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Xfinity Remote Not Working

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.08.18 Updated: 2022.08.18

Xfinity is one of the prime options for an enhanced experience in terms of the best entertainment content ever. However, there are a few rare cases where you would find the Xfinity remote not working. Let us check out the best options to find how to fix Xfinity remote not working.

Xfinity Remote Not Working – How to fix it?

You need the Xfinity remote to work with your Xfinity device, and it is a must for working with your device. In case the Xfinity is not working, you would end up getting no access to your Xfinity device. A non-working Xfinity remote will render your Xfinity device useless. That is why you should check out the steps used in how to fix Xfinity remote not working.

Xfinity Remote Not Working

Go for a system reboot of your Xfinity device

The Xfinity device may have a few issues in the background, and that can result in leaving your Xfinity remote not working. A system reboot on your Xfinity device can be helpful in fixing the error for you. In fact, if the system reboot can solve the issue, it will rule out the other a little tighter choices, such as factory reset.

A system reboot should be rather easy and simple. Unplug the device when it is still turned on and leave it off for a few seconds. Turn it back on and check if your issues have been resolved.

Factory reset your Xfinity remote

The next best option to help you fix the issue Xfinity remote not working is to factory reset the remote. The steps involved in how to factory reset the remote would be dependent on the type of remote you have opted for.

Xfinity Remote Not Working

The steps differ for different remotes slightly. If you have a voice-assisted remote such as XR11 and XR15, you can follow the steps here below. These remote likely to have no SETUP button in all probability, and you will need to use a key combination for the purpose. Hold the A and D buttons, which are in the shape of triangle and diamond shapes, respectively. When the LED turns from red to green, press the keys 9-8-1 or 9-9-1. That would reset the remote, and you can configure it once again.

On a remote that sports a Xfinity remote SETUP button, press and hold the SETUP button till the LED turns red to green. Press the keys 9-8-1, and that will reset your Xfinity remote.

Check if the remote has dead batteries

The dead batteries on your remote can be yet another possible reason that can cause that would render your Xfinity remote not working. It may be worthwhile to check if the batteries on your remote have gone dead. Replacing the batteries and checking if the remote resumes working properly can be helpful in fixing the issues.

Clean the Xfinity remote

One of the physical issues that you may come across when it comes to handling the remote for Xfinity and that may render Xfinity remote not working can be the unclean remote and the debris that might have clogged the contacts.

Before you can clean the remote, you need to remove the batteries and mash all the buttons on the remote. Shaking the remote vigorously or tapping it against your hand has been one of the age-old techniques in dislodging the debris inside the remote.

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Check for the physical damage

The Xfinity remote may stop working in case your remote has any physical damage of any sort. You can decide to take a good look at the remote and analyze if there is any sort of physical damage. If the remote is damaged in any way, it may be not work effectively in terms of pairing it with your Xfinity device.

Check if the physical damage can be addressed or if the remote needs a replacement. If it needs a replacement, make sure that the new remote is genuine and is purchased by the official store or the authorized vendors.

Reset the Xfinity device

At times, the issue may not be with the Xfinity remote, but it may be due to the problems with your Xfinity device. In such a scenario, you can decide to reset your Xfinity remote and check if this will resolve the error. You need to make use of the right Xfinity remote codes for resetting the remote.

You can check the relevant documentation that came with your Xfinity device to find out how to reset Xfinity device. Ideally, it should involve nothing less more than pressing a specific button on your Xfinity device.

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The Concluding Thoughts

Xfinity is definitely an excellent service that you would want to go with, especially if you are someone who is looking for a superb cord-cutting experience. The fantastic content library that you stand to gain with the Xfinity service should indeed make it stand apart from the rest. However, if you find your Xfinity remote not working, that would render your Xfinity device completely useless. That is why we listed out the best options to assist you in how to fix Xfinity remote not working. Check out the steps, and you will find it a great option in the long run.

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