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FlixGrab Downloader Review: Is FlixGrab Safe?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.22 Updated: 2023.03.22

With the coming of OTT and the range of streamers the audience that is fond of video content has shifted to on-demand streamers. The rise of services of the big 5 in streamers which includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Peacock has broken the ceiling in terms of content affordability and accessibility. How has the medium and the process of engagement with the content changed, but we still have no stability in terms of the existence of content?

Netflix can scrap any show at any time if the production house changes or decides to break a deal with another amazing streamer. To be sure about the existence of any video will be a tough task, however, FlixGrab Downloader acts as a breeze for you. FreeGrab’s most premium tool, FlixGrab acts as a downloader for top streamers. Let me help you to understand the tool better.

FlixGrab Downloader Review: Is FlixGrab Safe?

Download Movies and TV Shows Through FlixGrab

Are you low on data? Gone broke because of the crazy internet bill from all the streaming you are doing. Well, do not worry Flix Grab is an all-encompassing application that assists you in downloading videos from premiere platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, Youtube and Vimeo, and many others platforms.

FlixGrab understands the limitations of the internet and that having a subscription process will still require the internet. In order to save up on your ridiculous internet bills, it offers you the opportunity under a single platform to download all the streamers’ content and TV shows. The files will exist on your system even after Netflix withdraws the content from the platform.

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FlixGrab Review

Benefits of FlixGrab

FlixGrab has some amazing features and being a downloader of premium streamers, it has already marked its space away from the normal selection of apps. Let us know about it in through these pointers:

  • You can go for multiple downloads in more than one platform of any show type movies or TV shows. For example, in FlixGrap Application, you have the ability to download simultaneously a TV show from Amazon Prime as well as a movie being released recently on Netflix.
  • You can download your videos in high-end HD quality.
  • You can also control all downloadable formats and also pause, play, and resume tracks and download them.
  • You can specify sound in the best quality available as well.

Features of FlixGrab

  • The interface of FlixGrab has gone ballistic and it takes into account the reach and navigation of options.
  • Load control factors also exist in place. It means pausing and resuming downloading according to your convenience.
  • In case you have forgotten to mention the convertible format before downloading do not worry the highest optimal available for download will be considered as a default.
  • Brace yourselves since the platform also supports downloading of surround sound system of 5.1.
  • FlixGrab also supports downloading in HD video.
  • FlixGrab also supports downloading multiple videos at the same time.

FlixGrab Downloader Review: Is FlixGrab Safe?

How Does FlixGrab Works?

One can choose FlixGrab because it precisely makes sure that the download happens at all costs. The process of downloading from a pertinent and also reputed streamer won’t be that hard. The use of the application is simple, sleek, and short


  • Go to any streamer of your choice Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Youtube.
  • Login to the premium streamer, in the case of youtube login, is not required.
  • Search for the video of your choice from the File directory.
  • Go to the address bar and copy the URL present in the address bar.
  • Now open the FlixGrab application.
  • Move to the streamer window and the section that’s there.
  • You need to paste the URL and after that, you need to click ‘download’.
  • The file will be restored back to your PC.

Is FlixGrab Free?

There is no concept of FlixGrb premium. FlixGrab is actually free of cost. A person however has the ability to make frequent copies of the software and engage in distribution and exchange. FlixGrab is a very important and pertinent web portal and tool. It bars people to share copyrighted content however you can access it regardless but you cannot give it to another person. The supportable OS is Windows 7 SP1 and later.

Is FlixGrab Safe?

In short answer terms ‘yes’. The platform is legitimate and lets users download videos and other media including audio from premier platforms. It has a marketing and trading license for it. Apart from the customer reviews that often act as a verdict for credibility. There is a scam adviser website that tracks any malpractices in websites. For FlixGrab the trust score is 100/100. You can check the results here.

According to Scamster, the stand-alone aspects they got to know about the website are that they did a thorough search on 40 reviewing platforms. Traced FlixGrab’s server and even tried tracing affiliate websites on the same server. There were so many websites that existed where the information was extracted and put to good use. Let us know about each security issue that FlixGrab as a tool of FreeGrab completes.

  • Positive reviews on many websites especially Tech websites, and well-known blogs.
  • The SSL check however states that it's safe.
  • TrendMicro a trusting tool for websites deems FlixGrab as harmless.
  • DNSFilter also did not find anything.
  • Flashstart is a tool that looks for malware and phishing probabilities on a website, it did not find any on FlixGrab.
  • The only drawback that’s seen in multiple scams verifiability-enabled websites or portals is that they have complained about the anonymity of the admin of the application and lack of solid customer flow for the product.

FlixGrab+ is another application within the umbrella of FreeGrab that acts as a Netflix Download. The portal and the tool exist to give a profound cinematic experience to the viewer. from more precise and specialized Netflix content.

The Best Alternative of FlixGrab? MyConverters

Although FlixGrab is a great downloader, you always need to have some of the backup tools lists which you can use when FlixGrab doesn’t work for you for some reason. MyConverters is a great place to find out the individual downloader tools for Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and other OTTs. The downloader has the best features that help you download the video in HD quality quickly, and the best thing is you can download subtitles as well.

MyConverters Video Downloader
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  • Download Your Favorite Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with MyConverters Video Downloader
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
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MyConverter is not just an alternative to FlixGrab but in fact, better than FlixGrab.


What are alternatives to FlixGrab?

There are many which can be used in place of this software like AnyStreams, StreamFab, MyConverters etc.

Are there any more FlixGrab products?

Yes, you have a FlixGrab music app that assists in streaming the videos but also provides them with conversion to music.

What is FlixGrab for Windows 7?

FlixGrab can be downloaded if you have an OS like Windows 7 even FlixGrab on Mac is the same.


As content streaming platforms expand, there is a growing need to access streamers without the internet. FlixGrab and its components equip you with the tools that are needed to make that happen. Its tool listing and all-in-one FlixGrab a subsidiary of FreeGrab is the solution to access content for a lifetime without internet limited access.