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[2023 Solved] How to Download Fanza to MP4 for Free Offline Viewing?

Betty Powell | Editor
Published: 2023.09.20 Updated: 2023.09.20

Have you ever desired to download content from FANZA, the esteemed Japanese adult portal site formerly known as DMM.R18? Titled as one of Japan’s largest adult video sites, FANZA commands such authority that subscribing to its services negates the necessity for any other adult video platform.


To immerse yourself in the captivating universe of FANZA, where an extensive library of adult content awaits your discovery, a safe fownload feature is neccessary. In this comprehensive guide, we aim to present an effortless approach to downloading FANZA content in MP4 without the need for conversion. With the dedicated technique introduced in this post, acquiring your desired MP4 videos from FANZA will be a seamless and gratifying experience.

Now, follow this post, to explore the possibilities and enjoy an uninhibited streaming journey on FANZA with MyConverters. And since you're here, you may also interested in the way to remove DRM protection posed on some FANZA videos. If you want to download content from other porn websites like Pornhub, you may check the top 5 Pornhub downloader review.

What is FANZA?

FANZA, previously known as DMM.R18, is a Japanese pornographic e-commerce website that affiliates to FANZA stands as a prominent online video platform renowned for its vast collection of popular adult content spanning a wide spectrum of genres, all available for streaming.

FANZA is easy-to-navigate. With a convenient table of contents on the left side of the webpage, organizing the contents into genres of personal interest becomes remarkably simple, enabling a tailored streaming experience for each user. These sections include game, manga, magazine, TV shows and so on. You can always find something to like in FANZA.

fanza discount

Although you can only watch FANZA content when you buy an exact video or subscribe to its monthly plan, you can try the free trial for 3 months as a new subscriber. What's more, there are always discount activities and FANZA coupons available.

While indulging in seamless video enjoyment, there may arise instances when you yearn to access your favorite content offline. Fortunately, FANZA offers official download feature for its users, but these videos are downloaded in DRM protection, so that you can't watch them on any device you like.

However, downloading videos in the versatile MP4 format grants you the freedom to watch them at any time, regardless of your internet connection. This article delves into the reason why you should download FANZA videos in MP4 format on your computer and one effective way to help you enjoy your favorite FANZA shows without any restriction.

Why Should You Download FANZA Videos in MP4?


As mentioned before, to access the captivating world of FANZA, a monthly fee is required, along with a stable internet connection. While an official download function is available, certain limitations are also posed on viewing and downloading.

The prerequisites demand users to maintain a constant internet connection and employ a designated playback player named DMM Player v2. for offline consumption, making true offline viewing a slightly elusive endeavor. The following is the requirement of downloading the player designed for FANZA:

  • Supported OS:
    • Windows 8.1/10/11 (version 1903 or higher)
    • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • CPU:
    • Windows: compatible with the operating conditions of your Windows OS
    • Mac: Intel Core i series processors and M1 Macs
  • RAM: At least 4GB

It should be noted that, if you've purchase a single video, you can download and watch it permanently. But if you are a subscriber to FANZA monthly plan, which is also the most high cost-effective plan, you can only watch your downloaded FANZA videos within your subscription period because of the DRM protection.

It's impossible for you to transfer your favorite FANZA videos to your computer or bigger screens such as console or TV using the official download feature. But don't worry! To ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience, you can still bypass all these time/storage/subscription limits if you use a third-party software to download FANZA to MP4. And that's the reason why most people choose MyConverters to help them download DMM FANZA videos.

How to Download FANZA Videos in MP4?

Although FANZA doesn't offer official download function to download FANZA porn in MP4, a safe FANZA downloader MyConverters can. What's more, you can even get DMM.R18 videos downloaded free of charge if you can take advantage of the free trial offer by both FANZA and MyConverts.

Tool Required: MyConverters

download fanza videos

What is MyConverters? It's a powerful and versatile downloader designed for both Mac and Windows users. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, MyConverters empowers video enthusiasts to elevate their viewing experience to the next level. Let’s explore the exceptional features that make MyConverters an indispensable tool for streaming aficionados:

  • Enhanced Video Quality

Experience the magic of Hulu movies in breathtaking resolution of 1080p and even up tio 4/8K with MyConverters. Prepare to be captivated by every frame as MyConverters presents high-definition videos with super-resolution, bringing you closer to the action.

  • Efficient Batch Downloads

Save time and effort with the batch download functionality of MyConverters. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading videos one by one. MyConverters allows you to initiate batch downloads, enabling you to effortlessly grab multiple videos simultaneously.

  • Improved Format Compatibility

Ever encountered the frustration of downloaded videos not playing well on your devices due to format compatibility issues? MyConverters has got you covered. Our FANZA video downloader automatically saves your downloaded videos in widely compatible MP4/MKV formats. Enjoy hassle-free playback on practically any device, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

  • Multilingual Audio and Subtitles

Language should never be a barrier to enjoying your favorite content. MyConverters recognizes that access to various audio tracks and subtitles enhances the streaming experience. With the downloader, you can handpick audio tracks and subtitles in your preferred language. Choose from a wide range of UI languages, including English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文, and more. Expand your global viewing experience with ease.

  • Unrestricted Access to OTT Platforms

MyConverters opens up a world of possibilities beyond just FANZA. For only $19.9 a month, you gain exclusive access to download movies from all major OTT (over-the-top) platforms, all without ads. By utilizing MyConverters, you can save approximately $90 per month by avoiding the need to resubscribe to individual platforms.

  • Global OTT Support

MyConverters caters to the diverse streaming needs of users around the world. In addition to popular platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO, our downloader enables users in various countries to download content from different OTT services. Whether it's Abema and DMM in Japan, RLT+ in Germany, myCanal in France, or DAZN in Italy, MyConverters has you covered.

Detailed Steps to Get FANZA Videos in MP4

  • Step 1. Download and install FANZA on your Mac/Windows computer

You can visit the official website of MyConverters or just click on the following download buttons to get access to the installation package.

  • Step 2. Get access to FANZA using the build-in browser

Navigate to Adult Services and click "FANZA" to login your FANZA account.

download fanza to mp4

  • Step 3. Customize your download settings

Play the video you want to download, and MyConverters will analyze the URL automatically.

download fanza to mp4

Then a pop-up will follow for you to customize your download settings. You may upgrade your MyConverters subscription starting from $19.9/mo. to get more customizable setting options.

download fanza to mp4

  • Step 4. Begin to download

When the settings are done, you can click "Download Now" to start the downloading process.

download fanza to mp4

  • Step 5. Check the download process

You can check the download process by clicking "Downloading". And the video will be prepared in no time.

download fanza to mp4


This article covers the basic info of FANZA, the reason why you need to download MP4 FANZA videos and the most important, how to download FANZA to MP4. A versatile and cost-effective tool is introduced — MyConverters. Now, seize control of your streaming experience with this downloader. Download, enjoy, and explore a world of FANZA porn, all while saving time and money. Delve into high-quality FANZA films, broaden your horizons with multilingual audio and subtitles, and unleash your access to diverse FANZA shows, enjoying them anytime, anywhere with the least cost.


Q1. Is it safe to use MyConverters?

A1. Yes, MyConverter Downloader is a trustworthy and secure tool. It places a high emphasis on user safety and employs advanced security features, such as robust encryption and security protocols. MyConverters never steal the personal information of the users for other purpose than downloading videos. For the utmost safety, it is advisable to obtain MyConverter Downloader from the official website.

Q2. Where can I find my downloaded FANZA videos on computer?

A2. The downloaded FANZA videos will be saved in MP4 format in the local folder on your compuuter. You can navigate to the hamburger menu from the top right corner of MyConverter, and select Settings>>General>>Output Directory to check or change the exact path.

Q3. Why can't I download FANZA videos with StreamGaGa?

A3. Firstly, please make sure that you've logged into your FANZA account using the build-in browser of MyConverter, and you can play the video you want to download. If you are using the free version of MyConverters, please check if the download opportunities for 3 times have been used up. If so, you can subscribe to MyConverter starting from $19.9/mo. to add your download quota.