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A thorough explanation of how to use DLsite safely! We study the features and how to use them, and recommend 3 cartoons for you to choose from!

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.04.25 Updated: 2023.04.25

DLsite is a comprehensive 2D download site with a wide selection of doujinshi works, comics, and games. It is a popular site often seen in advertisements, but many people have heard of the name but are not sure what kind of service it is. DLsite has many exclusive distribution sites that are not available anywhere else. They are read by other services. So, if you are a manga lover, this is a must! So, in this article, we will thoroughly examine the appeal, safety, and usage of DLsite , and introduce recommended doujinshi works.


First of all, let's conclude that DLsite is a wonderful manga site that we can recommend!

Who do you recommend DLsite to?

DLsite is recommended for those who want to read a variety of doujinshi works! Although doujinshi works are sold through other services, DLsite mainly deals with 2D works, so it has a large number of works, some of which are sold exclusively, and is especially recommended for those who want to experience a large number of doujinshi works.

What works do you recommend on DLsite?

DLsite's recommended work is "Work Nigai Naku Sakaki-kun wa Yoru Dokyuu Kanai" (Sakaki-kun who cannot work is competent only at night). This work, which has become a hot topic since it was spread by promotion, has won first place in the monthly ranking of popular TL manga distributed exclusively through DLsite, and we will introduce its charm at the end of this article, so please check it out.

What is DLsite?

Japan's largest comprehensive 2D download store

DLsite is operated by Aisys Inc. an operation service that allows users to buy and sell 2D content. It has a wide range of genres such as manga, anime, games, and languages, and the number of products it handles is one of the largest in Japan. You can purchase such core works that even major e-book services cannot handle. Targeted ages are divided into all-ages, adult, and female-oriented, allowing you to take your time to find your favorite works. Recently, doujinshi manga distributed on DLsite have been advertised, and this service has become a hot topic among manga fans.

Features of DLsite

Here are the features of DLsite!  Lots and lots of manga

  • Abundant number of works and many genres
  • Deals and coupons
  • High point redemption rate  
  • Lots of trial pages and reviews
  • DLsite Play makes it easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere!
  • Related services are available with your DLsite account  Available at   

Wide variety of titles and genres  DLsite Play    DLsite is a service that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of genres and titles.

The appeal of DLsite is its large number of genres and titles, ranging from doujinshi titles not available elsewhere to well-known commercial titles, with more than 560,000 titles, including 130,000 doujinshi manga. With 240,000 comics and a focus on collections, you can find your favorite works without hesitation.

DLsite For All Ages (Doujin , Comics, PC Software, Apps)
DLsite R-18 For Male audience (Doujin , Comics for mature , Bishojo , Game)
DLsite Garumani For Women (Otome, Boys' Love)

Coupon  DLsite

One of the most attractive features of DLsite is that there are many opportunities to purchase works at discount prices. Not only do you get a 300 yen discount coupon when you register for the first time, but you also get a coupon that you can use to create your first creation. In addition, coupons are distributed on a regular basis, allowing you to save even more money. Furthermore, there is also a point reward system, which is recommended for long-term users.    

  Point redemption system High point redemption rate.        

DLsite offers 10% point redemption every time you rate a work. The redeemed points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen from the next time. However, in order to receive points, you must write a review within 90 days of purchase. Writing a review is a simple process, and you will receive 50 points along with your points. The high point redemption system is a great deal for long-term users of DLsite.  DLsite

Lots of trial pages and reviews.   Free

DLsite has an abundance of free trial reading pages. This allows you to try out some of the works at your leisure. In addition, most doujinshi works have an introduction page that includes not only the highlights and beginning of the work, but also an introduction to the work so that you can check out the work in detail. In addition, each work has numerous reviews, and by reading these reviews, you can find out what other users have to say about the work and what they think of it. With these features, DLsite is a site that can provide you with sufficient information prior to purchasing a work. Please check it out.

DLsite Play makes it easy to enjoy your work anytime, anywhere!

With DLsite Play, you can immediately enjoy downloaded works in your browser - no need to download and unzip ZIP files, no need to install special applications. This means that you can enjoy your works without any stress. DLsite is supported by many users because it provides easy and smooth browsing.

Related services can be used with a DLsite account


DLsite offers a variety of related services, including game sites, creator support sites, and community sites, all of which can be accessed by creating a single DLsite account. No membership registration is required. DLsite also offers a service that allows you to accumulate points that you can use for free. DLsite is able to meet a variety of needs by offering a wide range of services to its users.

Is DLsite a safe service?

It is operated by a group company of Super Major Gio Holdings, Inc!

Aisys Inc., which operates DLsite, is a group company of Geo Holdings and is one of the most reliable companies. In addition, DLsite is safe to use because it employs the same security measures asmajor shopping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten. As a result, DLsite has operated stably for over 20 years and has a reputation as a highly reliable service.

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Check user ratings!

I always use DLsite when I read doujinshi works, because DLsite gives me some kind of coupon and also gives me 10% points back for a single star. Compared to regular e-book services, however, DLsite's pages are divided by genre, so it can be a bit confusing to search and view. However, DLsite is a very user-friendly site from the user's point of view, as numerous users have posted reviews and works can be selected based on those reviews."

Steps from DLsite member registration to purchase

Step 1 User Registration

DLsite 登録方法

Click on the "User Registration" icon at the top of the DLsite page and select "Register with your e-mail address" or "Register with another service ID".

Step 2 Enter the required information

DLsite 登録方法

Next, follow the instructions on the page if you selected "Register with another service ID," or follow the e-mail you received to enter the required information if you selected "Register with e-mail address.

Step 3 Complete registration by setting up your e-mail newsletter.

After entering the required information, please select the settings to receive the e-mail newsletter. Finally, click the "Subscribe" button below to complete registration!

Step 4: Obtain a coupon and purchase the artwork

DLsite 登録方法

After completing registration, you will automatically be taken to the first screen for purchasing vouchers, so first check which vouchers are available. You can select which vouchers are available on the purchase screen, so use the voucher to save money and enjoy the artworks!

Payment Methods at DLsite

General Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Convenience store payment
  • Internet bank
  • Electronic money (PayPay, etc.)


  • Atone Next Month Payment
  • Paidy next month payment

In addition to the general payment methods, DLsite also supports the electronic payment service "PayPay". However, please note that there may be a slight time delay when using convenience store payments or net banking. In order to purchase works conveniently and smoothly, we recommend that you register a credit card; DLsite, unusually for a download site, allows you to purchase works with deferred payment. However, please note that post-payment, such as when you have used PayPay or atone in the past, may incur a transfer fee.

Point-of-purchase-only payment

DLsite also accepts point purchases from docomo payment, WebMoney, nanaco, iD, and Yahoo! e-money, and you can pay directly with docomo payment or WebMoney.

Withdrawal Method

DLsite 退会方法

To cancel your DLsite membership, first click on "Confirm/Change Registration Information" under "My Page" in the "Account" section. At the bottom of "Registration Information Settings," you will find a button that says "Withdraw from DLsite." Click this button. If you cannot find it, try searching for "DLsite withdrawal" in Google Chrome or Safari!

DLsite Masterpiece Must-see! 3 TL Manga Recommendations!

Sakaki-kun, who can't get the job done, is only capable at night.


DLsite's exclusive work "Sakaki-kun, who can't do his job, is only capable at night" is a popular TL manga that attracted a lot of attention when it was first released due to advertisements, and ranked No. 1 in the monthly ranking. This work depicts office love between junior boys, and the gap between junior Sakaki-kun and junior boys is appealing. You will definitely be thrilled by the intense bed scenes that you cannot imagine at first glance. It is recommended for those who like younger men, but also for those who expect the standard flirtatious love and development!

DLsite's exclusive work, "Work Nigai Dekinai Sakakiki-kun wa Yoru Dake no Yoru ni Mukete" is a popular TL manga that attracted a lot of attention when it was first released due to advertisements and ranked No. 1 in the monthly ranking. This work depicts office love between junior boys, and the gap between the main character and junior Sakaki-kun is very attractive. You will definitely be thrilled by the unimaginably intense bed scenes. It is recommended not only for those who like younger men, but also for those who expect flirtatious love and development!

Hajimete no Shimokatsujo - Yuruwaka Wife x Elite Husband


Hajimete no Shimokatsujo - Yuruwawa Wife x Elite Husband" is a popular doujinshi that has been downloaded more than 42,000 times as of September 2022. The author, Akinomori-san, draws not only TL manga but also BL manga, which is characterized by many scenes in which the taciturn and cool protagonist is harrassed by the main character. This work is especially recommended for those who want to see a slightly dirty relationship between a man and a woman that is not too sweet.

The Outwardly Nice Childhood Friend."


The doujinshi manga "Gaijin-no Iiyo-friend" is the latest TL work that has been downloaded more than 18,000 times in just one month since its release. The simultaneous attack by the brothers is a fascinating development that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Another highlight is the detailed illustrations and stimulating bed scenes, just like those in the Gap shoujo manga.

Koko and the Sick Uncle" series


Koko and the Sick Uncle" is one of a series of three very popular titles that will hit store shelves in June 2022. This adult-oriented TL series depicts the strange coexistence of a generous, sick uncle and a mysterious girl, Koko. The graphic erotic depictions are appealing, and while enjoying the story that unfolds throughout the series, readers can also enjoy the unusual worldview of humans and monsters. Bed scenes are also depicted, making this one of the works we recommend regardless of gender.

With DLsite, you can enjoy exclusive works without any worries!

In this issue, we have found that DLsite is a service that everyone can use with confidence. By making good use of coupons and discounts, you can enjoy the works you are looking for at a discount. You can also try out some of the manga to see what kind of manga is available.