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Insignia TV Review - Is Insignia a Good Brand

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.07 Updated: 2022.07.07

A lot of people are switching to smart TVs and that’s because smart TVs are built to offer a whole lot of easiness and tech features. But with the many smart TV brands out there in the market, it becomes a bit challenging to pick the best smart TV brand with the most reliable TV models.

There's Samsung, LG, Vizio, and even Roku smart TV, and then there's Insignia TVs - a brand owned by Best Buy. Insignia TVs are affordable and their display quality is decent - acceptable. If you're on a budget, you'd find a better Insignia TV within your budget. Here's a more detailed review of the brand and its smart TV models.

Is Insignia a Good Brand?

Insignia is a US TV brand owned by Best Buy (one of the most popular global retail giants). There are many TV models produced by this brand, and it has a TV in the various categories you may want to place new, modern TVs, including 4K TVs. The Insignia brand is remarkable for offering budget-friendly TVs with decent specs.

You'd find small-screen Insignia TVs (32 - 45-inch screen size), as well as big-screen Insignia TVs (up to 70-inch screen size). Different Insignia TV ranges come with different offerings; for example, the brand has HD TVs, UHD TVs, and 4K TVs with up to 120Hz refresh rate. Insignia also has a "Roku-Powered" TV line with cut-rate prices.

However, truth be told, most Insignia TVs have poor contrast compared with some alternative TVs you could within their specific price ranges. The poor contrast seems to be endemic with the brand's 4K TV series, which are sold at "very cheap" prices. You could guess that they are cheap because they have a seemingly poor display.

Insignia TVs are available on Best Buy and Amazon; those are typically the two places you can buy the TV. You could get a great deal on either of these stores.

Insignia TV Review

Insignia TV Review - Is Insignia a Good Brand.edited

Well, Insignia TVs are good, but not as good as LG, Sony, Samsung, TCL, and other top brands. It’s guessable the brand offers cheaper TVs, so basically, you shouldn’t expect the output (display) quality to match that of other models from top brands. However, this does not mean that you won’t enjoy using an Insignia TV model.

Insignia has TVs with 4K resolution quality and 120Hz refresh rate - that is pretty cool, and more like you want it! Mostly, Insignia TVs feature on Deals Days and Flash Sales events, where you can buy them at unimaginable cheap prices. One of the most noteworthy features of Insignia TVs is support for Amazon Fire TV; this support is actually not available for all models.

Insignia Amazon Fire TV Edition

The Amazon Fire TV Edition sets come with an Amazon Alexa-enabled remote control, which typically has dedicated buttons for Prime Video and Netflix streaming services. This Insignia TV series also allows you to access pretty many streaming apps so you can enjoy on-demand movies and shows. There are many models produced in this series - all available at good, affordable prices.

Insignia HD TV Series

Insignia also produced HD TVs of various screen sizes and features. HD TV models from Insignia come with a 720p resolution display, which you may consider a poor resolution. The smallest TV size in this series is the 19-inch NS-19D310NA21, which goes for just $80.

More so, this series has TVs with up to 40-inch screen sizes, featuring LED display and a few digital connection ports for your devices. Some 40-inch Insignia HD TVs come with up to 3 HDMI ports, which is pretty attractive and "awesome."

Insignia 4K TVs

Now, this is the highest tier offered by the Insignia TV brand. The 4K TVs from Insignia are pretty advanced, packed with cutting-edge features, higher resolution quality, better refresh rate, and many others. These are big TVs, up to 70-inch in size. You'd consider one of these a great buy for your sitting room, and a decent alternative to Roku TVs.

Before closing this article, it is important to note that you could access Roku on Insignia TV, and it is possible to download Roku shows to your PC. How?

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First Step:

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Second Step:

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Third Step:

Insignia TV Review - Is Insignia a Good Brand - MyConverters Downloader

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In conclusion, Insignia TVs are pretty good and affordable; you can also access streaming apps from compatible models. Whether you need a small screen television for your bedroom or a big-screen 4k TV for your sitting room, Insignia has an option you can buy.