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[2022] Let's look at the order of the "Wild Speed" series in chronological order! Summary and Commentary

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.09.15 Updated: 2022.09.15

The " Wild Speed" series has become an extremely popular series with a string of hit films, with the total of nine films surpassing 500 billion yen in worldwide box-office revenue. The series has gained popularity among a wide range of viewers for its diverse elements, including not only action scenes with cars, but also family (companion) bonding, music, and authentic battle scenes between the actors. !

When looking at the Weissi series in the order of their release, the timeline differs slightly. For this reason, those wishing to cover the Weissi series are advised to view them in chronological order.

This article explains why the order of release and timeline of "Wild Speed" are different in the first place, as well as a synopsis and highlights of all 10 films in the series!

The "Wild Speed" series in chronological order

The "Wild Speed" series differs in chronological order and publication order. We recommend viewing all films in chronological order!

Fast & Furious X3 TOKYO DRIFT released in 2006, followed chronologically by Furious & Furious EURO MISSION released in 2013.

Why such a complicated order? We explain the reasons as well.

For Beginners] Chronological list of all 9 films in the "Wild Speed" series

The Fast and Furious series is organized chronologically as follows The third film, TOKYO DRIFT, is the sixth film in the chronological order.

The third film was produced with a cast and content unrelated to the first and second films. When viewed in the order of their release, it is as if a completely different film suddenly began. Thus, the most enjoyable way to view them is to follow the story in chronological order.

  1. Wild Speed (2001)
  2. Wild Speed X2 (2003)
  3. Wild Speed MAX (2009)
  4. Wild Speed MEGA MAX (2011)
  5. wild speed euro mission (2013)
  6. fast and furious x3 tokyo drift (2006)
  7. wild speed heavenly mission (2015)
  8. Wild Speed ICE BREAK (2017)
  9. wild speed / jet break (2021)

Order to watch all the films.

Next, we would like to share all videos related to the Fast and Furious series! This is a command for enthusiasts to do so. Although not directly related to the main feature film, they depict the world of WASPY.

  1. Wild - Speed (2001)
  2. Prelude (2001)
  3. Wild Speed X2 (2003)
  4. Los Bandoleros (2009)
  5. Wild Speed MAX (2009)
  6. Wild Speed Mega Max (2011)
  7. Wild Speed EURO MISSION (2013)
  8. Wild Speed X3 TOKYO DRIFT (2006)
  9. Wild Speed SKY MISSION (2015)
  10. Wild Speed ICE BREAK (2017)
  11. wild speed / super combo (2019)
  12. Wild - Speed / Spy Racer (2019)
  13. Wild - Speed / Jet Break (2021)

Honestly, I think the animated movie Spy Racer is a bit boring because the atmosphere is so different from the Wyspi series that it would be better to separate it from it. This is a Netflix original so if you have Netflix I would recommend watching it as there was no harm in watching it.

Why did the release order and timeline change?

Various reasons have been floated, including the absence of the actors from the first and second films due to a relationship with the film production company, but there has been no official announcement from the production team.

One theory is that the "Wild Speed" series could not cast famous actors as in the first and second films due to economic reasons at the time. As a result, "Wild Speed TOKYO DRIFT," with a script and cast unrelated to the first and second films, became unpopular.

However, some believe that the timeline was changed for the production of "Wild Speed MAX" because Han (Sankan), who was very popular in "Wild Speed TOKYO DRIFT," died at the end of the film and the film was about the period in which he lived.

At the end of the film, Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto, one of the main characters, makes a cameo appearance, hinting at his connection to Han and subtly connecting the series. Perhaps this is because lead actor Vin Diesel wanted to make more films in the Riddick series and took over the rights to Riddick as a guest honorary from production company Universal. A new entry in the Riddick series was released in 2013.

It is believed that a combination of these minor reasons led to the reversal of the timeline and order of publication.

[Latest in 2022] Summary of all 10 films in the Waipi series and highlights

Let's take a look at all 10 games in the Wild Speed series, one at a time, in chronological order.

1. Wild Speed" (2001)

This film tells the story of how Brian joined the Waipi family. And don't miss his meeting with Mia!


In Los Angeles, truck thefts of electronic equipment were common. Taking the situation seriously, the LAPD sends police officer Brian O'Connor undercover into the world of street racing to catch Dominic Tollett.

But while working undercover, Brian becomes fascinated with the world of street racing. It's time to decide whether your allegiance lies with street racers or the police .


This first film in the series is where it all began. It was released in 2001, which means that the movie is almost 20 years old, so you can feel the era in the images and editing, as well as the meeting of Brian, Dom, Mia, and Letty, who have become a family. , is essential with regard to the Wyspi series. It is interesting to see how their friendship began!

Of course, the Wyspi is a car, right? Since it was filmed 20 years ago, many popular models that are now legendary appear in the series. Look out for the cars customized for each character.

2. Wild Speed X2" (2003)

The highlight is Brian's driving technique! The scene where he drives at breakneck speed and stares at Mia in the passenger seat will delight any Weiss fan.


Street racing is very popular among the youth of Florida, and after being fired from the LAPD, Brian becomes obsessed with the illegal world of street racing. The police show up and Brian is arrested. After the FBI discovers that he is an ex-cop, they have Brian help them arrest a felon involved in drug trafficking.

Brian chooses Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson), whom he arrested as a police officer, as his partner to help him escape arrest by an international drug ring.


You will fully enjoy the combination of Brian and Roman in the second episode of the series, which marks the first appearance of the feisty Roman and Tez (Ludacris), who becomes a member of the family. The highlight of the film is the light-hearted dialogue between the two, which somehow harmonizes beautifully. Compared to the previous episode, there are more powerful action scenes, so even those who don't like cars can enjoy the film.

And the street race scene at the beginning of the film, as well as the race scenes that appear several times in the film, Brian's driving technique, Romain's driving technique, and the Florida Racer's car are all highlights! Especially Sookie's (Devon Aoki) pink car and all the cars she designed are amazing. Look at the body design!

3. Wild Speed MAX" (2009)

Particularly interesting human drama about how Dominic and Brian became a "real" family! It boasts a strong following among WASPy fans.


Brian, who has returned to the police force and risen to the rank of FBI agent after a series of successful busts of drug traffickers, and Dominic, who has been unable to stay away from crime and continues to commit crimes as the leader of a gang of robbers. Latin American country. The police are closing in on Dominic and his friends, and Dominic, not wanting to put his friends in danger, announces the dissolution of the gang and disappears from the sight of his girlfriend Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez).

After learning that Letty has been murdered, Dominic and Brian reunite in search of the killer. Dominic decides to take down Letty's enemies himself, while Brian wants the police to solve the problem. Who will catch the killer?


This piece shows the new members gradually joining the family. Core members such as Dominic, Brian, and Mia (Jordana Brewster) are back after a long absence. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker make a great combination!

While the Fast and Furious series has focused on car racing and automobiles in the past, it is also worth noting that the focus has shifted from that time to the story. You will enjoy the content as well as the visuals.

The development of filming technology has increased the number of flashy and powerful action scenes, and you will definitely enjoy the gasoline theft action scenes at first.

4. Wild Speed MEGA MAX" (2011)

The strongest (scariest!) The cops of "Wild Speed MEGA MAX" will not appear in the future as they did in the days of Hobbs... but at that time... now I think it is the No.1 interesting film!


The film takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brian and his friends-turned-criminals are reunited with their former friend Vince (Matt Schultz). At Vince's invitation, he helps them steal a car impounded by the DEA, but due to a betrayal by Vince's associates, Brian and Dominic are charged with murdering a narc in a shootout.

Vince's friends are after the IC chip found in the car Dominic and the others stole, which contains information about Don Hernán Reyes' (Joaquim de Almeida) black money in the Brazilian underworld. As a last resort, Dominic and his friends plan to steal black money.

In the meantime, the U. Diplomatic Security Service called in a brilliant agent, Hobbes (Dwayne Johnson), to arrest Dominic and the others. Can Dominic and the others steal the black money?


As the series progresses, the actors' stunts become more powerful, as well as the car action, adding depth to the Fast and Furious series' plots. And the culmination of this work is to bring together friends old and new.

In particular, Gal Gadot, whom we met in the previous film as Giselle, is a beauty who won Miss Israel 2004. She is not only beautiful, but also a great driver. Also, I hope you'll take note of how cool she looks riding and fighting on that motorcycle!

5. Wild Speed EURO MISSION" (2013)

Letty is coming back! Still, the love that embraces him without giving up will bring tears to your eyes. It is true.


The setting is London, England. Dominic, who managed to steal 100 million dollars in the previous film, was living a life of freedom. At that time, there was an attack in Moscow. The culprits were a criminal organization led by former British Special Forces officer Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

Hobbes, the FBI agent pursuing Shaw, asks Dominic to help in the investigation, saying that Dominic's ex-girlfriend Letty Ortez (Michelle Rodriguez) may have been involved.

Therefore, Dominic gathers his usual friends and decides to cooperate with Hobbes.


Look out for the unexpected vehicles Shaw uses in this film! You can enjoy thrilling car chases in various vehicles as well as action scenes.

And in the scene where Dom is talking to Letty about the past, you can feel Dom's strong desire to bring back her memory to Letty, who has lost her memory. You can't help but shed a tear for these two who seem to have a connection in car racing.

6. Wild Speed X3 TOKYO DRIFT" (2006)

As a non-WASPy fan in Japan, this is a must-see. However, it is also the #1 movie to skip because of its old background.


Sean (Lucas Black) is a high school boy in Arizona who loves car racing. After moving to Tokyo to live with his father's family, Sean challenges Takashi (Brian Tee), aka the Drift King, to a car race.

After moving to Tokyo, Sean first learned about drifting and was strongly attracted to it and wanted to learn. At this point, we expect Han to provide special drifting training based on Sean's driving technique.

Sean and Takashi's adversarial relationship becomes more and more murky, involving Kamata, the gang leader and Takashi's uncle, and Neela (Nathalie Kelley), Takashi's childhood friend. What will happen to Sean and Han?


This third film in the series, which has been reordered, is the lowest rated film in the Wild Speed series. Yet, it is set in Tokyo, making it a must-see for Japanese audiences! The car chases that take place in Shibuya and Tokyo parking lots are sure to make you nervous just watching them.

It is also a must-see for the many Japanese actors who appear in the film. Keiko Kitagawa, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Shinichi Chiba, Shoko Nakagawa, and other Japanese actors appear here and there. Be careful, you'll miss them if you're not careful!

You may be surprised to see that the footage gets old all at once here in chronological order, but this episode shows what Han, who has been active so far, was doing in Japan. Don't miss the popular character Han in action.

7. Wild Speed SKY MISSION (2015)

This film drew so much water out of the Vice Spy fans that I'm still crying as I write it. I remember the moment the credits rolled for "See You Agin," a range of emotions hit me and I couldn't leave the theater .


One day, while Dominic and his friends are having a family reunion, a bomb arrives and blows up their house. Someone enters the State Department, where Hobbes works, and a fierce firefight with Hobbes ensues, but Hobbes escapes and is seriously wounded. Han was also killed in Tokyo in what was made to look like an accident. It was all revenge by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) against his brothers who were overthrown by Dominic and others.

Around this time, Ramsay (Nathalie Emmanuel), a genius hacker who developed the software "God's Eye" that can find anyone, is kidnapped. Later, a mysterious collaborator, Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), shows up and offers to use "God's Eye" to find Shaw if he saves Ramsey.


The action gets bolder, the story gets deeper in the Wild Speed series. As the movie's title suggests, there are plenty of can't-miss scenes, including flying cars and beautiful images of Dubai.

Paul Walker, who played the main character Brian, was killed in a private car accident during filming. The remaining scenes were filmed by his two brothers instead. The film, which is also his last work, does not end without tears. Aside from the family ties in the film, the actors are also longtime friends who have made the film and you can feel that they are cherished as if they were real family.

From Dom's lines in the film to the memorial video at the end, this film is filled with love for Paul Walker. I'd go as far as to say this is the best film in the series!

8. Wild Speed ICE BREAK (2017)

A film that has betrayed me time and again, but nothing beats the family bond! Thought-provoking Cipher... the name makes it sound strong...


After many battles, Dominic came to Cuba for his honeymoon with Letty. There Dom meets a woman named Cypher (Charlize Theron). Cipher shows Dominic a picture and invites him to go with her.

Meanwhile, Hobbs receives a request to recover weapons of mass destruction stolen by an opposition armed group in Berlin. Hobbs appears to be successful in retrieving it with Dominique and the others, but Dominique betrays him and goes to Cipher. Hobbs is arrested and, with the help of Mr. Nobody, works with Deckard Shaw to stop Dominic.

Why does Dominic betray his friends and can Hobbes and his team recover the weapons of mass destruction? The bitter battle begins.


After losing the main character, Brian, in the previous film, I was wondering what would happen to the Wild Speed series, but this action film does not disappoint fans and is thoroughly enjoyable. The action scene at the beginning, where a steel ball falls onto the ice, is a sight to behold! Although footage of the filming was leaked before its release, the sheer size of the scene and the way the cars fall one after another from the buildings became the talk of the town.

The run-in with the powerful enemy Cipher, who cuts off the family ties that have been built up until now, is a very interesting film with a storyline. And a bond that grows even stronger, pride as a family. I also feel warmth in the scenes that remind me of Brian.

9. Wild Speed: Jet Break" (2021)

Anyway, I wasn't expecting Han to be back, so I was too thrilled...


The story takes place 5 years after the previous film "Wild Speed ICE BREAK". Dominic, Letty, and their son Brian are leading busy but quiet lives.

One day, however, Brian is kidnapped by someone. After chasing the kidnapper, the kidnapper there is Dominic's brother Jacob (John Cena). He is now under the command of Cipher, who once confronted Dominic, and attacks Dominic's friends one after another. ......


This film was scheduled to be released in Japan on May 29, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the release was postponed to April 2021. In early March, ahead of the release, Vin Diesel and the rest of the production team took to social networking sites to say, "This is the time we need the film. There are no plans to postpone." However, since the Vaisey series is particularly popular in China, it was probably decided to postpone the release by about 10 months.

First appearance of Dominic's brother Jacob. So far, only Dominic and his father's past has been revealed, so this film may tell us something about his past with Jacob.

In addition, what caused a stir for many with the announcement was Han's reappearance. A very curious point as to how he lived after supposedly dying in TOKYO DRIFT!

Wild Speed Series Extravaganza Synopsis and Highlights

Next up are the spin-off series that have been produced independently of the main Wild Speed series as chronological films. Four have been released so far, with Fast and Furious: Super Combo hinting at a sequel in the works.

1. "The Turbo Charged Prelude

The content is many times richer than Weispi 9," says one die-hard fan. Please watch this short 6-minute film.


A six-minute short film containing the continuation of the first part of the Waipi series without dialogue. This film was included as a special feature in the DVD and Blu-ray editions.

The story is about Brian, who is chased by the Los Angeles Police Department because he misses Dominic and flees to Miami to try his hand at auto racing.


It's refreshing to see Brian's flexibility and looks while breaking up the police force! Also, many of the cars in this film, like the Mitsubishi, are a bit nostalgic, so this is a great film to watch for car seekers.

There's no dialogue whatsoever, so I suggest watching it after you've seen the first Wild Speed film!

2. "Los Bandoleros" (2009)

This film is available only on DVD & Blu-ray. It is the story that connects the second and third films.


A 20-minute short film produced as a prequel to Wild Speed MAX, the third installment of the Wyspi series. Directed and written by Vin Diesel.

Dominic stayed in the Dominican Republic with Letty to avoid being wanted in the United States. As they go about their days leisurely and peacefully, their friends Han, Leo, and Santos join them and the family is rebuilt . Later, they plan to steal an oil tank.


A laid-back atmosphere unlike any other in the series. Rare to see Letty and Dominic in a lovey-dovey scene!

Chronologically, this film is Han's first appearance in the series.

3. Wild Speed: Super Combo (2019)

Yes, we couldn't hide our surprise that the two are dating! Action! Action!!! Action anyway!!! It's also a movie that explodes with suspense.


Deckard Shaw and Hobbes are asked by the government to protect Shaw's sister, MI6 agent Hattie (Vanessa Kirby), and obtain a viral weapon that can wipe out half of humanity. Hattie had injected herself with the virus to protect it from a terrorist organization. Suddenly he is attacked by the cyborg-like superhero Blixon (Idris Elba) and disappears.

The two reluctantly decide to work together to save Hattie from Brixon's scientific terrorist organization, Etion, and to recover the viral weapon, but they are forced to fight Brixon. He manages to protect Hattie, but her body is found to be infected with a virus that eventually spreads throughout the world. Can Deckard and Hobbes save and protect Hattie?


This film is a spin-off of the Wild and Furious series. The tag team of Dwayne Johnson, a former professional wrestler with great muscles and the coolest (Jason Statham) in the fight scene, deserves attention. With Brixon and Hattie as strong as these two, you won't want to take your eyes off the fighting action!

And, watching this film, which reveals Hobbs and Shaw's family and past that was not revealed in the film, will deepen your love for the Wild Speed series and make it even more enjoyable. The bond between them and their family love is also remarkable.

4. "Wild Speed / Spy Racer


A children's animated film that incorporates the world of Wild Speed. Originally produced by Netflix, DreamWorks (of Shrek fame) was involved in the production.

It is not an auto-action film, but a children's film with a strong spy element.


This film surprised the world with an unexpected animated version of the Wyspy series! The main character is a child. So if you have children, you may want to watch it with them.

Although the reputation is not so good, it is a boring story because the world view of Wyspy is properly inherited.

The " Wild Speed" series in order, explained in summary! What services are available to watch it?

Fast and Furious is one of the most popular series in the world. Whether you're already obsessed with it or you missed it, watching it in chronological order will definitely make it even more enjoyable!

Not only will the synopsis and story continue to evolve as the story progresses, but you'll enjoy it many times more if you pay attention to the entire series and its detailed setup!

Keep an eye on the Fast and Furious series as the finale is just minutes away.

List of services where you can watch "Wild Speed" series

If you want to download videos from these distribution services, we recommend MyConverters.