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The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.02.09 Updated: 2023.02.09

Netflix as you know is the most renowned on-demand streamer of all time. That being said Netflix hasn’t quite been productive lately as the number of subscribers they possess has been dipping lately. One cannot deny the fact that the streaming platform had a good year. If you have not watched Netflix yet, you can still download it, and enjoy the movies and shows.

Some of its originals did some exciting numbers. It was a mixed bag of many different genres of movies, carefully cataloged as Netflix’s prominent shows like Stranger Things, The crown, and The Recruit dominated the viewing tally. Shows have been a plus point for Netflix, but the movie content has also improved drastically. Here are your 10 best Netflix movies that I think did a lot of talk in 2023.

10 Best Movies On Netflix

1. Lost Bullet 2

Lost Bullet 2 is an action-packed adventure film directed by Guillaume Pierret. The cast lead here is Alban Lenoir who is kind of an ante hero and is always angry and loves destroying things. Lenoir’s rage really keeps the stakes so high. The action sequences are very well choreographed. There is an iconic scene where two rods protrude outside the car while Alban Lenoir was driving. Lino who is a superstar mechanic had installed rods in the frontal section of the car to assist in car chases.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

2. Windfall

Starring the likes of Jason Segal, Lilly Collins, and Jesse Plemons, Windfall was released in March 2022, in the onset year of 2022 initial months. Windfall has the essence of Hitchcock-driven cinema. It's a thriller movie where a couple gets kidnapped when they are stopped in the middle of the road. Jason Segal playing the antagonist kidnaps both the wife and husband and ties both of them up. The movie was shot in the same location, so the variety differs here. Nonetheless, the grips of fear and chilling nerve-wracking experience seem real with no backing out on building a refined context.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

3. Spiderhead

Joseph Kosinski’s TopGun Maverick did the best it could. But then another amazing movie by him dropped in called Spiderhead on Netflix. Spiderhead is a movie that discusses themes and topics relevant today and How big tech is monopolizing industries and controlling this world. Chris Hemsworth plays the bad part and How he is manipulating Miles Teller his subject in order to advance Big Tech It's a great film Teller and Hemsworth have done great. And with current developments in Tech, this film jumped in on the theme of the public and became relevant.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

4. Athena

Romain Gavras’s Athena is a story of rebellion, conflict, struggle, and the quest for change. Two brothers who are Sami Slimane and Dali Benssalah who are playing characters, Karim and Abdel immerse themselves into their own stories about their negative past. They miss their brothers that died due to some reasons that should not be said. The best thing about Athena is, it's a great movie that gives hope. It has long tracking shots, images of mobs and protests, more of a revolutionary pitch to foresee change.
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The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

5. Along for the ride

Along for the ride is an exceptionally beautiful movie featuring Auden and Eli as characters played by Emma Parsarow and Belmont Cameli. The beauty of this entire film lands in its auspiciousness and simplicity. Auden has always felt like she has struggled to adjust to any setup. She attributes these reasons to be because of her divorced parents. She feels she has abandonment issues. She lands at her Father’s home and spent time with his wife and, the wife’s name was Heidi. Heidi had a boutique shop and Auden went there made a few friends and met Eli who was balancing accounts before moving to college. It features a prom scene making it a teen sensation story.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

6. Hustle

Jeremiah Zagar’s Hustle is a sports drama mainly played by the lead, Adam Sandler. Everyone knows that Adam Sandler is a huge Knicks fan. This movie adds to his playing this role in spectacular terms. He plays as a scout for the 76ers. He always wanted to be an NBA coach. But due to some restraints, he was about to be expelled as he was not able to look for talented players. Bo Cruz was played by an NBA player Juancho Hernangómez who was defacto Sandler’s prodigy. Coach Sandler here was named Coach Stanley Sugarmen.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

7. Purple Hearts

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum’s feature film starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, ‘Purple hearts’ is a movie about love estranged because of politics and circumstances. Luke and Cassie are two souls. Luke came to know about Cassie when she herself visited a friend of Luke, Frankie's friend of Luke was offered a marriage proposal by Cassiel as she was a diabetic and required insulin. Her medical insurance is in a tight spot, a marriage could have stopped things from faltering. She married Luke’s Father at the end. Luke was in the Marines, hence he went for training, meanwhile, Cassie’s songs became a sensation.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

8. The Big 4

The Big 4 is another great movie on Netflix. Director Timo Tjahjanto, known for Train to Busan has done fantastic work here. The Big 4 is an action-comedy film.The cast includes Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Martino Lio. The story revolves around 4 assassins that look for the alleged person who killed their fatherlike persona. The extremities come easy to the story.The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

9. The Stranger

The Stranger is a great movie, however, the thriller aspects of the movie will blow the roof. Its director is Thomas M. Wright. It stars some well-known established faces such as Joel Edgerton, and Sean Harris. Sean plays Henry and Joel plays Marc. Both of them are construction workers. They did not know that the agency and the factory they are working under will be in deep trouble as police search people associated with it to solve the murder of teenage who got killed.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

10. Slumberland

Slumberland is a comedic genius meant to only make you laugh. It features some top-of-tide actors like Marlow Barkley plays Nemo, with Jason Momoa as her Beetlejuice-like companion. They both venture out on an expansive trip to quest the world. Both of them looked like they were flying in the air. Slumberland is a visual delight but makes you happy and re-energize, this is for you.

The 10 Best Netflix Movies 2023

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OTT has been the buzzword for content consumption, especially since every person likes an On Demand streamer. Netflix being the paramount first OTT platform had introduced a number of shows/movies that actually beat the CABLE TV app. Things are changing, cultural ideas are changing. Netflix Originals are big deal now, Hence, in 2012 as you have read, I have listed some of the best Netflix Movies for 2023.