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Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.30 Updated: 2022.12.30

You might know about One Piece. If you do, that means you are an absolutely crazy fan and love anime. One Piece is a fantastic show inspired by Eiichiro Oda's manga series of the same name. The show is about a treasure troupe, it’s a group of pirates led by a boy who is known as Monkey D Luffy along with his Pirate Brothers venture out into the seas to get a powerful and breathtaking treasure called, ‘One Piece’. The entire show comes in various arcs and these arcs are distributed evenly. You can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll and even download it offline. In this write-up, I will elaborate on How you can easily download One Piece through your Crunchyroll account Offline.

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

One Piece Plot

One Piece is actually a Manga that was then later adapted as a show played on Fuji TV in the year 1999. It was produced by Toei Animation trying to recreate Eiichiro Oda’s manga masterpiece. The story process in terms of the show format was divided basically into arcs. The primary point of the story actually stands apart.

Monkey D Luffy a young boy accidentally eats a Devil Fruit which makes his body extremely rubbery and ventures out into the seas to look for the precious treasure known as ‘One Piece’.To know more about the arcs and the plot and episodes done for the arc, here’s a Crunchyroll piece written by their own writers giving you a brief background of each arc.

What Are One Piece’s Characters And Voice Cast?

Character name

Japanese Voice cast

American Voice Cast

Monkey D. Luffy

Mayumi Tanaka

Colleen Clinkenbeard

Roronoa Zoro

Kazuya Nakai

Christopher R. Sabat


Akemi Okamura

Luci Christian


Kappei Yamaguchi

Sonny Strait


Hiroaki Hirata

Eric Vale

Tony Tony Chopper

Ikue Otani

Brina Palencia

Nico Robin

Yuriko Yamaguchi

Stephanie Young


Kazuki Yao

Patrick Seitz



Ian Sinclair


Daisuke Gori & Katsuhisa Hoki

Daniel Baugh

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

Watch One Piece Offline on Crunchyroll

First of all, please keep in mind that One Piece, or for that matter any show on Crunchyroll, can be downloaded with a subscription. Certain tier plans allow you to use the download feature. This feature was not available earlier on, but now you can download a few episodes and shows off of Crunchyroll.

But that is an in-app download that you can only view within the app. You may not be able to transfer the content to other devices. Thus, downloading One Piece on your device is important so that you can transfer that to another device as well. For that, you will only have to go to Crunchyroll downloader, which will help you download One Piece or any other content from there without much hassle. The downloader is power-packed with excellent downloading options and features that make your downloading experience great.

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Crunchyroll is an amazing platform dedicated entirely to anime content. You can easily access and make sure to download the best content from the platform with the ‘Megan Fan’ and ‘Mega Annual Fan” plans. In the Mega Fan plan, you get to download some of the best titles that Crunchyroll offers. Borth these subscription tiers will cost your pocket $9.99/month for Mega Fan and $999 for the Mega Annual Fun plan. Along with One Piece, there are other shows as well that you can download, such as Dr. Stone, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and Boruto.

I would personally request that you try the free tier 14-day premium trial of the three paid plans, whichever suits you the best, before taking up a subscription for any plan. That way, you will get a rough idea about the anime titles and see for yourself since many of the anime titles are available in other mainstream on-demand streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and Disney as well.

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

Can You Watch One Piece for Free On Crunchyroll?

You can watch One Piece for free on Crunchyroll. You can always create a free account on Crunchyroll, which will be completely free. You need to just fill in the basics of your credentials and get started on accessing content. But you cannot download content from Crunchyroll for offline viewing. In order to do that, you have to either take up the Mega Plan or the Mega Annual Plan. You can avail even that also for free, but just for only 14 days. With Premium, you get a 14-day free trial, in case you want to try. You can also go all the way with the subscription by clicking on ‘skip-free trial.’

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Watch It for Free Only Online

From the plan subscription page at the bottom, you will find an option called ‘create a free account for watching’. Click that option and sign up. Access all your favorite titles.

How To Download One Piece to Watch Offline For Free On Crunchyroll?

Here, the two options that you can utilize include one for accessing a 14-day free plan for either ‘Mega Fan’ package or the ‘Mega Annual Fan’ Package. For safety just make sure to select only the monthly Mega pa.

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Get Premium Plans for free for 14 days

  • In order to access, and download One Piece for free you need to go to the Crunchyroll official website.
  • Now you will see a panel-like box for ‘free premium’ access, click on that panel.

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

  • On the premium page, move down a bit through your mouse scroller and you will see the plan page. Here there will be three options priced differently. Fan, Mega Fan, and Annual Mega Fan. You need to choose ‘start 14-day free trial’ under the Mega Fan option.

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

  • You will be asked to register your account. Fill in the details and click ‘create account’.

Crunchyroll One Piece: How To Watch One Piece Offline

  • After registering, you can log on to the Crunchyroll website. Now, Key in your payment details. Make sure to cancel it manually when the time comes, and if required place an update on the calendar.
  • Watch One Piece and download it by simply clicking the ‘down arrow download button’. You need to search for the show in the bar. Along with that amongst the results, you will see One Piece also which will have the drop-down button.

How Many Titles Will You Be Able to Download Apart From One Piece?

Some streaming platforms do have a cap on How many official anime titles you can download. But, as far as Crunchyroll is concerned. You can download any number of titles you want with both the Mega Fan and Annual Mega Fan plans. The titles can only go away from your Crunchyroll account in case the show is removed from Crunchyroll servers. Or else there is no issue as such with the titles.


Q1: Where is One Piece streaming?

You can watch One Piece in Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Apart from the conventional platforms, you can also stream One Piece anime on common on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix.

Q2: Can you read One Piece Manga online?

You can actually, Crunchyroll has their digital Manga collection that you could read. For some reason, the directory has no file as of now. You can choose any other famous blog, like 1piecemanga, to re-read the entire manga online.

Q3: How many episodes of One Piece exist?

One Piece has a total of 1,043 episodes. And a total of 9 broad arcs exist, which are subdivided into 30 arcs or story plots.


One Piece is an exceptional anime streaming on the Crunchyroll platform. In case you want to stream One Piece for free, you can do that online. For offline download and watch facility, you need to get the 14-day plan as discussed in the piece. Just make sure that if you feed your payment credentials to the premium plan page, get it canceled on the 13th day and do not wait for the 14th day.