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Anystream Review: How Does It Work? Is It Worth Purchasing?

Theodora | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.31 Updated: 2022.12.31

Redfox Anystream helps you in downloading your favorite TV titles from known platforms like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime. Content streaming has become largely a popular affair. But apart from the mainstream consumption that is often associated with content consumption, we as people find it difficult when a particular content leaves the platform servers. RedFox Anystream actually helps in downloading the content beforehand and accessing it later. You get the downloaded file in mp4 format but you can easily convert the file into MKV for easy viewing and space restrictions.

Anystream Review: How Does It Work? Is It Worth Purchasing?

How Does Anystream Work?

Anystream is a tool that facilitates users who enjoy OTT content to download it from the major platforms and enjoy it later. Its facilities, however, limit itself to only three platforms and that is Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus if you have the basic plan. The basic plan as in the first tier plan is mostly ads included in all these platforms. On average cost around $5-8 depending on the preferential platform. Anystream will also cost you its subscription fees as well. But before that let us know why we need a platform like Anystream.

Minimum System Requirements

System requirement is so important to assess the condition of the working app. It can cause some roadblocks but by and large software like these also runs on decade-old laptops.

  • 2GHZ processor is required to run that means at least an i3 is required.
  • The software runs only on Windows platforms.
  • To run the platform, you need a valid account with proper details cleared after subscription.

Fair Use Policy

Like any other Streaming platform Anystreams also has its fair share of rules and guidelines before you get into using it fully. Some terms you require to know:

  • Do not share the app with any third party, any malicious act done by a third party can make you culpable to be guilty.
  • There is a 21-day free trial available for the app. In the free trial, you will get 10 hours worth of. After you start using the premium packages of the app you get 100 downloads and then 1 download every 36 minutes. In the Free trial, you also get 1 download per day. In a week that becomes 280 downloads/week. In the free trial, you get a total of 31 downloads. Once 10 downloads get consumed, you get 1 download every day. That's how the 31 number was carved.

Why Use Anystream Tool?

You use the Anystream tool for the following reasons:

  • In major platforms, you do not get the download feature on all types of content with this downloading tool you can download movie titles and view titles easily in case you use a basic plan.
  • Even if you get a good subscription you need to pay a higher subscription tier to download the title. But there will be space issues. The titles will also be valid only for a few days.
  • With the basic plan, you get limited downloads in your account on OTT platforms. But Anystream does not seem to have that platform.
  • Titles also do not have any perennial existence. They go on and off every now and then. And, in some cases due to buying of distribution rights, a company owns a movie, or series in order to get good money from the money point of view. That means if you are subscribed to Disney, and one of Disney’s movie rights gets transferred to FOX Entertainment studios, Disney has to give up on the show or the move, in case Fox does not agree to show that in their platform.

Features of Redfox Anystream

We all know the tool helps in downloading videos off of the big 3 streaming spaces. These are some of its exceptional features:

  • Anystream allows you to download any visual content that is being streamed at Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Netflix.
  • The download format is mp4.
  • In case the videos come with ads, ads are often eradicated from the video.
  • You get Dolby digital surround sound Audio 5.1 support.
  • You get support with additional text files like (.txt) and even SRT(meant for subtitles) along with the vast array of content that comes with the feature listing.
  • You can make your own name templates, including mentioning titles, seasons, and amazing content that can be consumed in bulk.
  • The interface is faster and much plain looking with low storage pressure in the opening majority of the files.
  • Search directory is faster than most tools and even parent websites of the same platforms.

Anystream Plus Plan

It's clear now that structurally Anystream comes with both Anystream and Anystream plus plans. Both these plans have benefits Anystream Plus provides additional benefits like having a download Queue. Downloading content in bulk. Downloading entire batches, seasons, and episodes simultaneously.

Anystream Review: How Does It Work? Is It Worth Purchasing?

Comparison Between Anystream and Anystream Plus

I have put out a table which is drawing comparisons between the plans of Anystream, both Anystream and Anystream Plus here I will list the pricing, facilities, and coverage of the plan and platforms covered. In the platforms covered remember that we will list out the platforms that assist in downloading videos in Anystream and Anystream Plus. And also Anystream only has yearly plans, they do not have any monthly plans. Their plans cover 1-3 years and even lifetime:

Plan name



Platforms covered


1 year - 59 EUR

2 year -75 EUR

3 year - 89 EUR

Lifetime - 109 EUR

  • Download in MP4 video quality
  • Download without ads
  • Audio Dolby Digital surround sound feature 5.0
  • Netflix,
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney Plus

Anystream Plus

1 year - 109 EUR

2 year - 125 EUR

3 year - 139 EUR

Lifetime - 159 EUR

  • All features of Anystream Plan
  • Additional features in downloads included like downloading in queues, downloading scheduling and downloading as per convenience.
  • It also helps in downloading in bulk like tasks away all the material from the internet.
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Dinsey Plus
  • Hulu
  • Paramount Plus
  • Netflix

Anystream Review: How Does It Work? Is It Worth Purchasing?

Is There a Better Alternative to Anystream?

Whenever we talk about a software application, we look for some alternatives as well. Same way, people have been looking for an alternative to Anystream. I am happy to say that MyConverters is not just an alternative to Anystream but the best alternative to it which can download movies and shows from almost all the OTT platforms and streaming services. Fast downloading, batch downloading, subtitles downloading, HD quality audio/video, and many more features make it the best in the business.

Keep Your Favorite Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with MyConverters.
  • Download Your Favorite Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with MyConverters
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
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Does Anystream Has a Language Option?

You get various audio files to choose from while surfing Anystream. They are also bundled with a variety of subtitles belonging to different languages.

What Kind of Other Features Does Anystream Offer?

Anystream has lots of tools in its kitty, like

  • AnyDVD HD
  • Anystream Plus
  • CloneCD
  • Clone DVD Mobile

Is Anystream Legal to Use?

Anystream has legal rights over many companies. They have a fair policy for everyone to follow the guidelines to use the tool. It really works wonders if you only surf some specific websites.


I would personally recommend this tool, it's long-term and safe. It fairly does well, however platform coverage is limited. But barring that the web does well in other parameters.