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How to Download Tubi Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.04 Updated: 2022.12.04

At a time when online streaming from reputable, powerful OTT platforms has been rocking the virtual entertainment world, Tubi, one of the leading American over-the-top ad-supported free online streaming services, has made an absurd mark with 40 million monthly active subscribers. Fox Corporation's Tubi TV features movies and TV shows from big studios like Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. To get the most out of Tubi TV, which is ad-supported but still free, thanks to the internet, it is important to know how to download it on various devices and how to download Tubi TV videos.

How to Download Tubi Videos: MyConverters Tubi Downloader

MyConverters Tubi Downloader is setting high notes for serious watchers who would hate to miss a single episode or scene of their favorite movies.

The experience of downloading your favorite movies offline through MyConverters download is thrilling. Now let me walk you through the downloading steps.

It's amazing to watch your favorite films offline after downloading them with MyConverters. Follow along as I explain how to complete the download.

Step 1: Choose "Tubi"

Launch MyConverters Tubi Downloader once installation is complete, and select "Tubi" from the "VIP Services" menu on the left.

How to Download Tubi Videos

The second step is to access your account.

The Tubi channel requires registration. Using the in-built browser and your credentials, you can access the channel.

How to Download Tubi Videos

Third, look for the movie you want to download.

Locate the specific video on Tubi that you wish to save. Then, MyConverters Tubi Downloader will instantly start to analyze the movie.

how to download tubi videos

Step 4: Customize the output setting.

After the analysis, MyConverters Tubi Downloader will prompt you to review the download preferences: Options for video quality, sound, subtitles, multiple downloads, and scheduling. After that, select "Download Now" or "Add to Queue" to initiate the download process immediately.

how to download tubi videos

Proceed to Step 5 and locate the videos you downloaded.

In "Downloading," under "Your Library," you'll find the Tubi videos you've selected for download.

how to download tubi videos

MyConverters Tubi Downloader
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How to Download Tubi TV on iOS

After downloading the Tubi app from the "App Store," you can stream Tubi on any of your iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, using the procedures outlined below.

Here's how to get the Tubi app on your device:

  1. First, launch the Tubi application on your iOS device.
  1. Step 2: Click "Register" on Facebook to connect your Facebook and Tubi accounts.
  1. You may also sign up via email if you like.
  1. You can sign up for a Facebook account by entering your email address and password into the site's login screen, or by using the app on your mobile device. Then, after that, click "continue" and "open." We've successfully added you as a registered user on Tubi.
  1. If you'd rather register via email, be sure to include a valid email address and a password with at least six characters. When you're done with the form, click the "Register" button.
  1. Six, you have Tubi tv installed and ready to go on your iOS device.

How to Download Tubi TV on Android

This Guide Will Teach You How to Get Tubi TV for Your Android Device

If you own an Android device, you may install the Tubi app by following the steps mentioned below.

To begin, launch the "Google Play Store" application on your Android device.

2. Download the Tubi TV app.

Three, choose "Tubi-free movies & TV" from the menu.

Fourth, navigate to the "Update" menu on your Android device, and then select it to install the most recent version of Tubi.

Assuming you have the free Tubi TV app installed on an Android smartphone, step five is complete.

How to Download Tubi TV on Firestick

The Fire TV Guide to Installing Tubi TV

The official Tubi TV app may be found on the Amazon App Store. As a result, there's no need to manually install it.

The steps to getting Tubi TV on your FireStick are as follows:

First, access the FireStick's main menu. Select the top menu by repeatedly pressing the UP button on your remote's navigation ring. Find the Search menu by looking in the top left corner.

To access the Tubi TV app, step 2 is to type the app's name. After typing in just a few letters, you should see results for Tubi TV. If it comes up in your search, select it.

how to download tubi videos

The Tubi icon should appear on the subsequent screen. You should pick that!

how to download tubi videos

Then, in the subsequent box, select Download.

how to download tubi videos

Take note that if this is the first time you're installing the software, the Get button will display instead of the Download one.

5, while the Tubi TV app is downloading to your FireStick. You shouldn't have to spend more than a minute on it.

how to download tubi videos

Once the software has been successfully downloaded and installed, the Open menu option will be accessible. To start using the app, just tap on it.

how to download tubi videos

The installation of Tubi TV on your FireStick is complete.

How to Download Tubi TV on LG TV

If you own an LG smart TV and want to start making the most of your downtime by exploring the Tubi universe, just follow the instructions below.

Start by pressing the "Home Button" on your LG TV's remote.

The LG content store will be shown off as an example.

Third, tap the "App" menu at the top of the screen.

When you select a category, a list of all the apps that fit that description will appear.

The fifth step is to click the "Tubi" icon to begin the installation process.

Once the Tubi app has been installed on your LG smart TV, you may start using it right away.

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