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How to Cancel Netflix

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.08.05 Updated: 2022.08.05

Netflix is definitely one of the most prominent streaming services, and you would find it a great option in the long run. However, there are times when you may be looking ahead to find how to cancel Netflix with ease. Canceling a Netflix subscription is not that easy and simple, but you would need to know the finer details of the Netflix cancellation right away.

Why would you want to cancel Netflix account?

There may be chances that you have opted for a Netflix subscription only for a particular series or show. The increase in the subscription charges and cancellation of a few of the shows has made it quite important and essential to cancel the upcoming shows, or series on the streaming service have been a few of the reasons that you would want to cancel Netflix subscription.

How to Cancel Netflix

Whatever your reason for canceling your Netflix subscription, the steps involved in how to cancel a Netflix subscription are not much easy to follow. In fact, most streaming services make it quite complicated to cancel subscriptions. This is due to the obvious reasons that the streaming service does not want you to leave them.

How to cancel Netflix subscription?

The steps involved in how to cancel Netflix account would primarily be based on the individual platforms that you are on. Let us explore the steps based on the platform that you are on.

How to cancel Netflix subscription on your web browser?

The steps that are involved in how to cancel Netflix subscription on a browser can be much easy and simple. You would find it one of the most accessible options to cancel Netflix subscription.

How to Cancel Netflix

Here are the steps involved in how to cancel Netflix subscription –

  • Go to the Netflix website and log in to your account
  • Click on your profile icon. You should find it in the upper right corner of the page
  • Click on Account to open the Account Details page
  • Click on the Cancel Membership option. You should find the option under Membership and Billing.
  • This leads you to the subscription cancellation section
  • Click on Finish Cancellation
  • This will ideally open a little survey, and you can choose the reason for your cancellation. You can select your preferred option from among the predefined items. This is done to help you in terms of better feedback.
  • Complete the feedback survey and click on Done

This will take you back to the account details page, wherein you will find the information on when you will be losing access to Netflix. That should be one of the excellent options to help you in how to cancel Netflix membership.

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How to cancel Netflix subscription on Android?

The steps that you can follow in how to cancel Netflix subscription on Android can be summed up as follows –

How to Cancel Netflix

  • Open your Google Play Store app
  • Tap on your profile icon. You should find it in the top right corner
  • Scroll down and move to Payments & Subscriptions.
  • Select the option for Subscriptions
  • Choose Netflix and press the option for Cancel Subscription
  • Confirm the option for canceling your subscription.

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How to cancel Netflix subscription on iPhone or iPad?

You would be able to cancel Netflix subscription with ease by following the steps here below –

How to Cancel Netflix

  • Go to the iOS Settings app
  • Tap on your name on the Settings page
  • From the Apple ID menu, select the option for Subscriptions
  • Choose the option for Netflix and click on Cancel Subscription

Confirm your cancellation request, and you should be done.

What happens after you cancel Netflix subscription?

When you cancel Netflix subscription, the streaming service will keep all the information intact for around ten months. The details such as your viewing history, account profiles, and favorites will stay with Netflix.

This is done to achieve an easy account creation if you decide to restart your subscription once again. You can, however, decide to have all the personal information deleted even before the end of the ten months; you can get in touch with the Netflix support service and get the issues addressed.

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Can you watch the Netflix shows after canceling your Netflix subscription?

No. There is no way you can continue watching your favorite Netflix shows even after the end of your subscription cycle. The best option in this context would be to download your favorite Netflix titles for offline viewing. While Netflix does let you download the titles on its platform, it may not be practical in this context, as the downloads will be gone along with your Netflix subscription.

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The Concluding Thoughts

Netflix is definitely one of the most unique and exciting streaming services that have redefined the concept of streaming. However, you would find there is a need to cancel your Netflix subscription for one or the other reason. If you are looking to cancel Netflix, the tips and details that we have shared here should be helpful in providing you with a better insight into the process. Now that you have canceled your Netflix subscription, you can decide to move on to another option for streaming your favorite content. There are plenty of streaming services that can provide you access to a great degree of experience in providing powerful performance and experience.

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