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Software ranking for downloading erotic videos from Adult Movie Navigator

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.07 Updated: 2023.03.07

Adult Movie Navi is a site where you can find all kinds of erotic videos such as xvideos, tube8, pornhub, xhamster and more. You can enjoy masturbation to the fullest by downloading the best adult videos for free. In this article, we will rank 5 software to download videos from the adult video navigator.

No. 1 MyConverters m3u8 Downloader

MyConverters Video Downloader
MyConverters has many features in one software. For only $19.9, you can download videos from almost all of the 500+ video services available.
FANZA, Nico Nico Douga, Netflix, ABEMA, U-NEXT, GYAO!, Hulu, dAnime Store, TVer, FOD, Paravi, dTV, Disney Plus, TELASA, Amazon Prime... If you want to download content from 700+ sites with one software, then by all means, give it a try, there's a free trial!
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MyConverters allows you to store an unlimited amount of your favorite entertainment, including sports broadcasts, shows, movies, and more. Although not listed yet, MyConveters can actually download erotic videos from Adult Video Navigator as well.

It is a very nice downloader that allows you to download videos not only from Adult Video Navigator, but also from FANZA and H-NEXT.

How to download videos from Adult Movie Navigator with MyConverters

1. download and install the software from the official MyConverters website.


2. copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download from Adult Movie Navigator


3. play the video. The software will automatically detect it and click "Download".

No. 2 Y2Mate Adult Downloader

Y2Mate アダルトダウンローダー

Y2Mate Adult Downloader can be your one-stop solution to download videos from Pornhub, XNXX, XVIDEOS, xHamster, FANZA, and over 20 adult sites. You can also download videos from Adult Video Navigator.

How to download videos from Adult Video Navigator with Y2Mate

  1. Launch Y2Mate software.
  2. Paste the URL of the Adult Video Navigator video you want to download into the "Home" URL field.
  3. Click on "DRM M3U8" above the built-in browser.

No. 3 KeepStreams Adult Downloader

KeepStreams アダルトダウンローダー

KeepStreams Adult allows you to save not only Adult Video Navigator, but also Pornhub, FANZA, XVIDEOS, and XNXX streams offline.

How to download Adult Video Navigator videos with KeepStreams

  1. From the General Settings, click on "Show Adult Services".
  2. Select "Adult Services" from the left function bar.
  3. Browse to the video you wish to download and click "Download."

No. 4 VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a pleasant to use free video download application! It is now in Japanese, so Japanese users can use it comfortably and easily.

The name of the app is just Yotsube, but you can easily download not only Yotsube free download, but also online videos from over 1000 sites such as NicoDou, FC2 Video, Tweakas, Youku, thisav, etc.

Multi-threading technology allows you to download online videos in batches, providing 5 times faster download speed than usual while maintaining high video quality.

It also has a capture function that allows you to extract your favorite screen from a DVD and use it as wallpaper or create slideshows.

No. 5 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is more useful as a free video downloader than as a media player. It has some excellent features that similar video downloaders do not have.

It is very easy to use, as all you have to do is copy and paste the video URL. With its powerful and secure download engine free of viruses, malware, and plug-ins, you can not only download web videos from major video sites for free, but also upload popular drama, movie, anime, and music videos from over 300 other video sharing sites.

Even if you are unable to download videos with other software due to changes in site specifications, 5KPlayer can help! It is also possible to convert downloaded videos to audio files.

Ranking of other erotic video downloading software

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