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How to Watch Severance Online and Offline

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.22 Updated: 2023.03.22

The first season of the Severance TV series premiered on February 18, 2022, is a pitch-perfect, engaging, and immensely entertaining show, putting forth a mind-blowing concept of 'Severance'. The severance TV show is a unique and appealing concept based on the idea of mindwipe which will make you addicted to it and will compel you to watch episode after episode.

Read this full article to know everything about Severance cast, crew, plot, review, and how you can watch Severance Online and Offline.

How to Watch Severance Online and Offline

What is Severance About?

Severance Plot And Premise

Balancing between work life and personal life is always challenging. We often try out different ways to keep the balance between the two but just imagine if there is an arrangement wherein all your memories of personal life erase when you go to work and all your memories of work-life erase when you come back home every day. Sounds Interesting?

The latest talk of the town, Severance Apple TV show, has a similar plot. It is a fictional story that revolves around Mark, played by Adam Scott. Severance meaning is disconnecting and probably that's the reason that makers choose this name as a title.

The story begins with a man who is an employee of a biotechnology corporation called Lumon Industries. Mark agreed to undergo the procedure known as 'Severance' and give consent to sever his memories between his work life and personal life.

Mark acknowledges that once the 'Severance' procedure is complete, he will be unable to access his personal memories whilst at work nor will he retain work memories when he returns home at the end of the day. You can watch Severance's official trailer here. As the story moves on, Mark meets with his colleague outside the workspace. Then the two unlock the journey of digging out the truth about their mysterious job. Wanna know the full story? Why don't you watch it yourself? Read Next How to watch Severance online and offline.

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Severance Cast, Production, Music & More

Written & Created By

Dan Erickson

Directed By

Ben Stiller

Aoife McArdle

Produced by

Adam Scott

Patricia Arquette

Aoife McArdle

Amanda Overton

Gerry Robert Byrne

Production Company

Red Hour Productions, and Fifth Season

Distributed By

Apple Studios

Number of Seasons


Number of Episodes


Running Time

40 - 57 Minutes


the United States



Release Date

February 18, 2022,

Original network

Apple TV+

Picture format


HDR / Dolby Vision

Audio format

Dolby Digital

How To Watch Severance Online And Offline?

Severance was originally released on Apple TV+ but if you do not have access to Apple TV for whatever reason, still you would be able to watch the show. Let me tell you how. There are several streaming websites that can be of help. Through these websites, you can watch all the episodes of Severance online without spending a single penny.

Apple TV+

Severance was released on Apple TV+, and if you have it, you can go ahead and watch it online on Apple TV+ itself. Apple TV offers a free episode of it, so you can try to watch it for free and then decide if you want to watch it fully.

How to Watch Severance Online and Offline

If you are one of those people who love to download movies and shows, and then watch them. Or it would be a possibility that you don’t have time, and you fear that show will be removed from the platform, so you would want to download it. In that case, you can make use of MyConverters Apple TV+ Downloader which can download any movie or series including Severance from Apple TV in no time. Aided with Subtitles downloading, and batch downloading, this is one of the best downloaders out there.

So, this is how you can watch Severance offline as well.

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Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon is one of the leading OTT entertainment websites. It makes available your favorite movies, shows, and amazon originals from different channels all in one place. With an add-on subscription, you can also watch channels of your choice and content. The experience of watching severance may turn even better on the bigger screen if you would use an Amazon fire stick.

The interface of Prime Video is sleek, simple, and cultured which enables the user to quickly stream in click what they are looking for. All 9 episodes of Severance Season 01 are available on amazon prime in HD live-streaming quality. Besides Severance, there are many more interesting shows to watch. You can stream and manage all of them online for free.


To watch Severance TV show season 1 without an Apple TV+ subscription, you must browse on Fmovies. Fmovies is an ocean of Movies & TV Series to watch online for free, without any signup. The layout of the Fmovies website is so designed that anyone can easily navigate to find the desired stuff to watch.

The website hosts high-quality Hollywood movies and TV shows. There’s a separate section of Fmovies TV Shows showing all trending and top-rated shows from popular channels all over the world. You can find full episodes of your favorite TV Shows on-air to date.


Tubi is a division of Fox entertainment and is a live-streaming media entertainment platform hosting over 50,000 movies, web series, and TV shows worldwide. Plus, every day you will see a new addition of Tubi originals to keep you entertained always. The list doesn’t end here. There are 200+ local news and sports channels that update you with the happenings around you.

There are over 400 entertainment partners to make sure that viewers are getting a chance to watch always entertaining and worth spending their precious time on. At present, the service is available in the majority of countries including Canada, the US, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Australia. If you are looking for watching Severance without having to subscribe to Apple TV+, Tubi is the one that you must check out.


Severance can also be available on Vudu, which is one of the largest platforms for watching English Movies, TV Shows, and Premium Web series - all for Free. Vudu online streaming site is loved by all types of Movie addicts because from Comedy to Horror, Adventure to Sci-fi, and English to Asian Genres, you can find anything and everything entertaining here. You’re also not required to register yourself to access the website.

Talking about the layout of the website, Vudu is a breeze. On the top of the homepage, Movies are classified based on the Year of their release and Genres. When a viewer hovers the cursor over any of the movie's Posters, it’ll display the name of the movie, the year in which it was released, and Genre in which it falls. To start watching, simply click the “Play” button. On the top right side of the website, a ‘Search’ box is given to find precisely what you’re looking for without navigating the whole homepage.


MyFlixer is another alternative that allows you to watch Severance without having Apple TV+ Subscription. The website contains more than 10 thousand English movies, TV series, and Shows. MyFlixer movies collection is updated time and again to always provide the latest and trending entertaining stuff to its viewers. For watching Severance, this is another good option.

Severance Review

Starring gems like Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, and Britt Lower, the Severance TV series is psychological science fiction thriller show that won't let you take your eyes off the TV screen. The show has a total of 9 episodes directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle. All the episodes seem well synchronized and executed when it comes to direction, cinematography, story, and cast performance. Usually, if you have noticed, the thriller genre moves slower as compared to other genres but I would say this series is an exception. While watching the show, at any point in time, I never feel like thinking of any other thing apart from the story. A level of thrill and curiosity will always be there that won't let you leave your seats.

If you are bored of watching rom-com, action, and patriotic stuff, then Severance will be refreshing for you. It is a complete package of thrill, emotions, enjoyment, and the satisfaction of spending your time well. I myself love the imagination of the writer because, in the end, it is all about story and content. So, I would like to give a round of applause to the writer through the Severance review article and want to thank him for such an entertaining piece.

So definitely out of Skip or Stream choice, I would highly recommend you to stream and watch this show because it is worth watching.

Severance Critic & User Ratings

It is no wonder to know that one of the most intriguing Severance Apple TV shows is acclaimed with 14 nominations and won 2 awards at the renowned Primetime Emmy Awards in its 74th ceremony. Critics also praised the series. Considering the review aggregators, on Rotten Tomatoes, has 97% positive reviews out of 100 which is 8.5/10 in terms of ranking. Talking about the Metacritic website, it gives it 83/100. Not just that, all the daily newspapers and weekly magazines of the U.S.A. rated it with 4 and 5 stars. The Guardia rate it 5 stars, 4 stars are received by Radio Times and Rolling Stone each. Severance IMDb ratings 8.7/10 and as per the Google users' review, the show is 95% hit.


Apple TV+ is a leading American OTT platform that reserve and showcase mind-blowing movies and TV shows for years now. Severance is just another addition to this treasure. Websites that I have mentioned are some good alternatives to watching Apple TV+ content and downloading for free. However, if you are a binge-watcher, I would suggest getting a subscription which is just $6.99 per month. And Severance is an excellent entertaining thriller piece that is worth watching and paying for.