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In what order to watch 007 movies? A list of all films and highlights [2022].

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.09.19 Updated: 2022.09.19

The "007" series will be released with the new "007 / No Time to Die" on October 1, 2021. It is a very popular series that everyone knows the name of. In fact, the 007 film series was first released in the United Kingdom in 1962, and the latest film 007 / No Time to Die will be the 25th film released in Japan on October 1, 2021. It is a spy movie that has been loved for a long time all over the world.

If you haven't seen it yet, you may be thinking, "Let's start over from the beginning." I think many of you are thinking.


Therefore, this article introduces the recommended viewing order of the "007" series for those who have never seen the series. We also provide a synopsis of all 25 films, the highlights of each film, the main character "James Bond," and the actors who appear in the films, so please refer to this page.

Even if you have never been interested in 007 before, this article may help you understand the appeal of 007!

What is the "007" movie series?

First of all, here is some basic information about the "007" series.

Spy films based on Ian Fleming's novels!

The 007 film series is a British film series based on the 1953 James Bond spy novel series by British author Ian Fleming.

Ian Fleming was a former soldier who also served as a spy during World War II. After his death in 1964, a number of writers took over the writing of the series, which has been published as serials and novels in recent years.

About James Bond

The main character, James Bond, is a spy in the British Secret Service, commonly known as MI6. According to author Ian Fleming, Bond is in his mid to late thirties and has not aged.

He loves love, cars, and booze, is a foodie, and smokes 60 cigarettes a day, Bond style. He also has an aversion to large cups of tea. It is also customary for him to wear a classic British suit called the "Bond suit" and carry his favorite weapon, the Walther PPK.

007" is a code name

007," which always appears in movie titles and is also the name of the series, is James Bond's code name.

James Bond is authorized to kill suspects in the course of his duties, and is given a "license to kill" as proof. 007" is the origin of the code name of the seventh agent of the "00" division, to which the members belong.

007" is often referred to as "Zero Zero Seven" in Japan, but in English-speaking countries it is more commonly read as "Double O Seven!"

In what order should I watch the 007 movies?

Next, let us introduce the order in which to watch the 007 movie series. Actually, there is no specific viewing order for the 007 series. So we would like to introduce our recommended order!

1) Release order is the best! You can start with the synopsis and the most interesting films.

Since the 007 movie series is basically episodic, you can start with what interests you based on the synopsis and cast.

However, some parts are based on the previous films. Especially after 2006's Casino Royale, note that many of them are direct sequels to the previous film.

For the above reasons, the most recommended order of display is "in order of release. This is the best way to get a sense of the history and development of the "007" universe, because you get a sense of the order!

(2) Deciding with James Bond actors is also recommended.

If you think "It's too long and difficult to find the order of release...", how about choosing James Bond actors?

In the long-running series 007, which began in 1962, six generations of actors have played the role of James Bond. The take on James Bond changes a little each time, so it's easy to start watching in the middle of a film.

Here are some of the actors who have played James Bond over the years

1. first James Bond actor: Sean Connery (1962-1967/1971)

最初のジェームズ・ボンド俳優: ショーン・コネリー (1962-1967/1971)

The first James Bond was played in 1930 by Sean Connery, a native of Scotland, England.

James Bond was accepted on the condition that he would not correct his distinctive Scottish accent, so the original storyline added the setting that Bond was from Scotland. His debut film, "Dr. No" (1962), brought him worldwide recognition and acclaim in subsequent series in which he appeared.

In addition to the "007" series, he has appeared in numerous other films and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "The Untouchables" (1987). He passed away in October 2020 at the age of 90.

Films in which he appeared

  • 007: Dr. No
  • 007 From Russia With Love
  • Goldfinger
  • 007: Operation Thunderball
  • 007 Dies Twice
  • Diamonds Are Forever

Second James Bond actor: George Lazenby (1969)

2 番目のジェームズ ボンド俳優: ジョージ レーゼンビー (1969)

The second James Bond role was played by Australian-born George Lazenby in 1939. The only non-European Bond in history. A former military man, he worked as a model after his discharge from the army.

Sean Connery left the board and George Lazenby was chosen from among hundreds of candidates for his ability to act. However, he did not become as popular as the Sean Connery version and appeared in only one film.

Films in which he appeared

  • Her Majesty's 007

The third James Bond actor: Roger Moore (1973-1985)


The third James Bond role was played by Englishman Roger Moore in 1927. He became a British star in the 1962 TV series "Saint Heaven" and was initially offered as the second James Bond.

Bond, played by Roger Moore, spoke standard British English and was popular for his elegant and comical character. He appeared in a record seven films. He passed away in 2017.

Films in which he appeared

  • 007: They Will Die
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Moonraker
  • Your Eyes Only
  • Octopussy
  • 007: The Prey

The fourth James Bond: Timothy Dalton (1987-1989)

4代目 ジェームズ・ボンド役: ティモシー・ダルトン (1987-1989)

Timothy Dalton, a native of Wales, England, became the fourth James Bond in 1946.

His appearance in the "007" series took three offers, but ultimately only two. His portrayal of the cool Bond in a slightly darker storyline has been described as "the closest to the original".

Films in which he has appeared

  • 007: The Living Daylights
  • 007: The Erased License

The fifth James Bond actor: Pierce Brosnan (1995-2002)

5代目ジェームズ・ボンド俳優: ピアース・ブロスナン (1995-2002)

The fifth James Bond in 1953 was played by Irish-born Pierce Brosnan.

Known for his leading role in "Detective Remington Steele" broadcast in the 1980s, he was offered the role in 1986 after the gig ended, but after some twists and turns due to contractual issues, the role of Bond was decided by 1994.

Pierce Brosnan's Bond, with his balance of sexiness, wildness, and humor, was loved as the "ideal Bond.

Films in which he has appeared

  • 007 GoldenEye
  • 007: Tomorrow Never Dies
  • The World Is Not Enough
  • 007 Die Another Day

The sixth James Bond actor: Daniel Craig (2006-2021)


The role of the sixth James Bond is played by Daniel Craig, who was born in England in 1968. He made his film debut in 1992 and has appeared in several American films including Tomb Raider (2001).

When the selection for the role of Bond was announced, he was criticized for his appearance, which changed the image of Bond, including being the first blonde Bond in the "007" series . However, at the time of the film's release, his Bond was a taciturn character similar to the original, and his performance was so well received that he is now the most popular Bond ever!

He has announced his intention to step down as Bond in "No Time to Die," scheduled for release in 2021.

Summary and highlights of all 25 films in the "007" series

The 007 movie series is a series of James Bond films produced by the production company Aeon Productions.

In addition to Aeon Productions, there are three other production companies: 007: Casino Royale (1967), Never Say Never (1983), and the short film "Happiness and Glory. ' (2012). exists.

In this issue, we bring you the synopsis and highlights of all 25 films in the "007" series produced by Aeon Productions!

1. "007 Dr. No" (1962)

『007 ドクター・ノオ』(1962年)


A British agent stationed in Jamaica is murdered and Bond (Sean Connery), a licensed murderer, is dispatched. The reporter was looking for a strange radio signal that was interfering with a space rocket. A Chinese doctor (Joseph Wiseman), who claims to be a doctor, is on the trail of the mystery. No, Bond discovers the secret...!


The memorable first film published in 1962. Originally released under the Japanese title "007 is the number to kill", it was later changed to "007 Doctor No". The action takes place in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. There are many sexual and violent elements, and the values are a bit dated, but the quality is incredible for 1962. The second half of the film has a bit of a sci-fi feel.

Sean Connery's dandy, sexy Bond at 32. And look out for Ursula Andress, considered the most beautiful Bond girl (heroine) of all time!

3. "007 From Russia With Love" (1963)

『007 ロシアより愛をこめて』(1963年)


Tatiana (Daniela Bianchi), a mysterious woman working for Soviet intelligence in Istanbul, receives a letter from Bond (Sean Connery) asking to meet her. In exchange for a "Soviet code-breaker," Bond travels to Istanbul, a city with so much history. Behind the scenes, there is a conspiracy by the global crime syndicate Spectre.


The second part of the spy thriller "007," described as "the most entertaining of the series. Originally released in Japan under the title 007/Ippatsu Kyokai, it was later changed to 007 From Russia With Love.

A parade of highlights include indoor suspense, a sea chase, and a helicopter crash. The film is finished with an emphasis on reality with less of a sci-fi feel.

3. "007: Goldfinger" (1964)



Bond (Sean Connery) is tasked with investigating a massive gold smuggling operation in England and learns that billionaire Auric Goldfinger (Gert Flöbe) is plotting a "grand slam" scheme.

As the investigation progresses, the plan to contaminate Fort Knox, where the gold is stored in the U.S., with radiation...


Series 3. This hit film has cemented the series' worldwide popularity. It is also the starting point for the establishment of the promised style of the "007" series, which has been passed down from generation to generation and is considered a masterpiece by fans.

The content is sloppier than the previous two films. An entertaining spy thriller filled with suspense. Lots of great scenes, including the one where the beautiful Shirley Eaton is killed, covered in gold dust all over her body!

4. "007: Operation Thunderball" (1965)



A NATO air force plane carrying two nuclear bombs is stolen by the global crime syndicate Spectre. British intelligence issues an investigation order, Operation Thunderball, at 00:00. In response, Bond (Sean Connery) heads to the Bahamas where the jets have gone missing. There Bond meets Largo (Adolfo Celi), a billionaire with a beautiful mistress.


The fourth film in the series, released in 1965. A change of pace from the previous film, it takes a serious turn again. The highlight is the first underwater action in the series, set in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas in the western part of India.

And of course, lots of beautiful women in swimsuits! This was the highest grossing series to date and won the Best Visual Effects Award.

5. "007 Dies Twice" (1967)



An American space capsule is captured by a mysterious flying object and disappears. As relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union are on the brink, MI6 discovers that the base of the mysterious object is in Japan.

James Bond (Sean Connery) is dispatched to Japan to ascertain the truth, and asks Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tanba) of the Special Mission Agency for his cooperation. But behind the scenes, Spectre is once again plotting against him.


The fifth film in the series, released in 1967, is set in Japan and is a must-see for Japanese. The action takes place in various locations in Japan, including Tokyo, Kobe, and Himeji Castle. The Japanese cast includes Tetsuro Tanba and Eiko Wakabayashi, and the Bond girl is played by Japanese actress Mie Hama.

The "Bond car" in which the chase unfolds is also a Toyota! Although there are some misconceptions about Japan that are common in Western films, this is a popular classic that was firmly filmed in Japan.

6. "Her Majesty 007" (1969)



Bond (George Lazenby), who leads "Operation Bedlam" to find Blofeld (Terry Savalas), the mastermind of SPECTRE, is hiding in the Swiss Alps from Countess Teresa's (Diana Rigg) father, and heads to Switzerland to gather information.

After successfully breaking into Blofeld's secret facility, Bond learns that a plan called the "Omega Virus" is being carried out there. The plan is to spread the killer bug throughout the world.


The only film in which George Lazenby played the second James Bond. The story follows Blofeld, the leader of Spectre, who disappeared at the end of the previous film. Unlike previous films, the style of this film emphasizes simple, high-quality action.

This time, the film takes place in Switzerland and there is some skiing action. James Bond, played by George Lazenby, is said to be not sexy enough, but the content and action are of high quality!

7. "007: Diamonds Are Forever" (1971)



Bond (Sean Connery) infiltrates an international diamond smuggling ring in search of a missing diamond smuggled from Africa. Shortly thereafter, he approaches a woman named Tiffany (Jill St. John) and learns that behind her lies the criminal organization Spectre, headed by Profeld (Charles Gray).

Spectre Plain, Washington, D.C., blows up in a satellite with diamonds!


The seventh film in the series starring Sean Connery as the first Bond. Spectacular spy action set in Las Vegas! The film is rated lower than the previous films because of its entertainment style and skit-like scenes. However, this comic line was carried over to the third generation of Bond.

Subsequently, "Spectre" was released for an extended run until 2015's "007 Spectre," making it Sean Connery's last Bond film (excluding standalone films), making it a must-see for fans.

8. "007: They Will Die" (1973)



British agents investigating the Caribbean island nation of St. Monique are murdered one after another. Bond (Roger Moore) flies to the U.S. to investigate St. Monique's president, Dr. Roger Kananga (Yafet Kotto), and it is revealed that he has a certain hidden face.

Also standing in Bond's way are voodoo, which dominates the West Indies and the southern United States, and Solitaire (Jane Seymour), a mysterious beauty who is said to be a source of inspiration. Bond heads to the Caribbean.


Roger Moore plays the third Bond in this eighth film in the series. More jokes than previous Bond films, this film is comical and light-hearted.

However, there are many tense scenes such as a double-decker bus and a chase in a motorboat! Bond girl Solitaire, played by Jane Seymour, is also attractive. Paul McCartney of the Beatles is in charge of the music and sings the theme song "007 It's They Who Die.

9. "007: The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974)



A golden bullet arrives at the British Secret Service as a challenge to 007. It is from Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), a mysterious assassin known as "The Man with the Golden Gun. Bond (Roger Moore) follows Scaramanga to Hong Kong, where he meets Scaramanga's lover, Andrea Anders (Maude Adams).


Eighth film in the series. The highlight is Scaramanga, played by Christopher Lee. A gentlemanly and charming villain.

The Southeast Asian flavored atmosphere and powerful car chases are also highlights. Sheriff Pepper (Clifton James), who gained popularity in the previous film, also makes a welcome return.

10. "007: The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977)



The British submarine Ranger and the Soviet submarine Potemkin, both carrying nuclear missiles, suddenly go missing. Bond (Roger Moore) investigates with Anya (Barbara Bach), a spy sent by the Soviet Union.

Distrustful of Stromberg Shipping, the two approach the large tanker Leparus. Soon he learns that Stromberg (Kurt Jurgens) has certain ambitions...


The 10th film in the series that is said to have finally awakened Roger Moore. This is Roger Moore Bond's masterpiece. Along with the 10th series anniversary, it also became the highest-grossing film of all time at the box office.

The line is still more interesting and full of parodies of previous films. This enemy Jaws also continues to be loved as a villain.

11. "007: Moonraker" (1979)



Moonraker A space shuttle is stolen during a flight from the United States to England. Bond (Roger Moore) begins investigating and heads to California to visit Hugo Drax (Michael Lonsdale), the scientist who built the shuttle.

Using clues found in his research, Bond (Roger Moore) investigates and discovers that he is working on research and development of human gases in a mysterious laboratory...


Perhaps thanks to the huge success of Star Wars, the 11th film with a strong science fiction flavor is that Bond finally goes into space. Although many may be confused by the style of the film, it is an entertaining film with powerful fight scenes.

The tempo of the stages, which switch one after another from California, Venice, Rio, the Amazon, and outer space, is also appealing.

12. "007: Your Eyes Only" (1981)



The St. George, a British reconnaissance ship on a research mission, is sunk by a mine laid by someone off the coast of Albania in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship was equipped with an "ATAC," a device that could operate and guide British missiles at will.

Melina (Carol Bouquet), a beautiful and mysterious woman, confronts Bond (Roger Moore) during his investigation.


The highlight of the 12th season is the stunning stunts. Once again, we stop the sci-fi route and head to the Action & Stunt Center.

The film is packed with a wide variety of action scenes, from aerial stunts to car chases, gunfights, ski action, and rock climbing. Roger Moore's Bond is humorous, but this is more serious than usual.

13. "007: Octopussy" (1983)



009" was killed trying to steal the Russian treasure "Fabergé's Egg". Bond (Roger Moore), tasked with investigating the mystery of the Fabergé Egg, becomes suspicious of billionaire Kamal Khan (Louis Jordan) and travels to India to track him down.

Bond meets a mysterious woman, Octopussy (Maude Adams), and learns of Kamal's plans.


Row 13. Following on the heels of the well-received previous film, this film returns to a more comical flavor, but with plenty of action. There are plenty of scenes you can't take your eyes off, including a battle on a train.

In the same year, "Never Say Never Again," a spin-off movie of the non-series starring Sean Connery Bond, was released and attracted attention as a battle between Sean Connery Bond and Roger Moore Bond.

14. "007: The Beautiful Prey" (1985)



Bond (Roger Moore) retrieves an IC chip from the bodies of his 003 friends killed in the snowy mountains of the Soviet Union. Chased by the Soviet army, he manages to return to England.

The IC chip salvaged is a chip that can withstand a nuclear explosion and matches the microchip of a high-performance military defense system secretly developed by the British. It had been leaked to the Soviet Union. Bond was ordered to infiltrate the manufacturer, Zorin Industries.


The 14th film in the series in which Roger Moore last played Bond. Roger Moore was 57 years old at the time of filming, making him the oldest actor to play Bond as of 2021.

As a sequel to the previous film and the first film in the series, the style of the film blends action and humor. The film is full of exciting action, including a battle over the Golden Gate Bridge railings. Brain battles are also a highlight. The mysterious performances of the villains are also excellent, and Zorin's subordinate Mayday, played by Grace Jones, is particularly impressive.

15. "007: The Living Daylights" (1987)



Bond (Timothy Dalton) helps General Koskov (Gerone Crabbe), a key figure in the Soviet Union and the KGB, defect. However, after successfully defecting, the general is kidnapped by someone.

MI6 Director M (Robert Brown) orders the assassination of the new General Pushkin, but Bond cannot believe that General Pushkin is the mastermind. Behind the incident is an arms dealer, Whittaker (Joe Don Baker)...!


Timothy Dalton plays the fourth Bond in the 15th film of the series. Produced with a large budget to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, it became a hit film.

Dalton's Bond is strong and there are plenty of serious substantial developments to come . Many people like Bond with a sense of humor, but the story is much more serious. The return of the high-performance Bond car, the Aston Martin, for the first time in years is another highlight!

16. "007: The Erased License" (1989)



Bond (Timothy Dalton) and his best friend, a CIA writer (David Hedison), arrest drug lord Sanchez (Robert Davie) on his way to a wedding. But Sanchez escapes, seriously injuring Ryder and killing his wife.

Bond wavers between revenge and loyalty, but eventually his license to kill is revoked by M (Robert Brown), the director of MI6.


This is Timothy Dalton's second Bond film and the 15th in the series. This film is unique among the series and was the first to receive a PG-13 rating due to its many scenes of violence. Despite the solemn atmosphere, the car chase at the end is a spectacular spectacle.

Many actors and staff members left the series after this film, and it was also the last film to depict the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, making it an important turning point in the series.

17. "007 GoldenEye" (1995)

『007 ゴールデンアイ』(1995年)


Bond (Pierce Brosnan) travels to Russia to track down the stolen Goldeneye gun. Behind it lies Janus, an international criminal organization that plans to destroy the world economy.

Also standing in his way is Alec (Sean Bean), aka 006, who was supposed to have died during a mission he carried out with Bond nine years earlier...


Pierce Brosnan makes his first appearance as Bond in this 17th film. The basic structure of the "007" series is maintained, but the good old days are revived in a modern and sophisticated way.

The film takes place in an exotic atmosphere, traveling around the world to places such as Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Monaco, the Riviera, and St. Petersburg. The promised car-chase-like action is also still there.

Judi Dench plays the role of M, the director of MI6, in this film, giving birth to the only female M in the series. The death of Sean Bean, known as "the actor who often dies," is also a highlight of this film.

18. "007: Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997)

『007 トゥモロー・ネバー・ダイ』(1997年)


Behind the scenes, China and Britain are caught up in a turbulent situation, and the media magnate Carver (Jonathan Pryce), who controls the world's information, comes to the fore. He attempts to start World War III.

Bond (Pierce Brosnan) sneaks up on Carver and begins an investigation of Wei Lin (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese female spy he meets there.


Fifth Generation Bond is Pierce Brosnan's second film and the 18th in the series. The villain, following the previous film "Janus," is the media magnate Carver.

The heroine is action actress Michelle Yeoh, so the action is more fun. At this point, the Bond girl is no longer an ornament . And the action with the high-tech machines is cool too!

19. "007 The World Is Not Enough" (1999)

『007 ワールド・イズ・ノット・イナフ』(1999年)


British oil tycoon Sir Robert King (David Calder) is visiting MI6 when an explosion kills him on the spot. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) pursues a woman who appears to be the killer, but after a fierce boat chase, the woman blows herself up, leaving behind the words, "You can't outrun him.

Bond flies out to the Caspian Sea to protect Elektra (Sophie Marceau), the king's daughter. There, Bond learns that a terrorist organization has a terrifying plan to steal nuclear warheads from a Russian nuclear base!


The 19th film in the series was released in 1999. It became the highest grossing film of all time. Pierce Brosnan has a tough style, with the first serious lines in any of Pierce Brosnan's Bond films.

It is also worth noting that Robert Carlyle, known for his roles in the films "The Full Monty" and "Trainspotting," made an appearance. It is also known as the last film of Desmond Llewellyn, the first Q.

20. "007 Die Another Day" (2002)

『007 ダイ・アナザー・デイ』(2002年)


After successfully infiltrating North Korea, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is exposed and captured by the enemy. After 14 months of torture and imprisonment, Bond is released, disgraced as a traitor, and stripped of his 00 number.

Bond travels to Cuba to discover the truth and uncover the sinister plot behind it. A mysterious woman, Jinx (Halle Berry), appears before Bond.


A double jubilee film celebrating the 20th film in the series and the series' 40th anniversary. It was a hit, surpassing the previous film, "The World Is Not Enough".

The film features one of the coolest car chases in the series and homages to past films scattered throughout the film. Halle Berry, the first black Bond girl, won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2001 for her role in the film "Chocolate.

21. "007 Casino Royale" (2006)

『007 カジノ・ロワイヤル』(2006年)


Bond (Daniel Craig) is issued a "00" license to kill and learns of the existence of Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), who controls terrorist financing around the world.

To stop Le Chiffre from making money at high stakes poker, Bond uses a $15 million federal budget and a female warden, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green).

See the casino royale in Montenegro.


Released in 2006, the 21st film in the series marks Daniel Craig's debut as Bond. Based on Ian Fleming's James Bond novel series, it was the first film to be made before Bond became 007.

The setting is completely new for the period. Bond was to be born in 1968, making him the first Bond not to act as a spy during the Cold War. The character of M, played by Judi Dench, who continues from the previous film, is also changed.

Hard, unconventional Bond is cool! The film was a huge success and set box office records.

22. "Quantum of Solace" (2008)

『007 慰めの報酬』(2008年)


Bond (Daniel Craig) loses his first love, Vesper (Eva Green), and learns about the organization behind it. He flies to Haiti to investigate and through the beautiful Camille (Olga Kurylenko) finds a French businessman named Dominique Greene (Mathieu Amalric).

Greene has a terrible plan behind the scenes.


In the 22nd film of the series, Daniel Craig plays Bond for the second time. It is a direct sequel to the previous 007 Casino Royale. It has a realistic worldview depicted in dark tones and plenty of action scenes typical of spy films. However, many said that it was a little easier to do than the previous film.

The Bond girl is Olga Kurylenko, who played Antonia Drakov/Task Master in "Black Widow.

23. "Skyfall" (2012)

『007 スカイフォール』(2012年)


In Istanbul, Bond (Daniel Craig) is tracking down an enemy who has stolen a hard drive containing information about a secret NATO agent. A bullet fired by rookie agent Eve not only misses the last step, but also hits Bond and disappears.

Once Bond's death is confirmed, M (Judi Dench), the head of MI6, hacks into the computer and blows up MI6 headquarters.


The 23rd film in the series was released in 2012. This is the 50th anniversary film of the series and the first film in the series to be shown in an IMAX theater. It is the first time in the series that M, the director of MI6, becomes a real Bond girl, and the last film in which Judi Dench played M.

The film is full of highlights, including beautiful graphics, clever action, and fascinating villains. There is also respect for past films.

The title song "Skyfall," sung by British singer-songwriter Adele, won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

24. "007 Spectre" (2015)


Bond (Daniel Craig) is fired after a scandal during a vacation in Mexico. He travels alone to Rome and learns of the evil organization Spectre.

Meanwhile, in London, C (Andrew Scott), the new director of MI5, points out that MI6 and the 00 Division are obsolete.


As the 24th film in the series, the criminal organization "Spectre" is revealed for the first time in many years. It is also a direct sequel to the previous 007 Skyfall.

The role of M is played by Rafe Fiennes and the popular character Q (Ben Whishaw) is a nice success. Beautiful Parisian graphics, smart weapons, rapid development and fast-paced action, fun and easy to watch!

25. "007: No Time to Die" (2021)


Retired Bond (Daniel Craig) leads a quiet life in Jamaica.

However, an old friend and CIA agent, Reiter (Jeffrey Wright), visits him and asks him to help a kidnapped scientist, Waldo Obruchev (David Densick). Bond accepts, but the mission is tougher than he expected...


The 25th film in the series is scheduled for release in Japan on October 1, 2021. The story takes place 5 years after the last film, "Spectre". Directed by Japanese-American Carrie Fukunaga, making her directorial debut.

The villain will be played by Rami Malek, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor for "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018). Expectations are high for Daniel Craig's last Bond film!

Summary & How to watch the "007" series?

We introduced the order in which to watch the "007" series. I recommend you to watch them in the order of their release, but you can also choose the films and Bond roles you are interested in!

007" just released its 25th installment while being loved! We hope you will enjoy the new film on the big screen at the movie theater. Before the October release, let's take a look back at the past films!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of 007!

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