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How to Download Redbox Movies? What are Redbox Movies?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.04.19 Updated: 2023.04.19

In the world today, the new destination for entertainment and movies is OTT, Redbox movies are still in demand. This 21-year-old American video streaming and Movie Rental service is still competing with the new entrants in the race. However, In 2020, Redbox also step into the world of online streaming. This article is for all Redbox binge-watchers out there, who wanted to know how to download Redbox Movies new releases and watch them offline for free.

What is Redbox?

Redbox on-demand video rental and streaming services in America are quite popular. Unlike the current OTT culture, it provides services through offline brick-and-mortar Kiosks in DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K UHD media. Convenience stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and other such crowded places are the usual Redbox location where you can find small Red color box-like kiosks. Kiosks are placed in areas where high sales are expected. These Kiosks are designed like vending machines monitored remotely through web-linked electronic software. Payment can be done through a credit card or debit card.

At a time, more than 600 DVDs can be collected from one Kiosk of Redbox. Redbox return time for DVDs is 24 hours. The service has an online website also, from where people can check the real-time inventory and book their DVDs. Visit the official website of Redbox here.

Before I tell you how to download Redbox new releases offline for free, let us understand what services are offered by Redbox to entertain us.

How to Download Redbox Movies?  What are Redbox Movies?

Redbox Free Live TV

Launched in February 2020, the Redbox free live TV service offers around 30 channels to watch online. All the channels support ads. Out of the said 30 channels, Redbox owns 3 self-branded channels. These channels are exclusive to Redbox viz., ‘Redbox Rush’ which is dedicated to content related to action and adventure, ‘Redbox Comedy’ for humour, and ‘Redbox Spotlight’ for featured and recommended titles.

You may watch Redbox TV on your smartphones, computers, smart TVs, or any other streaming devices, like Chromecast or Roku. Since it is live TV, there is no option of pause and play. You can’t rewind or fast-forward. It also has interesting movies and old-favorite stuff to watch without break or you may choose to stick to particular channels like BNC or ConTV that shows different serials throughout the day live.

Redbox Instant

Joining hands with Verizon, Redbox started a video streaming service offering more than 4000 titles. These titles include streaming from popular movie companies like Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures. Content from this service is available to download on mobile devices for offline viewing. Redbox Instant was made available on Playstation 4 console also. Later its Android and iOS apps were also launched with 1-month free trial service.

Redbox On Demand

Similar to Redbox Instant, Redbox on Demand is a streaming service, but its functioning model is different. As the name suggests, it is a totally on-demand streaming service with no membership requirement. All the Redbox coming soon releases will be listed here and viewers can enjoy exclusive content that can’t be seen on OTT services like Netflix. Under this service, Redbox offers 6000+ titles which can be rented or bought from its Kiosk center. However, this service does not list any title from Disney Plus.

Anyone can easily buy, rent, or stream a movie in exchange for just a few dollars. However, there is a catch. This service is only available through streaming devices and computers. You would be able to watch only a pre-owned rented movie through the mobile app.


During the COVID tenure, in late 2020, Redbox started a yearly service on a subscription-based model, which is Redbox+. In this model, viewers can subscribe to the service for a year and can rent up to 24 discs all in all. However, this is not On-Demand service and only available movies can be rented. Redbox return time in this service is extended by 3 hours for returning a movie to any of the kiosks.

How To Download Redbox Movies or TV Shows?

For downloading Redbox movies or TV shows that you haven’t rented but are available on the website, you need a third-party tool called MyConverters which is one of the best downloaders out there that can download any video from Redbox, and in fact, from other OTTs as well.

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All you have to do is download and install MyConverters on your computer and launch it. Now, with the browser given in this tool, you can access Redbox’s official website, and then click on any movie, and you will see the download link there. Now, click and it will be downloaded.

How To Rent/Buy Movies From “Redbox on Demand”?

  • Open the web browser from your laptop or desktop. Visit Redbox official website.
  • On the home page, go to the ‘On Demand’ section.

How to Download Redbox Movies?  What are Redbox Movies?

  • You will find more than 4000 titles to choose from. Explore and select the movie or a TV show you want to rent or buy. To save your time and effort, you may use ‘Show filters’ options to select the movie or show by ratings, genre, rent, buy, etc.
  • On the right side, you may also find the option of “Trending”, choosing which you will get all the available movie options in Alphabetical order.
  • To see the summary of the movie or to get an idea about the plot, you may simply click on the movie or TV show.
  • You may play its trailer also, if available.

How to Download Redbox Movies?  What are Redbox Movies?

  • When you click the selected movie, you will get two options. One is ‘Rent on Demand’, and the other is ‘Buy on Demand’. Choose your preferred option. And then choose the resolution either HD (High definition) or SD (Standard definition). Make a note that High definition movies are more expensive than standard definition.
  • You will be then redirected to the Redbox login page. If you do not have an account, you may create one.
  • Finally, accept & pay and start watching your rented or bought movie.

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How To Watch Rented Movies or TV Shows On Redbox?

When you rent or buy any movie or TV Show from ‘On Demand’ section of Redbox, you have to create a Redbox login and all your stuff will be saved on your account. To watch your rented videos, movies, and shows, do the following -

  • Login to your Redbox account.
  • Go to the ‘My Library section.
  • You will find the list of all the active rental movies or shows on your account.

Please Note: You can keep rented videos for 30 days in your account before you start watching them. But when you start watching a video that you have rented, the 48-hour window will start immediately

If you want to watch Redbox from wherever you are, or you are not available with any of the streaming devices, you may also download the Redbox App on your smartphone. Check out below the few important highlighted facts about Redbox, that you might have missed while reading this article.

Points To Be Noted About Redbox on Demand Service

  • Redbox on Demand is not a subscription service, rather you have to pay for each of the movies or show you rent or buy.
  • You must have to start watching your rented movie within 30 days.
  • Once you start watching, you can watch it unlimited times within 48 hours.
  • Bought movies will remain forever.
  • You can download movies that you have bought for offline viewing on your computer or mobile phone.

Redbox Customer Service

Redbox takes care of its customers and hence offers customer support services to resolve user issues. To get in touch with Redbox customer service, simply call on +1-866-733-2693 anytime between 8 AM to Midnight. Redbox customer service is available all 7 days a week.

As of now, Redbox doesn’t have any email support listed on its official website. I have researched this well and made sure that Redbox doesn’t provide email support at the moment. To stay safe from fraudsters, do not believe in any third-party websites offering you email support for Redbox. You may also get further information through its mobile application.

Redbox Gift Card

Visit this official Redbox gift card page and give the gift of the movie to your loved ones. There are two types of Redbox gift card you may have.

One is gift codes and the other is eGift cards. You may use Gift codes for buying DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Also, you may get gift codes for ‘On demand’ services. Gift code funds have no expiry date.

eGift cards can be sent via email and are used for buying DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. You may use eGift cards for online booking of your rentals or gift them to others. eGift cards have no expiry date. Remember that these Redbox gift cards are accessible only in the U.S.


Redbox is a simple, entertaining, and unique movie rental service that allows you to rent movies and shows offline as well as online. In this article, I tried to cover all the services available so far by Redbox and how you can rent movies and shows from Redbox. I am sure you would be having a great time this weekend watching your favorite stuff from Redbox.