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15 Best Free MP4 Converters [2020 Update]

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2022.07.01 Updated: 2022.07.01

Do you want to watch videos without an internet connection when you travel on planes, trains, and trips? Do you need to convert YouTube MP4 to your device for editing video? Wanna download videos to your phone using Wifi and watch them without risking going over data allocation? All you need to do is just a reliable MP4 Converter to solve how to convert video to MP4. So, in this article, we review the 15 best free MP4 converters to convert video to MP4.

Part 1: Top 3 Free MP4 Converters Recommended

1. MyConverters



MyConverters is the best free MP4 converter to convert video to MP4 online easily with a simple and clean interface. The online MP4 Converter supports to convert videos and music from 1000+ websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Ted, and more. The best MP4 converter can work well on most platforms and devices, like Safari, Google, IE, Firefox, and Opera. Feel free to Convert YouTube to MP4


  • Support all platforms and browsers
  • Free convert YouTube to MP4 1080p
  • Choose format and quality
  • No limit to convert video to MP4
  • Fast download speed


  • Doesn’t support multiple
  • Limit to file size and quantity

2. Vidus

Price: $18.90/year  $29.9/lifetime

vidus-mp4-converterVidus MP4 Converter is powerful MP4 converter software that helps you convert video to MP4. The MP4 converter supports batch convert and playlist convert. Also, the built-in search engine allows you to watch music videos and save them as audios in this free MP4 converter. Besides, the free MP4 converter can convert video to MP4 10x faster. However, if you download a free version, you will have access to limited features.


  • Unlimited playlist and multi-task Convert
  • Convert video MP4 10x Faster
  • Search videos with the built-in browser
  • Convert video quality up to 4320p
  • Auto-Download from the subscribed channel


  • Occupy device memory
  • Limited features in the free plan

3. YTMP3

Price: Free


YTMP3 is a convenient online service to convert YouTube videos online. There is no limit on this online MP4 converter, which means you can convert MP4 at any size and as much as you can. You can convert any video online to MP4 and MP3 from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and more. A list of different resolutions is offered here for you to solve how to convert video to MP4, and you can choose the one you like.


  • Support 1000+ sites
  • Fast download speed
  • HD videos download
  • Choose resolutions
  • No limit to convert video to MP4


  • Doesn’t support multiple
  • Sometimes fail to analyze YouTube videos

The above are the top 3 free MP4 Converter to solve how to convert video to MP4 easily. If you want to learn more about free MP4 Converters, keep on reading. We select 12 alternatives to free MP4 converter best in this article. Now, let us dive in.

Part 2: 12 Alternatives to Free MP4 Converters Recommended

1. KeepVid

keepvid-mp4-converterKeepVid free MP4 Converter is an online service which means you just need to open a website to solve how to convert video to MP4. The online MP4 converter supports 1000+ sites and all you need is the video URL you want to convert. Though it does not support multiple converting, KeepVid provides a relatively good MP4 service for you to convert video to MP4.

2. AllMyTube

allmytube-mp4-converterAllMyTube is an MP4 Converter to convert MP4 videos to 16 formats without compromising converting features. To solve how to convert video to MP4 in one click, this MP4 Converter supports playlist downloads and batch downloads. The MP4 videos can be transferred easily through the Wi-Fi network. However, In the free plan, you can convert up to 5 videos.

3. YouTuFab


YouTuFab is another free online MP4 converter to solve how to convert video to MP4 on the market. Simply copy and paste the video address into the online MP4 Converter and click the Download button. The best MP4 Converter allows you to convert videos MP4 in different resolutions, from 144p to 1080p.

4. Y2mate


Y2mate is one of the best online MP4 converters to solve how to convert video to MP4 online for free. You can easily convert video to MP4 HD with this free MP4 converter. Like other MP4 converters above, it supports to convert MP4 to audio.

5. AnyVideoConverter


Any MP4 converter can not only convert video to MP4 or burn them to DVDs to solve how to convert video to MP4 but can also extract audio. Any free MP4 Converter also comes with a built-in video editor with basic functions of video editing, such as cropping, trimming, and special effects.

6. ListenToYouTube


ListenToYouTube is an online MP4 Converter clean and intuitive interface. You can convert video to MP4 from 1000+websites with this free MP4 Converter. The MP4 Converter supports converting HD videos with many video resolution options. You can also convert MP4 to music files with this best MP4 Converter.

7. UniConverter


UniConverter is a one-stop video converter for any media file and memories to solve how to convert video to MP4. The free MP4 Converter also supports to download online videos or record streaming videos from 1000+ supported sites.

8. Videoder


Videoder is a free MP4 converter available for Desktop and Android. The online MP4 Converter allows you to convert video to MP4 4K videos from not only YouTube but over 1,000 other websites. Furthermore, the desktop version allows you to create personal collections of MP4 videos and audios to solve how to convert video to MP4.

9. BitDownloader

bitdownloder-mp4-converterBitDownloader is a free MP4 Converter to solve the problem of how to convert video to MP4. The free MP4 Converter allows users to convert videos from YouTube (non-copyright) in HD in various formats and save them to your device for watching offline.

10. MP3-YouTube


MP3-YouTube is an MP4 converter for converting videos online. The free MP4 converter is simple and fast and allows MP4 video conversion HD resolution. Besides, the MP4 converter supports an array of sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

11. Converto


Converto is a free online MP4 for solving how to convert video to MP4 for beginners. The free MP4 Converter works on the browser without any software installation or registration. Besides, the online MP4 Converter has the option to cut videos and choose the output quality.

12. 2Conv


2Conv is another good free MP4 converter to save MP4 videos from YouTube and other platforms. You can watch them on your smartphone, notebook, iPhone, PlayStation, or other devices. With this free MP4 Converter you don’t need to install any program on your computer.


YouTube to MP4 Converter solves how to convert video to MP4 from YouTube and other video-sharing websites easily. 

Regarding MP4 converter software, we recommend you this Vidus free MP4 Converter. With a built-in search engine and player, it also supports multiple MP4 converting in various formats.

For online MP4 Converter, we recommend you MyConverters and YTMP3 MP4 Converter. These online MP4 Converters can convert video to MP4 easily with simple clicks.

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