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How to Download myTF1 Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.10.25 Updated: 2022.10.25

MyTF1 is the online home of TF1, TMC, TFX, and TF1 Séries Films on the digital channel MyTF1 Xtra. Additionally, La Chaine Info is accessible through myTF1 via the company's news website, myTF1 News (which has become LCI since August 29, 2016). It combines a broadcaster, a news website, a video-on-demand service, and the websites for the different channels.

How to Download myTF1 Videos

What is myTF1?

By visiting myTF1, the group's website, internet users can enjoy the TF1 group's programming for nothing. Having founded and owned the video-sharing website, he did so. He made an investment in blog hosting service OverBlog.

Another function of myTF1 is an interactive forum split into many sections.

TF1 (and its subsidiary WAT) has elected to use a logo that makes use of technology developed by INA in order to combat piracy and dissemination through digital video distribution networks (such as Dailymotion). This was done to counteract these two mechanisms of diffusion. This method, which employs digital fingerprints to pinpoint the origin of films, is already being used by Canal Plus and Dailymotion 1.

Is myTF1 Free?

Replaying the channel's programming as well as exclusive video bonuses and extracts are features of the MYTF1 app, which is available for free and can be accessed by WiFi and mobile data. At least seven days a week, more than 6000 shows and 80 hours of information are made freely available online.

You can watch audiovisual content through MYTF1 MAX for free or a fee, read-only, without the possibility to save.

myTF1 Review

If you choose not to allow cookies, which is required, you cannot watch anything. These cookies exchange your information with companies situated in the US. Great! There is one less client with us.

Eight consecutive adverts, the inability to change the video quality while it is being replayed, and lack of native compatibility with 18:9 displays...

The GDPR is violated by both the requirement to sign out of data collection and the lack of Chromecast support.

How to Download myTF1 videos

How do I get myTF1 videos, you ask. You must utilize a third-party downloader in order to save your preferred myTF1 videos because it lacks a download feature. With MyConverters, using this method could not be any easier. You need to install MyConverters first. MyConverters is the perfect choice if you want to download your preferred myTF1 episodes or series and watch them offline without commercial breaks. Customers may also quickly download HD videos thanks to it.

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There are often two ways to download myTF1 videos: using the built-in browser first, and then using the URL second. You can adhere to the guidelines below:

Method 1: Download from Website

Step 1

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Launch MyConverters and go to the homepage of the built-in browser to access the myTF1 website.

Step 2

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Play the video you want to download after logging into your myTF1 account. MyConverters will then initiate an automatic analysis of it. After the analysis is complete, you can click "Download."

Method 2: Download with URL

Step 1

Launch MyConverters and select "Paste URL" from the list on the right.

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Step 2

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Copy the URL of your preferred myTF1 video and paste it. Next, alter the export settings and select "Download."

FAQs regarding myTF1

1. How do I view myTF1 on my TV?

If you don't have a myTF1 MAX subscription, your only option for watching myTF1 on your TV is through a box operator. You can access the myTF1 website or mobile app on your TV if you have a myTF1 MAX subscription.

2. Where can I locate Here It All Begins episodes?

Ici tout begin airs every day at 6:35 p.m. on TF1, and you can discover all the replays, extracts, and bonuses on myTF1 every day.

3. How can I get myTF1 replay?

In order to access the MYTF1 live stream and replay, you must sign into your myTF1 account. Chrome and Safari are suggested for use when visiting the myTF1 website. Please update your myTF1 app if you use it.

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