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[2024 Latest] How to Download BiliBili Video to MP4 for Offline Viewing?

author-avatar Betty Powell | Editor
Published: 2024.04.12 Updated: 2024.04.12

BiliBili boasts a rich library of popular anime all over the world and also offers trendy user-generated online videos of various types in China. Whatever style you prefer, you can always find what you like in BiliBili. But as BiliBili only supports downloads on mobile devices, and uses a special method to encrypt the downloaded videos, it's impossible to enjoy it offline on PCs or TVs.

No worries! To help you better enjoy high-quality BiliBili videos offline, this post will walk you through the way to download BiliBili videos while converting them into compatible MP4 format automatically for unlimited offline viewing.

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What is BiliBili?


Established in 2009, BiliBili (B Site) is a Chinese video-sharing platform, where users can submit their videos and watch animes, films and even (Japan) TV episodes. Featured with real-time danmaku subtitling in every video, BiliBili has attracted many users of different ages.

Starting from a fandom community site of Hatsune Miku in 2009, BiliBili has now developed into a large streaming platform, covering the latest and classic animes and various exclusive content such as Link Click. But it's not a totally anime-centered site like Crunchyroll. In fact, BiliBili is more like a video-sharing platform, so that you can stream more excellent content here than just animes.

Can You Download BiliBili Video Outside China?

If you search for BiliBili outside China, you can find two domain names: bilibili. com and bilibili. tv. The former is provided in Chinese, while the latter is in English. But bilibili. tv offers less content and mainly includes Chinese animes.

bilibili tv

Unfortunately, both the two domains can not be accessible from any other region than China. Therefore, if you want to stream on BiliBili, a reliable VPN is necessary. With the VPN on, you can stream on BililBili using the web browser, or download BiliBili videos through the official app for mobile devices.

But not all videos from BiliBili can be downloaded, and only subscribers can get access to some content. So you need to sign up as a member and subscribe to the BiliBili plan before you download videos from the official app. Just like Netflix, the downloaded shows can only be watched within your subscription period.

How to Download BiliBili Video to MP4?

How to download video from BiliBili? On account of the official download limits, many users prefer to download BiliBili video to MP4 so that they can save the downloaded shows on computers or external storage for permanent offline viewing. To better help you do it, we recommend a powerful tool named MyConverters.

Tool Recommended: MyConverters


MyConverters is a powerful tool that can save videos from 1000+ streaming sites, including BiliBili, Netflix, NicoNico, Crunchyroll, and more. MyConverters aims to download content to compatible MP4/MKV format while keeping the original quality well up to 1080P and 4K, in order to offer the best offline viewing experience for all users.

MyConverters can do more than help you download BiliBili video 1080P MP4 and Full HD. With this tool, you can also download subtitle files in SRT format and save a lot of time and energy through the batch download and auto-download features.

The free trial of MyConverters is available for every new comer, which means that you can download 3 films or episodes from BiliBili for free in 30 days. As the free version is equipped with the same functions as the premium version, it's recommended to download MyConverters and use the free trial first.

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Steps to Download Video from BiliBili

Follow these detailed steps to download video from BiliBili with MyConverters:

Step 1: Get Access to BiliBili in MyConverters

Download and install MyConverters on your Windows computer/Mac. Open it and enter the domain name of BiliBili in the search bar. Press Enter to navigate to the official site of BiliBili using the safe built-in browser.

download bilibili video

Step 2: Login to Your BiliBili Account

In MyConverters, login to your own BiliBili account if you want to download some content exclusive to subscribers. Rest assured that MyConverters won't connect and use your personal information for other purposes than downloading videos.

download bilibili video

Step 3: Play the Video You Want to Download and Set Download Options

Play the video you want to download. MyConverters will automatically analyze the URL, which usually only takes several seconds. Then a pop-up window will show. You can set the download options and choose one or multiple episodes to download. Click Download Now to initiate the download.

download bilibili video

Step 4: Check Download Progress

Go to Downloading to check the download progress. The actual download speed is up to your internet connection.

download bilibili video

When the downloads are done. You can find all downloaded BiliBili shows in compatible format in Downloaded.


While BiliBili doesn't support downloading compatible videos directly from the official app, using a reliable tool like MyConverters can simplify the process and provide a seamless experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily download your desired BiliBili videos in compatible MP4/MKV format and enjoy them without the need for an internet connection.