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How to Download All 4 Videos

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.10.24 Updated: 2022.10.24

A large portion of All 4's material is free, and the site is funded in part by advertisements. It is provided by the Channel Four Television Corporation. The service application can let you access quick, specialized support for a number of devices.

What is All 4?

The Channel Four Television Corporation provides All 4, a mostly free video-on-demand service that is supported by advertising. The service is available in both the UK and Ireland, unlike live streaming and the BBC iPlayer on-demand service, and customers in those countries are not required to obtain a TV license in order to view on-demand programs.

This service includes a range of recent programming from Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, and 4Music in addition to short films. However, some movies and television shows cannot be screened due to license restrictions. Customers couldn't access the service without first registering for a free account, though. The program is accessible under the name All 4+ and is ad-free with the payment of a monthly charge (apart from those during live streaming).

How to Download All 4 Videos

Can I download All 4 Videos?

Yes, but no. Yes, you may download all four of the videos via the official APP, but only on mobile devices. All 4 videos cannot be downloaded to your PC without a third-party downloader.

A fantastic restriction is that all four videos will stop being accessible seven days after you download them to your devices. The All 4 videos can't all be downloaded; for instance, some of them are only accessible 30 days after broadcast.

How to Download Videos from All 4 on Mobile Devices

How to Download All 4 Videos

You need to be online and connected to Wi-Fi in order to download an app on iOS. You can download an application on Android when utilizing your 3G or 4G connection, or when you're online using Wi-Fi.

1. Just follow the steps below to obtain videos from Channel 4:

2. Get the four apps from the iOS or Google Play shops.

3. Open the All 4 app, register, and sign in.

4. At this point, you can begin streaming the videos you wish.

5. Find the "Download" option and click it.

6. After downloading programs, you can watch them offline.

How to Download All 4 Videos without Limitations

As we have already mentioned, certain Channel 4 videos are restricted from downloading. All videos, even videos that can be downloaded, are still subject to a 30-day time restriction. I heartily advise using the third-party downloader, MyConverters Channel 4 downloader, to fix this problem. All of the Channel 4 videos you watch can be downloaded in high definition to your computer, where they can then be transferred in mp4 format to any of your devices.

Features of MyConverters Channel 4 Downloader

Do you want to learn how to download Channel 4's comedy, movies, documentaries, and entertainment programs? You can save videos in 1080p and AAC 2.0 with the help of MyConverters Channel 4 Downloader.

  • Download stuff in Full HD from every website you can think of.
  • Download several videos all at once.
  • Download motion pictures without ads.
  • Download MP4-compatible videos to watch on any device.
  • Disseminate updates in sync with the official streaming platforms.

Steps of Using MyConverters Channel 4 Downloader


Download and launch MyConverters.

Open Channel 4 from VIP Services.

How to Download All 4 Videos


Find the video you want to download.

How to Download All 4 Videos


Play the video you want to download, and then, you'll see the "download" pop-up window. Click the episode you want to download, and choose "Download Now", "Add to Queue" or "Cancel" according to your needs.

How to Download All 4 Videos


Find your downloading videos from "YOUR LIBRARY".

How to Download All 4 Videos

FAQs about All 4

1. How long will the downloads of the applications be available?

The majority of downloaded shows will remain available for 30 days after being broadcast.

2. How long can I watch a program that I downloaded?

Once you've finished downloading a show, you have up to 7 days to finish watching it before it vanishes from your device.

3. Why won't a downloaded program let me see it?

If a program's expiration date falls inside the time frame needed to play the complete program, you won't be able to start watching it. (In other words, if you wanted to watch an hour-long program that was set to end at 5pm, you would need to start watching before that time.)

4. Why can't I download programs from All 4?

All programs that can be downloaded will have a "DOWNLOAD" button, however not all of them can. Access to the download service is possible on iOS and Android-compatible devices. As long as your device has adequate space, you are signed in, and you have access to WiFi, you can download content if you can download the All 4 app on your iOS or Android device.

5. Why is some of your US programming unavailable for download?

Not always do all four of our programs have the same rights. The majority of programs feature a "DOWNLOAD" button, while some cannot be downloaded.


Consider downloading a few movies and TV shows if you don't always have access to a reliable internet connection so you can watch them when you have free time. Customers have always had easy access to high-quality content through MyConverters Channel 4 Downloader. You'll discover that it is straightforward and easy to use.

Watching episodes from services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and others is made much simpler with MyConverters. Additionally, there are many OTT providers like Channel 4 that provide top-notch movies and TV shows.

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