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How to Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.26 Updated: 2022.12.26

The third season of Emily in Paris is getting a positive reception from Netflix users. Since its comeback this week, the romantic comedy has dominated Netflix's Top 10 chart. Looking to find out how to watch Emily in Paris Season 3, the most popular Netflix show these days, offline? There are plenty of options that would make it an exceptional choice in more ways than one.

What is Emily in Paris?

After its 2020 premiere, Emily in Paris quickly became one of Netflix's most popular original series. In its first month, 58 million households watched it on Netflix, making it the most popular comedy of that year. According to Nielsen, season 2 of this show earned 939 million minutes of viewing time last year (even beating out the Marvel series Hawkeye).

The opinions about Emily in Paris are all over the place. Some people go for the sheer absurdity of it all, the crazy costumes and the lack of serious consideration. It's like fingernails polishing a blackboard for certain people. The bubbly romantic comedy is on our list of the top Netflix series, despite its poor 59% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though my review of Emily in Paris Season 3 called it "a pleasant treat," it has the lowest rating of any season thus far.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Plot

Exactly what does the third season of Emily in Paris focus on?

In the series' premise, we meet Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), a marketing manager at a multinational company headquartered in Chicago. Sylvie Grateau, the tough yet ultra fashionable head of the French luxury marketing business Savoir, assigns her to Paris (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). There, she achieves Internet celebrity status.

After visiting the city of love, Emily develops feelings for her neighbor, the dashing chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). He has a girlfriend named Camille, though (Camille Razat). Emily forms friendships not only with the people she works with, but also with Mindy, another expat she meets through work (Ashley Park).

Emily's time in Paris appears to be running out in season three. Sylvie and the other French workers at Savoir are now resentful of their new American employer, Madeline (Kate Walsh). Sylvie has left her job and launched her own consulting firm. Emily is officially on board with it, although she still has some devotion to Madeline. She begins working at two locations simultaneously, a situation that can't last.

Her romantic life, meanwhile, is a mess. The hunky British financier Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) is Emily's new beau, while Gabriel and Camille are back together. Emily and Gabriel may not be a perfect match, but they have undeniable chemistry.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Characters

Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins

How to Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, has returned. At the end of Season 2, Emily was faced with a difficult choice: continue working for her boss Madeline in Chicago, or join her boss Sylvie and the rest of her coworkers in Paris. While she continues to study French and immerse herself in French culture, her friendship with Camille remains damaged, and her heart is torn between her affections for Gabriel and a potential future with Alfie. Actress Lilly Collins is well-known for her roles as Collins Tuohy in "The Blind Side," "Snow White" in "Mirror, Mirror," "Eli" in "To the Bone," "Rita Alexander" in "Mank," and "Clary Fray" in "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones."

Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo

How to Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

Season 3 of Emily in Paris sees the return of Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, the head chef at Chez Lavaux and Emily's neighbor with whom she had an affair while he was still with Emily's new acquaintance Camille. Gabriel and Emily were in a love triangle when he made a deal with Antoine to remain in Paris, and at the end of season 2, Gabriel's ex-girlfriend Camille moved in with him. However, this did not put an end to the unmistakable chemistry between Gabriel and Emily. Both Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Ticket to Paradise featured Lucas Bravo in supporting roles; in the former, he portrayed André Fauvel, while in the latter, he portrayed Paul.

Camille Emily, played by Camille Razat

How to Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

Camille, Emily's old friend, is played once again by Camille Razar. Emily's work with Camille's family business, Champere, and their friendship both suffered after Camille discovered Emily's involvement with Gabriel. Camille's relationship with Gabriel is getting better, but she still has a long way to go before she can trust Emily again. Camille Razat has appeared in a number of French films, including Rock'n'Roll, Girls with Balls, and Paris Pillage, but her part as Emily in Paris is by far her most prominent.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Critical Review

In my review for Emily in Paris 3, I praised the filmmakers for giving the cast members other than Lily Collins more substantial roles. Sylvie gets elevated to near-main character status, which works out well because she's the show's strongest supporting player. I particularly appreciate the increased focus on Mindy's professional and romantic endeavors.

How to Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

Some critics, though, haven't been as enthusiastic (or at all). Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall(opens in new tab) writes that by Season 3, "what previously felt like a delightful drift through a magical parallel dimension, by Season Three has come to feel like a stagnant decision that no one is ready to make."

The Daily Telegraph's Anita Singh says (opens in new tab): "The writers are keeping us on tenterhooks intentionally since they've already secured funding for a second season. It's uninspired, and it will disappoint the audience."

"The magic is starting to wane," writes Katie Rice of the London Evening Standard (opens in new tab).

The extra depth offered to many of the show's supporting characters is what ended up salvaging this season, writes Rodlyn-mae Banting(opens in new tab) for Jezebel, who agrees with me that the ensemble was the best aspect of season 3.

Watch Emily in Paris Season 3 or Not?

Look, would you classify Emily in Paris as a "excellent" show? No. Although, it is entertaining, which is more than can be said for a lot of modern television.

In the premiere of Season 3, Episode 1, Emily eats at McDonald's. Her friend calls it a "small delight" to eat there. Yes, it is fast food, which means it is high in calories but low in nutrients. However, there are moments when you really want some! And every once in a while is fine; there's no need to feel bad about indulging. Just like that show, this one is no exception.

More than that, it's a visual treat to see the show. The locales are breathtaking, the people are all stunning, and the clothing is outlandish and beautiful. The Emily in Paris wallpaper puts one of the most picturesque cities in the world in the palm of your hand.

Each of the ten episodes clocks in at around 35 minutes, so a marathon viewing session can be completed in under six hours. A quick trip to Paris for some light sightseeing seems like paradise on a chilly winter day.

How to watch Emily in Paris Season 3 Offline

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