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How to Download ARTE Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.28 Updated: 2022.12.28

Do you enjoy documentaries and TV shows on the arts, especially those that explore the cultures of Europe? Do you have a hard time fitting in high-caliber art series? Have no fear. It's possible that ARTE is the ideal choice for you. This article will define ARTE and provide instructions for downloading ARTE content. Whatever the situation may be, let's start reading!

What is ARTE?

ARTE, a cultural network funded by the European Union and airing in six languages, is a utopia for art enthusiasts. That way, ARTE can reach audiences across the continent, regardless of their native tongue.

The vast majority of ARTE's content is documentary-based, and the channel's European origins are reflected in its selection of documentaries.

How to Download ARTE Videos

Everything you need to know about sustainable development, as well as economic and cultural advancement, may be found right here. Documentaries like "Move! Senegal" and "Street Philosophy" provide excellent resources for learning more about Lebanon.

It's natural to wonder what else ARTE has to offer besides excellent documentaries. Independent films, commercial blockbusters, and hip-hop music videos are all acceptable responses.

Listening to ARTE's cultural shows will enrich your life and your mind.

The best aspect is that there is zero cost associated with viewing ARTE. Nothing about "free" should make you think of low quality.

ARTE is a must-have streaming channel because its shows, especially its documentaries, teach viewers to think critically about a wide range of issues.

What is ARTE APP?

Livestreaming and on-demand viewing of our shows are always free.

All broadcast versions are available, and can be chosen from within the video player (original version with German, French, English, Spanish, Polish and Italian subtitles and subtitles for the hearing impaired).

The accessible videos can be categorized both chronologically and thematically. Discover at your own pace the wide variety of shows broadcast on Europe's cultural channel.

Due to licensing restrictions, not all videos are translated into English, Spanish, Polish, or Italian.

How to Download ARTE Videos

In "My ARTE," users can sign up for a customized newsletter, create their own watch lists, and even continue viewing a show on another device. The upgraded ARTE app and its additional features, as well as the enlarged library, are available to viewers via SmartTV portals.

What is the ARTE360 VR app?

With "ARTE360 VR" app, you can experience television in a whole new way—in a 360-degree environment. Envision being able to navigate any scene in your favorite film by simply turning your smartphone or sliding your finger over the screen. Enjoy the 360° program to its fullest by switching the app to "Virtual Reality" mode and placing your smartphone inside VR glasses. There are constant updates to the app's content. ARTE360 VR is the first mobile platform designed specifically for broadcasting, allowing for a new kind of television experience that is fully immersive and interactive thanks to the use of virtual reality and a 360-degree camera.

Where can I find ARTE apps?

In what app stores can I discover ARTE programming?

  1. Iphone Users: To find what you're looking for, open the App Store and type keywords into the search field. Type the ARTE app's title in here. Then, after deciding on a specific app, you may begin downloading and installing it by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" option. If you have already downloaded the requested application, you can update it by pressing the cloud button with a downward arrow.
  2. These are some of the best apps available on Android: To get the ARTE app, launch the Google Play Store, search for it, click "install," then "accept," and lastly "open."

How to watch ARTE on smart TV

Which Smart TV brands have the ARTE app built in?

What models of Smart TV come with the ARTE app pre-installed? The ARTE App is currently available on the following Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Grundig.

Which operating systems does the ARTE TV app support?

What are the compatible platforms for the ARTE TV app? Supported by the ARTE apps:

  • Version 14.0 or later of tvOS (Apple TV 2015 or more recent)
  • Any version of Android 5.0 and above (2015 or more recent)

Can you download ARTE Videos?

Can I download videos from the ARTE website to my computer? No, unless you use a third-party downloader. The media library's available shows are not downloadable, therefore you won't be able to save any of the information to your hard drive. Only online streaming is available for the shows.

However, as of July 2018, the ARTE app for iOS and Android features an "offline" option. This implies that for the next 72 hours, you can view this program even if you don't have access to the internet because a copy has been cached in your app.

How to download ARTE Videos on mobile devices

If you have the ARTE app, you can watch some of your favorite shows offline for up to three days. Pick a movie and enjoy it at your convenience. The "Offline" button denotes shows that can be watched without an internet connection. You can watch the video offline or in a country where it is restricted by downloading it to a cache on your iOS or Android device. All six of ARTE's official languages can take advantage of this deal.

How to download ARTE Videos on PC: Use MyConverters

If you don't want to download your favorite ARTE videos on mobile apps, which restricts the place you watch them, you can surely use the best PC video downloader: MyConverters.

Using the MyConverters, you may download ARTE videos directly to your PC in crisp 720p HD. ARTE's fantastic TV series and movies are now available to stream and download on MyConverters.

You can skip advertisements entirely with the MyConverters. MyConverters guarantees uninterrupted viewing of premium video content.

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Follow the steps to use MyConverters:

Step 1: Go to ARTE via the MyConverters homepage.

How to Download ARTE Videos

Then, find the video you wish to download when browsing ARTE's content and click to play it. The video data will be analyzed immediately, and the software will start the download process.

How to Download ARTE Videos

You can start the download process by selecting the language you want the audio and subtitles to be in, and then clicking the "Download Now" button.

How to Download ARTE Videos

Final Words

In conclusion, ARTE is an excellent online destination for those interested in seeing programs and documentaries that center on art and culture. Since it is not possible to download ARTE videos directly, MyConverters will come in handy.

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