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What Is The Hami Video App And How To Download It?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.02.23 Updated: 2023.02.23

Hami Video app is an on-demand streamer that has a total of 10,000 different shows from East Asia. It has over 80 channels of various content delivering genres at a stretch. The platform is filled with amazing shows, theater, plays, cartoons, and animated content especially Japanese Anime. It is just like Rakuten and you can download and install the product through the APK that the app comes in. You need to open the kit and run the installation on your phone. Hami is gaining a lot of momentum in recent years. It has been putting up competition despite being based in Taiwan. Let us know more about Hami the kind of shows, themes, and genres you get with this amazing app. There are live channels too here.

how to download hami video app

What is Hami Video TV App?

Hami Video TV App is a Taiwanese streamer platform that streams shows from East Asia including Japanese shows, K dramas from Korea, Japanese anime, and Taiwanese shows. Hami Video TV app is available easily for use in Playstore. You can even use this app on your PC. Since the scope of this application and the many services the app caters to by and large is much wide. So you can even access the app on your PC and the viewing experience will be amazing. Some of the path-breaking shows that have been part of the Hami platform include shows like:

Hami TV Services

  • Hami TV Theater is a one-stop shop for all the best shows that are there including some top-tier animation and quality-conscious stories with extremely poignant storylines. Anime listing of shows includes Attack on Titan Final, Spell Return, The Promised Neverland, Ghost Slayer Blade, Black Clover, and Flame Fire Brigade. Along with these shows, Hami TV also has a total of 10000 hours of worthy content for us to watch and immerse ourselves in.
  • Sports Hall has amazing sports action with pacing moments. Hami coverage of the Olympics or Hami show of Chinese Professional Basketball is the popular show. Along with that Hami TV app Sports hall comprises excellent streaming of TV sports like the likes of Tennis, Football, and Badminton to name a few. The two channels that stream all the fun activities taking place are Elda Sports Family Channel and the Boss Family Channel.
  • Hami TV house has Drama shows like Korean Drama Agency Company and Brain Together. Taiwanese erotic drama OX Cart too. It also has 90 channels catering to different genres.
  • The last service that Hami TV offers are Red Pavilion Internet programs. You can become the first to watch a program immediately after a 14-day release.
  • A single-point buy-out service is also available. You can also get movies by monthly subscription like The Game in a Game and Emergency Landing.

Pricing of Hami TV services

Service Type

Pricing per month

TV House (serves 90 TV channels)

168 YUAN

Sports Hall

149 YUAN

The Theater

199 YUAN

Internet Red Pavilion

199 YUAN

Single Point Movie

Individual pricing of a particular movie

Can we get Hami TV for free?

Hami TV does provide a minimum listing of services to be watched for free. The best of these services include state broadcasting channels like Congress channels, Central Meteorological Bureau audio channels, and electric racing broadcasts. There are a couple of Documentary channels as well that are also wonderful picks to choose from. These are channels like CNEX documentary channel and Free TVBS Joy Tower and Free Miguai Theatre etc.

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Is Hami TV Available Out of Taiwan?

There have been some issues with copyrights which did not lead to the channel launch in Taiwan. However, there are services like CPBLTV and HPBLTV that overseas watchers can use to get all the Hami TV services.

Do You Know How to Download from Hami Video?

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How To Sign Up For Hami TV?

Hami TV On Your PC

  • It's easy to anticipate, if you are from Taiwan you can access the Hami TV service or else you have to take the CPBLTV subscription to view and use the application.
  • Now visit the Hami TV website. The link can be accessed here.
  • Make sure you translate the page on your browser as the entire web page will be Chinese.
  • Now click on the profile icon on the top right of the Hami TV webpage. Yes, click the option.

how to download hami video app

  • Now you will see a sign-in and registration option, click that option.

how to download hami video app

  • From the window you can see two options, one is the MOD account entry, and another is Mobile number device boarding. Mobile Device Boarding does the verification easily with the OTP or One Time Password. MOD you need to access the TV first and then give the MOD number post-requirement which when signed in needs mentioning.
  • You can also use other platforms and Chinese avenues to sign in to the Hami Video TV app.

how to download hami video app

What Is The Support Like In The Hami TV App?

Hami TV for any outsider will be intimidating. All of a sudden, you get exposed to a ridiculous amount of amazing things to say but the words are from another language. For any issue with the service available you need to get the contact support team’s phone numbers and first-point contact tracing. However, do visit the support page more for people wanting to receive technical assistance.


Who owns the Hami TV app?

Hami TV App is an amazing app created by Taiwanese makers HiNet.

Can you watch the Hami TV app on TV?

You can watch it on TV. Especially for Android users, who have the application in the Play Store. For even smart TVs it was the Android smart TVs that were producing feasible results compared to other services. You get to download the app from Play Store.

How do we watch Hami TV?

If you are east Asian, you can get easy access to the product. There is an institution that allows it. In case not then the domestic payers will get it on the Play Store and access it.


Hami TV is now the next Rakuten Viki. A crown jewel in streaming Asian content. I hope you had a great read considering How I have cornered the best of your thoughts in understanding what is Hami TV and what kind of services it offers.