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How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.02.11 Updated: 2023.02.11

In a world filled with apps, streamers are becoming more and more abundant. In the big 5 of the streaming world, Peacock features itself in this prestigious list. Peacock is NBC's streaming app a post creation of the famous CBS Access, it houses close to 65 million user profiles surfing thousands of movies and shows to stream. But, how do we access Peacock through a small app? How to do it in your smart TVs, phones, computers, In chrome OS, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, play store, etc? I will guide you about all these aspects in this write-up. So let us start:

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

Download Peacock App On Different Devices

Peacock is available on most platforms, especially smart TVs, operating systems, and mobile OS. Among smart TVs, you get exclusive access to the Peacock app in sorted brands like Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Vizio SmartCast TV, and LG smart TV. Unfortunately, you do not have access to the Peacock app on Amazon Fire TVs and Roku smart TVs.

In this case, what you can do is simply use a Chromecast and Airplay depending on your source device and cast your phone to your TV and connect them to a similar network. You can also access Peacock on desktop OSs like Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Windows. Apart from that, you can download the app from Playstore and Apple App store and sign up create an account and watch. Peacock is available for free with ads you can stream on.

Download Peacock App On Android Devices

The Peacock app on Android devices can be accessed by downloading it from Play Store. If you have an Android phone just do the following:

  • Open your “Play Store” app on your Android phone.
  • Go to the search bar and type in “Peacock”.
  • You will need to tap on ‘download’.
  • Your app will get downloaded and also installed.
  • Now key in your sign-up details, and then log in. Then you can enjoy Peacock on your Android devices.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

Download Peacock App On Apple Devices

  • For Apple users, the Peacock app can be availed in the apple store.
  • In the search bar type in simply ‘Peacock’.
  • Now click on ‘download’ and sign in to your account and enjoy Peacock.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

In case, you have not signed up for Peacock. You can simply sign up on the apps. Just select the ‘Join Peacock’ option and then tap on ‘pick a plan’. Select your plan and then key in the basic info and you are done. Access Peacock and tune in to the best TV show there is. Peacock has a great lineup of shows, ‘The Office’ is an all-time classic there.

Download Peacock App On Smart TVs

Peacock apps in smart TVs can be accessed from their respective play stores. In LG, VIZIO you get the inbuilt app on your menu which makes it easily accessible. In case, you want to watch it on Roku or Amazon which does not support the app as of yet, you can use chrome cast, airplay for android, and Apple TVs to stream the content.

Access Peacock on Cable

Download Peacock on COX

In COX you can access Peacock in one of these connections. You can call COX’s help center/support group to request the inclusion of Peacock in your current plan. Peacock can be accessed with two boxes:

  • Contour Box with Voice Remote
  • Contour Stream Player

In case you subscribe to Peacock via COX, pay your charges via the cable network that way the charges will be sorted for records.

Download Peacock on Xfinity

You can access Peacock on Xfinity in the following set of top boxes. Make it mandatory to pay your monthly subscription fee inclusive of the Peacock subscription. There is a list of Xfinity boxes that you can get Peacock in XG1v1 (Arris), XG1v3, XG1v4, XG2v2, XiD, Xi3, Xi5, Xi6, and Flex.

Access Peacock Via Webpage

You can access Peacock on web browsers easily. It is highly optimized and works efficiently in Chrome 75+ (Windows/Mac), Firefox 88+ (Windows/Mac), MS Edge 80+ (Windows/Mac), and Safari 12+ (Mac) browsers. You can have other browsers as well but it is highly optimized in these web browsers. On the web you can access it far more easily, you just need to simply to the top left of the screen you have the ‘sign in’ option. You go there and then key in your basic details and then you are in. Access Peacock’s vast digital library of NBC’s best shows and have the best time of your life.

Sign Up On Peacock Via Browser

In case you want to sign up on Peacock via browser, just click here to open its homepage.

Now there is an option ‘Pick a Plan’ option at the center of the page.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

  • Now select a plan below of your choice, for just extra info, Peacock supports free viewing with ads. So, in case you want to sign up for free, it's possible.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

  • After selecting the plan, you simply need to key in your basic information, like email, the password you want to keep, your name, etc. In case you have a promo code you can use it to get a discount. Just key in card credentials.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

  • You can also select yearly plans in case you want that, you get two months free in that case. $49.99/year and $99.99/year.

How To Make Peacock App Download On Different Devices?

Does Peacock Only Have Content From NBC?

Yes, Peacock has content from multiple spaces, this includes TV series like “Yellowstone,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “Shrek” and “The Fast and the Furious”, etc. Peacock has some of its premieres shows as its originals as well as NBC’s content. Popular Saturday Night Live is one example. Law & Order a very loved show can also be accessed and watched.

Can You Download Peacock Movies?

There is no doubt that Peacock has the best content available on its platform which tempts users to download those movies to avail them offline which they can watch even when there is no internet connectivity. Especially, when you travel by train, network connectivity is low. That time, if you want to watch movies, only downloaded movies would help.

So the answer to the question is yes, you can download movies from Peacock with a third-party tool called MyConverters Peacock Downloader which is the best downloader online. It can download content not only from Peacock but from other OTTs as well. It has the best features that a downloader must have. Try it, and you will be able to download movies at faster speeds.

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How do I get Peacock on multiple devices?

You can access Peacock on multiple devices, it has that provision. It allows 6 profiles in a particular account. 6 profiles can access an account. However, in the case of multiple streams, it supports only three at once. This will mean if you are watching Peacock on your iPad, someone has to watch it on a PC, and the other person has another device.

Can you share Peacock from phone to TV?

Yes, you can through casting. You can use Chromecast for windows and Airplay for Mac/apple devices to Apple TV. You can cast your screen directly to your TV. The only thing to remember here is to check whether the specifications are on point allowing this exchange.

How do I share my Peacock subscription?

Since Peacock allows 3 streams in one account, it is always best to split the cost among peers right. You can create an account and share the password with 3 other people and rest you can distribute the costs evenly among yourselves. It's a great pitch in case you are a student.


Peacock is one of the Top 5 streamers of NBC's digital OTT platform, and hence it has big shoes to fill. And it does fill with free content, amazing pricing plans, and a great platform with ad/adless viewing. I have talked about all sorts of ways to view Peacock content whether shows, movies, short films, animated movies, etc. Why the wait then? Hop on and create a Peacock account and watch Peacock shows.