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Easy Way to Download Bing Videos on Win/Mac Computer

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.10.24 Updated: 2023.10.24

Being a long-term internet user, it's likely that you're familiar with Bing, a search engine developed and managed by tech giant Microsoft. Bing, while primarily a search engine, also operates as a platform where you can stream videos, much like some popular streaming sites.

bing videos

On occasion, you may stumble across unique videos on Bing that pique your interest - ones that you'd like to enjoy offline or save for future reference. If you've found yourself in this situation, you may have also learned that downloading videos from Bing doesn't seem as straightforward as streaming them. Does this mean your desired videos are forever trapped in the vast online sphere, unreachable for offline enjoyment? Fortunately, the answer is no.

In this article, we will explore some effective methods to easily download Bing videos on your computer, allowing you to enjoy these interesting videos at your own pace and convenience. And since you're here, you may also want to be interested in the review of the best 5 Hulu video downloaders and the best Netflix downloader.

What is Bing Videos?

Originating as Live Search Video in 2007, the platform now known as Bing Videos has demonstrated a dynamic evolution within the realm of streaming services. With a journey marked by several renamings, starting from Live Search Video, briefly transitioning into MSN Video, and finally becoming Bing Videos in June 2009, its rich history reflects the ever-evolving aroma of digital streaming services. 

Bing Videos doesn't simply allow users to access content; it provides a sophisticated video search engine designed by Microsoft. It effortlessly compiles the host of videos from a multitude of websites, giving users the liberty to explore and watch a wide array of content, conveniently centralized in one platform. 

While everything about Bing Videos stems from its roots as a video search service, it firmly cements its place in the market through an array of diverse content offered. Bing Videos serves as more than a mere search engine, giving its users a vast selection of choice from viral videos and original content to TV shows like Arrested Development and JibJab animated shorts. 

bing videos

Bing Videos' capacity to blend a diverse assortment of content with user-friendly search functionalities has made it an indispensable video browsing hub. It stands as a testament to Microsoft's innovative streak. Embodying a harmonious blend of engaging content, search utility, and commitment to direct marketing, Bing Videos has remained a stalwart amidst the ever-changing, dynamic landscape of digital streaming services.

Despite its utility and convenience, Bing Videos adheres to the digital rights management policies common to video streaming and sharing platforms.It doesn't provide a direct option to download videos. Users looking to download Bing videos for offline viewing must resort to third-party applications.

Why Chhose Bing Videos?

  • Smart View

This innovative functionality allows users to preview a video directly in the search results by merely mousing over the video thumbnail. This unique preview feature, while beneficial for immediate video insight, does require user discretion while browsing, since explicit content can also be previewed when the safe search feature is turned off.

  • View Selection

Moreover, Bing Videos supplies robust sort and filter capabilities, delivering considerable control over video discovery and offering a tailored browsing experience. Users can sift through content based on various parameters and preferences, and arrange the search results in the order of relevance or date.

  • Filters

For a customized viewing experience, Bing Videos’ View Selection feature facilitates viewing mode transitions between a grid view, which offers an expansive overview of options, and a list view, granting a focused and concise list of videos. Additionally, the Bing Videos home page has been designed to allow easy and user-friendly browsing of TV shows, music videos, trending content, and latest news or sports videos.

  • Related People

Another feature enhancing user connectivity with content is the Related People feature. This presents users the opportunity to explore significant personalities associated with the video, thereby enriching the video viewing context and understanding for users.

However, it's worth noting that the integrated nature of Bing Videos means that some parental or corporate control filters might be bypassed since the videos like porn play within Bing, rather than redirecting to the originating website. This unique circumstance calls for careful supervision when the platform is accessed by younger audiences or used in workplaces.

How to Download Videos off Bing?

"How to download and save Bing videos in Internet Explorer 11?" Like mentioned above, Bing Videos doesn't offer official download feature, which means that you would need to make use of a third-party Bing video downloader for the purpose. So how to choose the best third-party downloader? 

You can find a wide range of video downloaders that can help you download a video from practically any source. It is recommended to choose the best Bing videos from the following perspectives:

  • It should have a user interface that is clear and easy to work with
  • It should offer you multiple functions
  • The video converter options would be an added advantage

Here, we recommended the ultimate solution to get Bing movies download--MyConverters. Read the following part to know what can MyConverters do and the reason why it's the best Bing Videos downloader.

Tool Required: MyConverters

Enter MyConverters Global Streaming Service Downloader, a premier third-party video downloading tool, engineered specifically with Bing video users in mind - it revolutionizes the way we explore, discover, and retain video content.


Topping the list of its many benefits is the Downloader’s native functionality. Its built-in browser enables you to download, watch, and navigate through your videos within the downloader. Its seamless integration with Bing Videos becomes the ultimate match for avid Bing users, nurturing an impeccable viewing experience.

Boasting excellent fidelity, MyConverters supports high-quality video downloads. Users can download videos in 1080p, 4K, and even groundbreaking 8K resolution, satisfying the needs of even the most discerning video connoisseurs. The crispest visuals and the most immersive audio are now just a click away.

With functionality tuned for the modern user’s pace, MyConverters offers swift video downloads and batch download capabilities, significantly diminishing time spent waiting for downloads. It puts the power of efficient content management back in your hands.

One aspect of this service that sets it apart is its subtitle and multi-language support. The tool not only downloads engaging content but also brings with the funtion to download subtitles in SRT format, offering the beauty of content in all languages and formats.

It’s noteworthy that MyConverters supports downloading virtually every video available on Bing, leaving no content beyond your reach. Moreover, once downloaded, these videos become a forever part of your library in MP4/MKV format- they come without an expiry date and they aren’t prone to automatic deletion.

MyConverters also understands the importance of portability and accessibility in this interconnected world. Hence, it enables the sharing of downloaded titles across a multitude of devices up to 5 PCs, fueling cross-platform continuity and ensuring your favorite content is always at your fingertips.

Detailed Steps to Download Bing Videos

If you have decided to go with the MyConverters downloader and looking for the information on how to download Bing videos using the downloading service, the steps involved in the task would be much simple and easy to follow:

  • Step 1. Download and install MyConverters

You can download MyConverters from the official website or by clicking the following download buttons, and install it on your device. The installation process should be easy and simple to follow.

  • Step 2. Copy the URL of the Bing video

Copy the URL of the Bing video or movie you want to download. You can easily find it by clicking the Share icon as the following picture shows:

bing video downloader

  • Step 3. Paste the URL in MyConverters

Launch MyConverters, and paste the video URL to the search bar as the picture shows. MyConverters will automatically analyze the URL and prepare for your download.

bing video downloader

  • Step 4. Customize your download settings and begin to download

In the following on-screen prompt, you can customize your download settings, including resolution, video codec, subtitles and so on. Click on Download Now to initiate the download process of your Bing Videos. 

Download Bing Videos

  • Step 5. Check your downloaded videos

You can check the download process by clicking "Downloading" and the downloaded Bing videos saved instantly in the output folder in your computer by entering "Downloaded".

bing video downloader

The Concluding Thoughts

Bing Videos, an offering from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, provides comprehensive and diversified video content that titillates and captivates audiences across multiple platforms and genres. It seamlessly integrates the exploration of music videos, sports clips, TV shows, news briefings, and an array of viral video content – all housed under one convenient digital roof.

If you are looking to download Bing videos, or even download Bing videos without playing them, you would have the access to a good number of tools available. MyConverters stands as a powerhouse tool for Bing video users, with a vast array of features catered to enrich your video downloading and watching experiences.

To offer better download experience, the Bing video downloader also offers free trial for 3 times in 30 days. Check it out and find which features of the downloader offer you a sound and exciting download performance.