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How to Download RTL+ Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.22 Updated: 2022.12.22

One of the best channels to check out is RTL+ if you enjoy German television. Due to geographical restrictions, however, accessing RTL+ and downloading its contents has proven to be a bit of a challenge. But there's no reason to be concerned now that you have MyConverters RTL+ Downloader, which has been demonstrated to be highly effective.

What is RTL+?

Livestreams of RTL, VOX, and Super RTL, as well as other RTL Germany stations, are available on RTL+ (previously known as TVNOW), the company's very own streaming portal. With the launch of its first original series in 2019, TVNOW has quickly become a household name. TVNOW will become RTL+ in November 2021.

How to Download RTL+ Videos

TVNOW broadcasts live sports events from Formula 1 to German football matches during UEFA Euro 2021, in addition to game and quiz programs, documentaries, and of course, popular soap operas like Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ).

How to Use RTL+ APP?

Our RTL+ content is available across multiple platforms, including TV, online, and mobile. For those who subscribe to RTL+ Premium, Premium Duo, or Max, the RTL+ app and the RTL+ Musik app are available for streaming on a variety of devices.

Our RTL+ Video & TV app is available for download in the following app stores for the most popular mobile platforms:

  • iOS, iPad OS, and Apple TV App Store
  • Google's online store for Android devices and Android TV
  • Fire TV from Amazon
  • It includes a 2017-built Samsung smart television and much more

If you're looking for our RTL+ music app, you may get it from the following app stores:

  • iOS 14 will bring Apple's App Store to iOS devices
  • Access Google Play on your Android 5.1 device

Is RTL+ free?

In terms of premium German language programming, RTL+ is a streaming service that has proven itself. One of the main reasons you would find the site more fascinating is the variety of content it offers.

In addition, you'll have the option to enroll in a subscription plan that gives you access to a wide variety of streaming media without breaking the bank. The premium plans also come with a free trial period.

How much is RTL+?

There are three different tiers of service offered for the RTL+ streaming platform. One of the bundles is free, so you may watch all of RTL+'s shows and movies without having to commit to a paid subscription plan.

How to Download RTL+ Videos

What would the three RTL+ bundles entail?

  • You may get RTL+ for free with no commitment.
  • RTL Premium, monthly fee of $5.03
  • Getting RTL Premium Plus is only $8.05 per month.

A wide variety of TV programs, movies, periodicals, and documentaries are available to stream with the Premium package. You can watch your favorite shows up to 7 days after they originally aired. Access to over 500 formats, 13 live streams, unique content in HD resolution, and more are all included in the plans.

How to cancel free trial

After your trial ends, you'll be charged the regular monthly rate for RTL+ Premium, Premium Duo, or Premium Max. After your RTL+ Premium/Premium Duo/Max free trial ends, you must cancel your subscription. To cancel yourself is a simple matter. Just hit the "Cancel test phase" button to get started.

Instructions for Cancellation

Sign in to your RTL+ account and select Cancel test phase.

You may then give notice that you are canceling your current RTL+ Premium, Premium Duo, or Max subscription.

Your reserved RTL+ subscription will stay active for the duration of the contract.

To change your mind about canceling your RTL+ Premium/Premium Duo/Max subscription before the end of the current term, please contact customer service. Please use this link: Withdraw Cancel to complete this.

Quick info

You can't cancel your RTL+ Premium/Premium Duo/Max package from within the RTL+ app or the RTL+ Musik app if you booked it through Therefore, you will need to use to complete the cancellation.

Packages purchased through the iTunes or Amazon stores must be cancelled through those channels.

You may cancel your RTL+ Premium/Premium Duo/Max plan at any time during the trial period, and your cancellation will take effect immediately following the conclusion of the trial period.

You have 30 days after the conclusion of your trial to cancel your RTL+ Premium/Premium Duo/Max package.

It's important to keep in mind that you may still be responsible for making some payments after canceling your RTL+ plan, as the termination date doesn't have to fall on the last day of the monthly cycle. If you cancel your Premium or Max plan, it will keep running for 30 days afterward, at which point you will be billed pro rata for that time.

Do the RTL+ shows include download options for offline viewing?

If you love the shows and movies available on RTL+, downloading them from the service is one of the most novel features. There are a number of ways to get your hands on RTL+ content, but we recommend doing your research to find the most dependable third-party downloader for RTL+.

We think you'll find the MyConverters RTL downloader to be one of the most interesting and useful solutions available. The downloader is one of the best ways to get your hands on RTL+ content quickly and easily for offline viewing or archival purposes. Despite the streaming service's geographical constraints, downloading the video would still be a satisfying and convenient option for you.

Downloading high-definition videos in 1080p with AAC audio tracks would undoubtedly set you apart. In addition to the speedier download service quality, you may find the batch download option on the downloader to be an attractive feature. The downloader provides an MP4 download option, so your files may be played on just about any device. The MyConvertersRTL Downloader would stand out due to its superior audio/subtitles management.

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Closing Thoughts

Fans of German media have had good luck with RTL+ (formerly TVNow). The RTL+ should be something truly special if you're hoping to acquire one of the most promising experiences for improved German-language entertainment. The information provided above should be useful in understanding RTL+ and what to anticipate once you do.

The MyConverters RTL Downloader is an excellent choice if you want to learn how to download RTL+ programmes for offline viewing. Try it out for yourself and see if it lives up to your standards.