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How Long are the Harry Potter Movies? Take a Harry Potter Movie Marathon!

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.14 Updated: 2022.07.14

You are definitely a Potterhead or someone in the process of becoming one if you have stumbled upon this article. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is one of the most successful young adult movies consisting of 10 parts that have gathered over 9 billion dollars worth of revenue.

The story of the Wizard boy started in a novel that sold millions of copies, and then it was made into an enchanting set of movies that people can’t help but fall in love with the characters and the storyline.

In this article, we will talk about how long the Harry Potter movies are in chronological order.

How long are the Harry Potter movies?

Starting from the first one, we will get into a brief description of the film along with its length.

1. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone

This is the first movie of the Harry Potter series released back in 2001, four years after the novel's great success. Daniel Radcliffe, like Harry Potter, plays the character of an orphan boy who lives with his abusive aunt and uncle. When he is the right age, he comes to know about the truth of his parents, and they were great wizards! Soon after that, he receives an invitation letter from a prestigious wizarding school, Hogwarts. His journey starts with his two close companions, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. It is 152 minutes long, which equals 2 hours and 32 minutes.

2. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

This movie was released a year after the sorcerer’s stone in 2002. It focuses on Harry’s journey as a wizard in Hogwarts and his experiences with magic. Moreover, he faces challenges from Voldemort, his ultimate enemy. Any ideas about how long is the second Harry Potter movie? The chamber of secrets is 161 minutes long, which equals 2 hours and 41 minutes.

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This movie of the Harry Potter series, released in 2004, is the most acclaimed one, receiving two Oscars for the direction and execution. The story is about Harry finding a prisoner in Azkaban known as Sirius Black, who turns out to be Harry’s godfather! This twist made the whole movie extraordinary. It is 144 minutes long, equivalent to 2 hours and 22 minutes.

4. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

Released in 2005, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire showcases how Harry takes part in a tri-wizarding tournament to prove himself the best wizard of Hogwarts. During this time, he faces numerous difficulties put forward by Lord Voldemort, and at the end of the film, Voldemort declares war against all the wizards. This movie is 157 minutes long, equivalent to 2 hours and 37 minutes.

5. Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix

After two years of the Goblet of Fire, it was time for a new Harry Potter film hence Harry Potter, and the Order of Phoenix was released. The storyline of this movie was based on Harry's discovery of the powerful order of Phoenix and his faithful friends. The ministry of magic refuses to believe Harry that Voldemort is back, leading Harry to fight alone on his own. Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, passes away in this part. Order of the Phoenix is 138 minutes long, equal to 2 hours and 18 minutes.

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Released in 2009, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince has a lot going on in the storyline. With the infiltration of death eaters in Hogwarts because of Dumbledore’s close companion to Snape, who’s the half-blood prince, killing Dumbledore makes Harry feel alone. The movie is almost 153 minutes long, equivalent to 2 hours 33 minutes.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

This is the last book of the Harry Potter series, then made into two parts. Both the parts are exceptional in their direction and execution. The story mainly focuses on the relationships of the main characters, Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Their friendship does break in the middle, but when it mends, they come out as stronger than ever, ready to fight Voldemort and the death eaters. This movie is 146 minutes long, equivalent to 2 hours and 26 minutes.

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

This is the last movie of the original Harry Potter franchise that was released in 2011, depicting the war of the whole Hogwarts against the evil forces of Voldemort. The last scene where Harry and Voldemort are one to one sends chills down the spine. After facing many troubles and challenges, Harry finally wins his battle and lives happily ever after. The movie is 130 minutes long, equivalent to 2 hours and 10 minutes.

How can you take a Harry Potter movie marathon?

Sometimes on a lazy day, all you want is binge watch your old favorite shows to relive the memories and feel the nostalgia. And for a dedicated Potterhead, nothing can be better than the whole day of watching all the eight movies of the Harry Potter original franchise produced by the Warner studios.

But you must be thinking about whether or not it is possible to watch all 8 in a single day? Or how long are ALL the Harry Potter movies? Mathematically all of the parts make up to 1180 minutes (19 hours and 40 minutes), well under 24 hours of a day.

It would be an even better idea to do this marathon with your friends to see who wins! Keep the rules simple.

  • Start in the morning at 4 AM, and the expected end of the marathon would be around 11:40 PM at night. However, it may seem like a long day but definitely worth it.
  • The breaks between the movies should be as minimum as possible.
  • No fast-forwarding the movies.
  • You are allowed to skip the end movie credits taking up to 8-12 minutes in each movie. During this time, you can either take a break, stretch or refill your snack to continue with the magical marathon.

Where to stream all the Harry Potter movies online?

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How to Download all the Harry Potter movies offline?

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Best Peacock Downloaders to try in 2022

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This article is written for all the Harry Potter fans present all around the globe. We have discussed in depth each one of the film’s storylines along with its length and how you can utilize this information to binge-watch all of the eight movies in a single day. In the end, we talked about the offline downloaders that are available in the market to make life easier and more efficient.