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What Does Seinen Mean? Anime Genres Explained

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.14 Updated: 2022.07.14

Who doesn’t like some high-quality Anime? You are probably already familiar with Anime, which is a popular Japanese motion picture. But, what about Seinen? If you already don’t know what Seinen manga is, they are Japanese comics that are targeted towards young adult men.

Wait- there’s much more you need to know about Seinen. Thus, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Seinen, what it actually is, as well as a complete list of Anime Genres explained. This is not all-we are also going to tell you how and where to stream Anime Online, as well as how to download anime for offline viewing.

So, let’s begin.

What Does Seinen Mean?

Seinen means “youth” in Japanese. However, Seinen is one of the many popular genres in Japan, which is aimed primarily at the young adult male, who are usually in college.

Seinen’s majority of target audience includes young men, who can access Seinen on Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku. Seinen manga focuses on various factors, such as politics, science fiction, action, fantasy, relationships, sports, comedy, and more. Seinen is also loaded with distinct arty styles and variations in the genre and subject matter.

Some of the most popular Seinen series include 20th Century Boys, Ghost in the Shell, Initial D, Mushishi, Oh My Goddess!, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and so on.

A Complete List of Anime Genres Explained

In this section, we are going to give you a complete list of all Anime genres, along with their detailed explanation.

Here it is:

1. Shonen

If one wants to watch the best type of Anime, they consider Shonen to be the first. You’re probably familiar with Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia. Well, these are all Shonen. Now, Shonen means “for boys”, hence, this type of Anime is primarily targeted towards the male gender.

When you watch Shonen content, you can choose from a variety of subgenres, such as fantasy, science fiction, sports, horror, and so on.

2. Shoujo

This is another popular Anime genre. This type of Anime genre is comparatively wider in terms of story and plot. As Shoujo means “young girl”, this type of genre is primarily targeted at young girls. This genre usually revolves around relationships, love triangles, heartbreak, and so on.

Some of the most popular Shoujo series include Sakura, Fruits Basket, Nana, and many more.

3. Josei

This is another popular genre for girls. This popular Japanese manga is full of first crushes, secrets, friendships, love, breakups, makeups, and relationships. Josei features basically all the drama-packed content that young girls are always in for.

Here are some famous and high-quality Josei anime you must consider watching- Paradise Kiss, Princess Jellyfish, and Kids on the Slope.

4. Ecchi

Here is another popular adult Anime genre, which is particularly for adults. Ecchi itself is a flexible word, which is unusually used to describe something sexual and dirty. So, we can expect to see some sexy, naughty, and flirty content in this genre!

But wait- there’s much more you will come across. You will see various story plots that delve further into the action, drama, and betrayal of relationships and friendships.

5. Harem

What is every young boy’s dream? A girl? Well, why not six at once?

This Anime genre is basically every boy's dream come true, just in the form of Anime. In most Harem tv series, you can expect to see young adult men, who are typically between the ages 13 and 30.

6. Reverse Harem

Yes, Reverse Harem is exactly what you must be wondering. Reverse Harem is another popular Anime genre, which features a girl, having to choose one of the many men she wishes to be in a relationship with. Now, there are sub-genres you can expect to come across if we talk about Reverse Harem, such as action, drama, trauma, and so on.

Get ready to see some real eye candy characters in the Reverse Harem series! Some of the most popular Reverse Harem shows you have to watch include Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Fushigi Yuugi, and Meiji Tokyo Renka.

7. Mecha

Are you a fan of giant robots and monsters? Well, consider adding Mecha Anime to your list.

Here are some noteworthy Mecha Anime series you must consider watching right now-

Mazinger Z, Giant Robo, Darling in the FRANXX, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

8. Slice of Life

This famous Anime genre is just what the name suggests- an everyday slice of life of ordinary Anime characters living their life. In this type of Anime genre, we get to see various groups of Anime, who face different issues and problems in their life but seem to tackle them somehow.

K-On! Is a popular Slice of Life series that you must consider watching.

9. Kodomomuke

This Anime genre is specifically for all the young viewers out there. Kodonomuke features mostly kids’ and childrens’ content.

Pokemon, Hamtaro, Yo-Kai Watch, and Anglophone are some great Kodomomuke series.

Such a huge amount of Anime, let alone its genres, can be extremely overwhelming. So much Anime out there, but so little time. Where can one start watching? Fret no more. We have an article just for that, only for you.

Now, when you watch some great Anime genres, like the ones we have mentioned above, trust us, you will be left highly inspired by the artwork that Anime showcases.

Let’s just talk about the animation alone… don’t you wish to create your own Anime avatar? Well, this is totally possible.

Where to Stream Anime Online?

Want to stream some great Anime online? No problem.

In this section, we have for you great streaming services that are entirely dedicated to Anime, Manga, and other popular Japanese pictures.

Here they are:


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular streaming service platforms when it comes to Anime. In fact, it has one of the largest libraries of content available for streaming, in the form of popular movies, series, and Anime programs. Crunchyroll has more than 1000 titles and 30000 episodes in total available for streaming.


Funimation is another leading streaming service, which is one of the largest producers and distributors of Anime. On this streaming platform, you will find tons of content available for streaming, such as popular and classic shows and movies, mega-hit content, as well as titles in every genre you can think of. You’ll be astonished to know that Funimation is home to more than hundreds of titles, totaling over 15,000 hours of anime.


Who doesn’t want to watch some great Anime entirely for free? If you do too, 4Anime is entirely for you. 4Anime is a streaming service platform, which has numerous ANime titles available for streaming for free.


AnimeFlix is another high-quality streaming service that has a wide variety of Anime titles for you to stream for free. On Animeflix, you will be able to enjoy ad-free and HD Anime content.

How to download anime for offline viewing?

Downloading your desired and all-time favorite Anime from Funimation and Crunchyroll would be a great idea. Not only will it mean that you have all your favorite Anime shows and movies on your desired devices, but you will also be able to view them whenever you want, especially without the internet.

Here are some amazing Funimation and Crunchyroll downloaders to help you get started:

Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader

Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive downloader that will help you download all your favorite and most desired Anime shows and movies from Crunchyroll for offline viewing. It is able to download all your desired videos in very high audio and video quality.


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● Numerous subtitles available

● Metadata available

MyConverters Crunchyroll Downloader

MyConverters Crunchyroll Downloader will have you all sorted in order to download all your desired and favorite Anime movies and tv serials from Crunchyroll streaming services. It has numerous features to help make downloading even more easy and more swift for you. It also supports downloading services from some other platforms, such as Pornhub,, and BBCiPlayer.


● Easy to use

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● Batch Mode feature


In this article, we told you everything you needed to know about all the popular Anime genres out there.

We also told you where you can stream all these amazing Anime content, as well as how you can download them for offline viewing.