricing shows among other things.

How To Download Movistar Plus Videos?

Movistar + Features

One of the best features that Movistar Plus hands down provide is to customize your channel listing giving you more authority over what you want to watch and what you do not want.

Packages of Movistar Plus

Movistar + is part of Telefonica which is a networking company as well. With every package, you will have a variant of data package and type of fiber connection. The base package is the minimum that you want to take and the mobile and fiber packs will follow. It's imperative for you to choose the base pack etc:

How To Download Movistar Plus Videos?


This is the minimum pack you need to register for, it will provide you with a comprehensive list of 80 channels. It will mainly have generalist channels, these channels are found everywhere (Antenna 3, LaSexta, Telecinco, La 1, La 2, etc.), children's programming channels (Disney channel pack, among others), entertainment channels (#O, among others), and the channel of Teledeporte.

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Movistar Plus Essential

In this pack, along with the start pack channels you have on-demand movie options and it also includes channels that have popular series including NBC, and ABC among others. This pack comes at a cost of 10 Euros.

Fiction Plus Netflix

Fiction Plus Netflix includes the streaming platform along with other channels. The cost here varies from 25-30 Euros depending on the channel pack. You get access to the UHD feature.

Champions and Europa League

This provides packs of live action from the soccer grounds. This costs 20 Euros per month.

The league

The league is another amazing pack that broadcasts La Liga. Despite DAZN getting the rights, Movistar Plus also has signed a contract for broadcasting. You can watch it on Movistar+ La Liga and it will cost you 30 Euros per month.

All Football

This pack comes at 43 Euros per month. You get all the big leagues, Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, and La Liga.

All Football and Fiction with Netflix league

This pack has all the services and comes at a price of $63 per month. You get Netflix access for 4 users through this pack and all Football and movie action is included.

Engine Pack

Engine Pack features all the Moto GP and Formula 1 Racing Championship games. It is priced at 10 euros per month.

Sports International Pack

This pack also has some of the top streaming games in America and this includes heavyweights like NFL, NBA, Wimbledon, and Golf championships.

Fiction and Movies

Fiction and Movies are another separate packs available at 10-15 Euros per month.

These channels and packs are available for Movistar Columbia, Movistar Peru, and Movistar Mexico under Movistar International. Beyond that being a Spanish broadcaster, Telefonica has easy language access which assists the Spanish-speaking regions of South America barring Brazil which speaks Portuguese.

How to Download Movistar Plus Videos?

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How To Watch Movistar Plus On Different Devices?

In Android Smart TV

  • Android Smart TV users have to press App Finder.
  • Select ‘Google Play’.
  • In the Google Play Store App go to the search icon and select it.
  • Now feed in ‘Movistar Plus’ and select ‘Download’.

Wait for some time it will take some time for the app to download and also install itself on the smart TV. Now login through your credentials and access the show catalog.

In LG Smart TV

In Android, you had to go to the Google Play store to download the apps. But that can not work with LG as LG has a different OS system and that is called WebOS.Perform rather the following steps.

  • As you turn on your LG Smart TV, the app screen will appear automatically.
  • You go and select one app called ‘LG Content Store’.
  • Select the magnifying search glass and type in ‘Movistar Plus’ and select the ‘Download’ option.

In Samsung Smart TV

Samsung uses a different OS called Tizen. Here you need to open Smart Hub in order to download your ‘Movistar Plus application’. Smart Hub is Samsung's application hosting platform.

  • Select Menu from Samsung remote. And now go to apps.
  • Now open Smart Hub.
  • Find the magnifying glass used for searching inside the Smart Hub.
  • Type in that small bar ‘Movistar Plus.’
  • You will see the ‘download’ option select it.

Other Top-Class Technical Features Of Movistar Plus

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture generally means that you can extract the video screen from the bigger screen and watch it together with another important video or regular entertainment. This can provide you with a much better way to track all the sports action happening.

Access Offline Content

Offline content accessibility means there is a download feature available and the user can used the download option to save the file onto their local drives.


In case you are fond of recording your favorite TV shows and movies you can record shows and movies as per contentment. THe platform provides 350+ hours of recording limit.

7 Days Replay

This is a very unique feature where the user will have the option to rewatch any program of their program if it is within 7-day limit.

Other Streamers on Movistar Plus

Movistar Plus has also provided accessibility features with popular streamers like DAZN, Netflix and Disney Plus Hotstar.

Some Specific Premium Memberships Include:


You get a 2 Screen Membership with Netflix Plan which comes with the Start PLan (Minimum and also Netflix’s premium show catalog)


DAZN membership is also included. Fans can watch top sporting events like LaLiga, Formula 1, MotoGP, Boxing, UFC, WEC, Tour de France, Premier League, Euroleague basketball...

Disney+: full Membership

If you are a Disney Fan, you can also purchase this membership with no limits of multiple accounts logging toi the platform.

Other Programmes As Add On Movistar Plus

Movistar Prosegur Alarms

These alarms are an add-on feature with the platform. It provides a safety net by assisting for configuration with cameras, smoke detectors, and alarms.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you love playing games on the Xbox you can use the game pass to have some discount on the games that you buy from the game store.

Health checkup/Telemedicine

Through the Movistar Salud app, you get a prescription from a verified doctor. If not that then you can request a call from any physician/doctor to organize a discussion of the diagnosis over telephone. You can attend online counseling too.


Movistar Plus is an amazing app, of a networking giant and one of the biggest in the world spanning across continents. Movistar Plus is primarily for Europeans but it has fast gained prominence in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. The Movistar cell company has exported some content to the Movistar app etc. They are still growing and becoming better as a company.